A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11

Image by Sandra Macheroux Photography Glamorous Giving organisers, Stones That Rock, will have a fabulous selection of past collection, sample and end of line jewellery for sale. Their statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring pearls, semi-precious stones...

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier

What were you doing before you started your label? I studied Fashion Design and Production at East Sydney then worked in PR and Marketing for years. I worked for a PR agency and then went in-house with a group of international luxury goods houses. Laura worked in...

Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design

When did you become interested in art? I have been surrounded by art and textiles all my life as my parents are both designers so it has always been something I have been very aware of and loved from a young age. There are gorgeous little ‘vignettes’ of art objects...

Spring Shopping: 8 reasons to attend Glamorous Giving 10

Image: Capsule Collection by Juliette 'Whatever' t-shirt from the limited edition series in support of AIDHA "Being at GG is always great fun! It is usually the first fair after the summer and it is always very nice to have this opportunity to meet and chat with a lot...

Denise Taojo Kaur, Living DNA

How did you get started in retail? I was once in a banking job. Setting up the house as a newlywed couple, my husband and I struggled to find home furnishing that’s carefully designed, made with substance and yet affordable. So we made use of frequent business trips...

Divya Zeiss, Swantribune

All images supplied by Swantribune When did you become interested in art? I can’t say I was ever interested in art itself, I never studied art. But I always needed beauty to surround me and everything that was beautiful became a form of art. I love colours, therefore,...

Belinda Lee, PINKSALT

How did PINKSALT start out? What was your light bulb moment? Su May and I started PINKSALT when we realised that affordable and fashionable swimwear is not well represented in the market. The lightbulb moment for me was when I could use my graphic design skills to...

Michelle Boyce, Maissone

Photographs by Maissone How did you get started in retail? What were you doing before you opened your store? Before I opened Maissone I travelled and cared for my children. I saw a large gap in the Singapore market for contemporary homeware and that’s how Maissone...

Linda Cox on Milan

Image: Linda Cox by Chelsea De Luca Milan is... not the city on the top of the tourist list for most people visiting Italy, where tourists are more readily drawn to the cities of Venice, Florence and Rome. Milan has always been known as the centre of Italian fashion...

Linda Cox, AQUEL

How did you get started in fashion? What were you doing before you took over the boutique?   For more than 25 years I had a corporate career. I have a law degree. Prior to moving into fashion I worked primarily inside companies in the company secretary role and...

Ned Scholfield, McIntyre Australia

Photography by McIntyre Australia     How did you get started in fashion? What were you doing before you started your label? I have been working in fashion for 10 years now. My most recent role was Global Sales Manager at Australian brand Crumpler. I really...

Renee Lodens on Tokyo

Most stores offer tax-free shopping to tourists spending over ¥5000. Don’t forget to have your passport on hand while shopping. Carry some cash with you: not everyone accepts credit cards (especially markets and small stores) Bargaining may be the norm across most of...

Shopping Precincts in Tokyo

Image: Cereal Magazine Ginza has been named as Asia’s most upmarket shopping precinct, and is home to the city's classiest boutiques and department stores. Tucked in between malls like Tokyu Plaza, Mitsukoshi and Dover Street Market Ginza and the newest addition Ginza...

JP Jones, Sound Portraits

Image via JP Jones My first art love was... Caravaggio. I loved the drama he created in religious scenes. His use of light and dark felt way ahead of its time. His understanding of perspective was almost back to front but felt correct. I get that! His work just stuck...

Guide to Shopping in Fòndaco Roma

Words & Photography by Lucilla Loiotile t is in Milan that the first "Concept Store" was born but it is in Rome that the "Concept Street" is filled with taste and originality. Under the name Fòndaco are united different places characterized by...

The George Inn, Montclair

Image: The George Inn Corinne Dress Midnight Kuchi Puppy Tora Bora Sophia Indigo 83 Candle Stand, Molecular 4, Brass Plated TOULOUSE Armchair Oscar Mirror Collection 10 Calais Antique Brown Floor Lamp Luxurious Soft Brown Leather Sofa Stunning Hallmarked Sterling...

Sarah Rasheed on Dubai

Images: Sarah Rasheed Dubai is... Fast growing, rich in superlatives and very luxurious. Favourite thing about Dubai... Meeting people from all over the world Fondest memory of Dubai... The UAE consists of seven Emirates so I used to like cruising the Emirates with my...

Karen Adie, Convict Bags

1. What is a convict? I’m referring to those who were convicted for crimes by the British government and, to alleviate overcrowding in British prisons, were transported to Australia penal colonies as a labour source. I believe they’ve helped shape our national identity and indeed, much has been written about this by writers and historians. I can’t imagine the hardship they faced, and I’m fascinated by the stories of what happened to them after they arrived here – whether it’s good, bad or indifferent I love retelling them. Around one in seven Australians are descended from a Convict, as am I, we’ve long ago lost the stigma and recognise the contribution they made.

Tran Phuong, Phuong My

Phuong My’s creative talents are expressed both through her work as the Chief Designer for the PHUONG MY brand and also production and styling projects for key fashion magazines such as ELLE, HARPER’S BAZAAR and VOGUE. Determined to produce only the truly exceptional, the young designer is looking to expand her vision to the global fashion scene.

Shopping in Moss Vale

Image: Suzie Anderson Home Hand picked and hand dyed yarns for weaving and knitting Your go-to spot for contemporary art, crafts and supplies, Green Bridge Studios is best for those who are looking to traditional techniques in craft with contemporary materials and...

Harriet Goodall

All images by Kara Rosenlund supplied by Harriet Goodall You grew up in Young and were schooled in Sydney. What happened thereafter and how did you move to the Southern Highlands? I dived into my Communications degree straight out of school then worked for years in...

A Taste of the Autumn Affordable Art Fair

Yeo Shih Yun Altitude, 2008 Acrylic and ink on paper 59 x 42 cm $1,800 Me Hye Choi Wait for the wind, 2010 Oil on canvas 91 x 65.2 cm $2,620 Michael Kenna Lake Bridge, Hongkun, Anhui, China, 2008 Silver Gelatin Print ed of 45 8 x 8 cm $3500 JeonYong Hwan Transforming...

Shopping in Bowral

Southern Highlands’s Bowral may be a small town these 8 homewares, furniture and multi-label shops prove that shopping in Bowral is far from scarce.

The Ethiopian Collections, Marilyn Tan

The ancient civilisation of Ethiopia is probably not high on many bucket lists, but it was certainly on the list of award-winning jewellery designer Marilyn Tan. Marilyn has always had an unquenchable thirst for unique travel and was curious as to why Ethiopia was the...

Boutiques at the Pit Building Gifting Guide

This gift-centric November edition will span three days — from 10-12 November (Friday-Sunday) — giving shoppers more time to shop over 200 labels on levels 2 and 3 of the building. Boutiques Edit on level 3 is an expanded space focusing on Singapore design, while...

Kaitie Manani, The Slow Mode

Kaitie Manani should be no stranger to a fashion enthusiast. She is the founder of vamastyle, a hugely successful all-year-round swim and resort wear label. However, after 7 years of building the business, she was left feeling "so overburdened and stuck in a stressed...

Anna van der Gardner, The Design Barn

Bronte House, Bronte, NSW Images supplied by Anna van der Gardner Since it was first built by Robert and Georgiana Lowe in 1845, Bronte House has seen multiple residents and owners. Since 2015 the van der Gardner family has been residing in the two acre property in...

Glamorous Giving’s Style Report

Image: Aquariva Celebrate Australian fashion no matter your vibe: perennial holiday luxury, urban chic, business as usual or indie trendsetter. The latest curated collections from the likes of The Well Dressed Society (pictured) and The Wyld Shop will cater to all...

Imby Langenbach, KARMME

Take a peek inside the life of Sydney-based designer, Imby Langenbach as she shares tidbits about herself and the design process behind her bag brand KARMME.

Stefanie Hauger, Vanilla Home

Logan Komorowski, Co-Founder of furniture brand UNITED STRANGERS, talks about creating recycled furniture and his latest stockist at Journey East, Singapore.

Hollywood’s Private Eye, Sid Avery

Oceans Eleven Cast, 1960 Sammy Davis Jr with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop Dean Martin and his Facel Vega HK500 in the driveway of his Beverly Hills home on Mountain Drive, 1961 Elizabeth Taylor sunning herself while on location in Marfa...

Raffles Hotel Singapore Restoration

Since first opening its doors in 1887, Raffles Hotel Singapore has become an icon that epitomises the romance of the Far East – an intoxicating blend of luxury, history and colonial design. Named after Stanford Raffles the founder of modern Singapore and the East...

GINLEE Studio on Singapore

When you think of Singapore, what comes to mind? A melting pot of cultures, a safe city, a small city with lofty dreams. What are your top tips when travelling to Singapore? Singapore is often referred to as the dining capital of Asia and it offers a wide array of...

Renee Lodens on Melbourne

Melbourne is... An electrifying city. It's not the number one Australian destination for travellers, but it should definitely be on all travellers' itineraries. It's full of beautiful architecture, culture & the arts, amazing food, and great shopping. What drew...

Bags in Sydney

From authentic leather to washable paper, personalised monograms to vibrant colour palettes, these bags in Sydney prove that one bag is never enough.

Shopping in Mosman

Uncover a mix of sophisticated multi-concept shops selling everything from luxury activewear to contemporary furniture in this guide to shopping in Mosman.

Judith Treanor, Temples and Markets

Sydney-based entrepreneur Judith Treanor transports you to South-East Asia through a specially curated mix of artisan-made fashion accessories and homewares from her online-curated store, Temples and Markets.

Shopping in Armadale

Can’t decide where to shop in Melbourne? High Street has the best shopping in Armadale, packed with designer threads & local gems. Here are 8 top boutiques.

Cassey Gan

Discover how KL- based fashion designer Cassey Gan led her eponymous label to the global market in this fun and engaging interview.

Fine Jewellery in Sydney

From semi-precious stones to alluring silver and gold jewellery, here are some noteworthy local brands in this guide to fine jewellery in Sydney.

Alverina Wijaya, Chainless Brain

Meet ALVERINA WIJAYA, the designer behind Singapore-based jewellery brand, Chainless Brain as she talks about current jewellery trends and her impressive social media presence.

Resortwear in Sydney

From familiar names to emerging labels, discover a roundup of beachwear and vacation essentials in this guide to resortwear in Sydney.

Shopping in Tai Hang

Discover a slew of in-the-know boutiques, vintage and local designer shops in this guide to shopping in Tai Hang, a quaint area just outside Causeway Bay.

Men’s Fashion in Melbourne

In a fashion capital like Melbourne, ample menswear labels are found in the mix.This guide to Men’s Fashion in Melbourne brings you 8 standout local brands.

Wai Wai, Wai Yang

SG-based designer WAI WAI talks about her androgynous label, WAI YANG and the future state of the local fashion industry in Singapore.

Claire Chahil, TheAC

Find out how the founder of TheAC, CLAIRE CHAHIL is going beyond curating independent, local designers for this new retail space in Singapore.

Homewares in Melbourne

Shopping for homewares in Melbourne? Be sure to visit these 8 shops featuring Scandinavian home accessories to homewares created by artisans in India.

Shopping in Ekkamai

Unearth a mix of vintage goods to knickknacks, multi-brand boutiques to a fashion cafe while shopping in Ekkamai, Bangkok’s hip new spot for trendsetters

Li Ying, Ying the Label

Li Ying, founder of Singapore-based brand, Ying the Label shares how she translates art into fashion & how she uses new technologies in her design process.

Chiang Xiaojun, Pleatation

Chiang Xiaojun, the founder of Singapore-based boutique, PLEATATION, reveals how she fused fashion with technology in her latest Resort 1718 collection.

Izrin Ismail, INNAI

Izrin Ismail of popular KL-based womenswear label, INNAI shares about collaborating with FashionValet and what to expect in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017.

Sustainable Fashion in Bali

From using organic materials to traditional techniques here are 7 boutiques that are fighting against fast fashion, focusing on sustainable fashion in Bali.

Gin Lee, Ginlee Studio

Fresh off their Singapore Fashion Awards 2016 win, the founder of GINLEE Studio shares the local brand’s origins, highlights and hopes for local designers.

Shopping at Albert Park

Unearth an eclectic mix of upscale boutiques, local and international designers, eye-popping jewellery, elegant homewares while shopping in Albert Park.

Shopping in Fitzroy

This guide to shopping in Fitzroy features fashion boutiques, local labels, Scandi home accessories & design studios along Brunswick & Gertrude Street.

Shopping in South Yarra

Discover local brands & international labels in Melbourne’s most desirable shopping strip- Chapel Street. All in this guide to shopping in South Yarra.

Gifts for your Valentine

Stumped on what to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered – just head to these boutiques to find perfect gifts for your Valentine.

Swimwear in Sydney

Image: Peony Swimwear prints created by local Bondi photographers and artists Hailing from Bondi, the creators of Bondi Bather share their love for their hometown through a ‘smokin’-hot’ swimwear collection. With super-flattering styles including the ‘Australian Cut’...

Leah Lambert, Glamorous Giving

Singapore’s most exciting sales event, Glamorous Giving is back for its 7th edition. Founder Leah Lambert shares some highlights & how to snag the best deals

Top Shopping Guides for 2016

Discover the top shopping guides for 2016 & include in the itinerary of your next shopping trip to Singapore, KL, Seoul, BKK, Hong Kong, Bali, LA or Sydney.

Top Profiles for 2016

Get to know Travelshopa’s Top Profiles for 2016. Take a look at these style-makers’ accomplishments; lessons learnt & also snag great travel tips for 2017.

Jaclyn Teo, In Good Company

Get to know Marketing & Sales Director Jaclyn Teo, IN GOOD COMPANY as she shares the local brand’s origins, milestone moments & advice they’ve received.

Carolyn Kan, Carrie K.

Fresh off her Singapore Fashion Awards win, we chat with Designer of the Year for Accessories, Carolyn Kan of Carrie K. about her brand’s journey and more.

Shopping Precincts in Sydney

Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) is also rife with shopping opportunities with well-known spots like Pitt Street Mall, Westfield Sydney, Queen Victoria Building and The Strand Arcade offering a jumble of international retail giants, department stores and of...

Shopping in Bronte

Image: Volange Paris Quirky gift shop Not the best at buying gifts? A trip to Jo & I is all you’ll need. This quaint boutique carries everything from thoughtful gifts and greeting cards, to women’s jewellery, accessories and homewares. You’ll be surprised at the...

Shopping in Woollahra

The shopping in the Sydney suburbs of Woollahra is a fashionista’s dream. Discover the local stores worth a visit in this guide to Shopping in Woollahra.

Shopping in Bondi Beach

Image: Tuchuzy One of the most sought-after menswear labels Gents, we’ve set our eyes on one of the coolest menswear labels in town. Annex offers a mix of classic styles with a contemporary twist. All pieces are tailored to perfection and compliment one’s personal...

Shopping in Clovelly

The shopping in Clovelly Road is high quality, affordable, unique & well worth the visit. Get all the best local shopping in this shopping guide to Clovelly

Guide to Shopping in Paddington

Image: Parlour X The corner of Glenmore Road and Oxford Street is the home of Australian fashion - The Intersection. It's the place where locals and visitors flock for the very best in Australian fashion in a traditional strip shopping experience. Discover a great...

Kittie Yiyi

  From hand sewing princess dresses to her Barbie doll to graduating from Raffles College of Higher Education and then launching her first collection at KL Fashion Week 2014, Kittie Yiyi has sure come a long way in a short span of time. The social media...

Molly Leis, MINIMAL

  There are so many new designers emerging at Fashion Week every week, in fact, we discover at least one. One we recently got to know is MINIMAL. MINIMAL is the brain child of New Yorker Molly Leis-Cornelius, an ex-marketing communications professional in the...

Stand Out Fashion Labels in Singapore

  The local fashion scene in Singapore is witnessing a steady surge, with more homebred designers making their name in the industry. Whether it’s acing it online or adding creating special expereinces at their brick-and-mortar boutiques, these design moguls show...

Stunning Hotels in Singapore

Capella Singapore Singapore may be a modern metropolis and a haven for all shopaholics but inside this bustling little city is also a variety of fabulous stays. Are you the type of traveller that lives for the under-the-radar boutique hotels or the type that would...

Charming Hotels in Saigon

Lobby, The Aclove Library Hotel There’s no denying that Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam is an alluring mix of old and new. Despite the sight of fine restaurants, glitzy bars, emerging local shopping spots, the effervescent city continues to retain...

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