If you’re lucky enough to have some travel plans in the pipeline, it’s more than likely that you’ve been thinking about what you’ll wear and what you’ll pack! Lounging by the pool or at the beach is an important stress reliever , but ensuring that you soak in the culture of the place, see some of the tourist attractions, and do some shopping is equally important.

Packing for this kind of holiday is filled with decisions. The trick is to take versatile and weather-appropriate items that can be mixed and matched in order to reduce the weight of your bag and save room for inevitable holiday purchases. Here are our picks for sightseeing outfits this season.



1. Hayda Dress | Willow and Huxley

2. Shades of ocean collection logo set rings| Wang Meng

3. Selfie by MINK PINK EYEWEAR |


5. Bob Bag by SONO OI | Inverted Edge



1. Artisan Patchwork by Biro | Keepers

2. Quakeprinted Walkshorts by Nana Judy | The Buckhouse Refinery

3. Yosemite Bracelet by Kapok | Cumulus

4. Sourire Vine Shoes | Shop Deca

5. SATCAS Flage Bag | Shop Deca

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Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic

Shop beba | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Travelshopa


Picnics rank highly on our list of simple pleasures and it’s easy to see why! Being amongst nature, enjoying great company and a ready-made basket of scrumptious food – what’s not to love? An outdoor picnic need not be a stressful affair. With a little bit of early planning, they can be simple to prepare and oodles of fun for the little ones. Need help breaking it down? Online kid’s store and purveyor of beautiful products for kids and mums – Shop Beba, has the formula at its fingertips to help you achieve a perfectly planned and executed kids picnic party. So let the good times roll!



Play Picnic Scout

Picking a great picnic spot is half the battle won! On-site necessities you’ll want to check off your list include: running water, play facilities, shade and the availability of nearby restrooms to wash up after the kids. Singapore has no lack of beautiful green parks to romp around in but you can count on these all time favourites – Singapore Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park, Hort Park and Marina Barrage – for a frolickin’ good time.

To keep the kids entertained, pick a park with lots of pathways suitable for bike riding. Mastering how to ride a bike will make for hours of family fun and give kids a big confidence boost. Shop Beba stocks Rebel Kidz Wood Balance Bikes that are easy to control and have an adjustable seat and handlebar, ensuring that it can “grow” with the child.

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Toys | Travelshopa

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kids Bike Rebel Kidz | Travelshopa


Packing the Picnic Bundle

Before you embark on this seemingly immense task, you’ll want to take a minute to consider whom you’re packing for. The size of your picnic mat should vary along with the length of your guest list. Woven mats, plastic sheets, blankets or a few old tablecloths should do the trick. Is grandma coming along for the ride? Then you’ll want to throw a folding lawn chair in the car boot so she doesn’t have to slum it on the ground. A picnic basket definitely fulfils our picnic fantasies, but if the menu includes raw meats and dairy or foods best enjoyed chilled, you’ll want to swop it for a cooler or lunch bags with insulation like this pretty printed number from Kinderspel. There are more fun prints available and it doubles as a great bag to send the little ones to preschool with too!

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kinderspell Bag | Travelshopa


Picnic Snackaroos

Spinning off creative ways to package picnic food is a huge slice of the fun! Some easy picnic-friendly foods are finger sandwiches with assorted fillings like ham and swiss, cream cheese with veggies, and nut butter) Pack single servings of salads and fruits in a jar for a handy and healthy snack. Kids love eating out of cupcake wrappers and biting treats off skewers – so cupcake pizzas and fruit kebabs are ideas you should keep in your pocket. For drinks, whip up a quick fruit punch with real frozen fruit and store it in a thermos or glass bottle. The frozen fruit will keep the punch chilled and refreshing. Just don’t forget the cups!


Game On

Keep the restless munchkins entertained with simple games while you plop yourself down on the grass for a little afternoon read. Bubbles, balls, kites and Frisbees keep the kids whizzing about for hours on end, while you let nature do the rest! The attraction of the great outdoors allows the kids to be perfectly happy picking flowers and just rolling in the grass. Why not take imaginative play up a notch with natural play makeup and face paint? Free from artificial dyes and unsafe chemicals, Pure Poppet products are a great way for kids to bring their make-believe characters to life.

Shop beba | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kids Makeup | Travelshopa


The Clean Up

It’s common courtesy to leave any place better than you found it, so let’s bring on the cleanup brigade. Always carry extra resealable plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap for leftovers and a garbage bag to dump your waste. Baby wipes and hand sanitizers are a must to clean up any messy spills or dirty hands.


Ready for more family adventures? Shop Beba has a wonderful selection of playtime accessories and stylish kids gear from Kinderspel, Pure Poppet and more!



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Greetings Travelshopas,

It’s not often we get a chance to meet our readers and chat with other shoppers. So this week, we are particularly excited to be attending an exclusive evening of a curated collection of all the finer things in life – fashion, art, perfume and wine tasting. We invite you to join us at Vacation In Style on Thursday June 19, 2014 from 6pm. We assure you there will be an amazing range of quality goodies, exciting giveaways and quality French vin!

You know we love new stores, brands and collections. There are three great new store openings this week, including Rorybird the gorgeous online kids fashion label based in Singapore. Take a peek at their collections on the blog and click through to their website to receive 10% off your first purchase.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for Dad, we hope our gift guide can bring you some inspiration and gift ideas. And, for those heading off on summer vacation we have also included our packing tips and some travel inspired fashion ideas for all the family.

Until next week, happy shopping wherever you may be!


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Stylish Inflight Fashion

Everyday Cashmere | Comfortable airplane clothes for the well travelled woman | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa


Packing for a holiday is one thing, but planning your outfit for the actual flight is a whole other headache of an issue. Contrary to popular belief, looking stylish while keeping comfortable on a flight isn’t quite as simple as it looks, what with the drastic drop in humidity, infuriating static that plagues most fabrics and the plain exhaustion that travelling somehow always inspires.

But as modern, well-travelled women, getting on planes is simply unavoidable – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why we’ve sourced for a couple of local brands that offer stunning designs in comfortable material that stays comfortable even at 30,000 feet above ground.



Aitken & Co.

Luxurious mongolian cashmere

Available online.

There’s nothing like a comfy cashmere wrap or lounge pants on a long overnight flight – and Aitken & Co., offers the best of both options at their luxury lifestyle store. Perfect for every season, Aitken & Co. uses top grade Mongolian cashmere, silk merino and cotton to create stunning pieces of apparel that are easy to pack and wear on the plane and off. The brand’s style is luxurious and classic – and they’ve even got 100% cashmere jumpers for kids so they, too, can join in on the comfortable, stylish inflight fashion found here.

Aitken & Co | Comfortable clothes airplane clothes for the well travelled woman | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa




Versatile clothing for layering

#05-02X, 2 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159919. | Also available online.

Cosset uses bamboo fabrics that are soft and sustainable – though Cosset’s style is a little more simplistic and minimalist. From racer back dresses and reversible maxi skirts, to comfy underwear and basics, Cosset is all about going back to the basics, which is great for layering – perfect for travelling from warm to cold countries or vice versa. Cosset is also particularly fitting for travelling, as their items can be worn in multiple ways, which saves you luggage space without having to wear the same outfit day in and out!

Cosset | Comfortable airplane clothes for the well travelled woman | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa



Everyday Cashmere

Comfortable and durable pieces

Available online.

Here’s a store that was created specifically with the well-travelled in mind. Everyday Cashmere sources only the best quality cashmere to create quality garments that are comfortable and durable even as you travel the thousands of miles from one end of the globe to the next. Their apparel come in a wide array of colours for every mood – we especially love their Jet Set Tasselled Scarves which serve as excellent wraps and fashion statements draped across your neck, as well as their versatile Men’s Zipper Jacket, which takes you across climates as well as dress code.

Everyday Cashmere | Comfortable airplane clothes | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa

Everyday Cashmere | Comfortable airplane clothes for the well travelled woman | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa



Global Babe

Non-iron jumpsuits

Available online.

Specialising in sun hats and jumpsuits, Global Babe is dedicated to the, well, global babe – you know, the well-travelled modern woman who constantly battles bouts of wanderlust. Global Babe’s vibrant jumpsuits are non-iron, easy to wear and require minimum care, while exuding a chic look, which is just perfect as inflight fashion wear. Even better, Global Babe donates 10% of their profits to charity organisations such as The Sarah Grace Sarcoma Foundation and Saving Ana Foundation, which are dedicated to aiding and empowering other women. Global Babe also offers some great sun hat options that are foldable without creasing, and in brilliant colours that pop.

Global Babe | For the stylish, well travelled woman | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa




Static free bamboo fibre clothing

82 Haji Lane, Singapore 189272  | 112 East Coast Road, #01-34, 112 Katong, Singapore 428802 | Also available online.

Apart from being both chic and comfortable at the same time, Zhai is a perfect choice for inflight dressing, simply because the bamboo fibre they use is static free – which means you don’t have to worry about the cloth sticking to your skin or messing up your hair during long flights. The eco-friendly threads are 100% organically grown, lightweight and wrinkle-free, so you don’t have to worry about stepping off the plane in utterly creased clothing. Plus, they have a diverse selection of styles ranging from leisure wear to office and sportswear so there’s pretty much something for everyone.

Zhai | Bamboo fibre, comfortable clothes, airplane clothes, well travelled woman, travel style | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa

Zhai | Comfortable clothes, airplane clothes, well travelled woman, travel style | Stylish Inflight Fashion, Singapore | Travelshopa

Stylish Inflight Fashion

How to Pick the Right Baby Bag

Gisele Bundchen | Pick the Right Baby Bag | Travelshopa


So you’re expecting a bambino, which is always exciting news, and now you’re looking for the right baby bag! Most mothers will use their baby bags for approximately 1 to 3 years (some even longer, particularly if the baby bags are made from high quality and long-lasting materials), so it’s worth making an informed decision before buying a baby bag.

From one mother to another, here are Tribe Bags‘ top 7 tips and recommendations for picking the right bag for you.



Your Style

Are you a yummy mummy with a relaxed but chic style? Or a working mother trying to find an all-in-one bag that doubles as a smart-looking work bag and baby bag? Or perhaps you need a bag that daddy won’t feel ashamed of carrying?

Depending on your personal style, you can opt for casual options like sling or messenger bags; these can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body, depending on what you feel comfortable with.

If you need something that you can carry proudly to work and out-and-about with your baby, or just prefer a structured bag, opt for a classic-shaped bag, like a tote.

Some of us prefer a monochromatic style, while others are drawn to vibrant hues and patterns (a lot of mothers find that when they’re picking a baby bag, they select brighter colours as they want to depart from the usual browns and blacks which have been their favoured handbag colours over the years). Pick a colour and pattern that will fit with your style and wardrobe, and that you will be happy and comfortable carrying!


What About Daddy

If you’re looking for a bag that works for both mum and dad, consider unisex options, or more androgynous designs. Clean lines, neutral colours, and a unisex sling or messenger design with adjustable-length straps are some of the features to keep an eye out for.

If daddy doesn’t want to share, there are always popular messenger or hands-free backpack styles exclusively designed for him.


Function, Function, Function

So you look nice, but does your baby bag really make life as a parent easier?

To help you stay on top of things, look for a bag that can help you stay organised. Multiple pockets, zippered and easy-to-access compartments are features that will make it easier for you to find what you need. Side pockets for bottles will also help keep your bottles upright and prevent spills and nightmare clean-ups. If spills (or worse) do happen, you’ll be thankful for a baby bag with a protective inner lining that you can easily clean.

What is your baby bag made of? Materials like patent leather, coated canvas or nylon are generally easy to maintain. If you choose a (non-patent) leather bag, be sure to protect it with a water-stop spray prior to use, and condition the leather often to keep it in tip-top shape. Leather bags require slightly more love and care, but the overall beauty and appeal of leather never disappoints.

Whether you’re going for a casual or structured bag, get one that can stand upright. The last thing you need is a baby bag that constantly tips over. This will make it easier for you to focus on taking care of baby (and yourself), and not on fixing your bag and its spilt contents every two seconds!

You certainly won’t be staying home with your baby all day, so it’s good to check that your stroller and bag are compatible. You should be able to hang it over the stroller’s handle bar or hang it on a “mummy hook” for easy access.



Are you the type to pack and travel light or the type to pack for every imaginable situation? How you pack for yourself is a good indicator of how you’re going to pack for you and a baby. Of course, if you’re packing for twins or multiples, you’ll naturally need a bigger bag. Pick a bag size that will fit your packing needs and preferences.


Baby Extras

Tribe’s and most other baby bags come with a changing pad, another essential to look out for as you’ll want a clean surface to do your diaper changing duties. Look for changing mats that are sizeable enough to fit your baby and toddler comfortably. A changing mat that is too small is as good as none. You need a changing pad that is roughly the same size as a standard-sized public restroom change mat.


Comfort is King

You’ll only look as good as you feel so make sure you’re comfortable with carrying your baby bag!

Look for straps that are wider and that offer some cushioning, so they don’t cut into your shoulder or skin.

If you have shoulder or back problems, it’s especially important to get a bag that distributes the weight evenly. Look for backpacks or cross-body options in lightweight materials like nylon to minimise the weight you’ll be carrying.



With all that’s said and done, it’s important that you pick a bag with all the features you want and need, that’s also within your budget.

Materials like genuine leather will be more expensive but if you enjoy carrying leather bags and are going to get a lot of use out of the bag (even beyond the diaper phase), then you may want to fork out more than what you initially planned.

After all, you’ll be using the baby bag for the next 2-3 years, and a great looking bag that is made out of high quality materials is going to last a lot longer and make you feel a lot better about yourself. Besides (from one shopaholic to another), if you do the math, the cost per use over one to three years may be lower than you think!

Singapore based Tribe Bags is passionate about creating baby bags that parents take pleasure in owning. The blend of tasteful styling, premium quality and functional design truly make Tribe’s Bags The Ultimate Breed of Baby Bag™.

Rosie Jansen is a mother-of-one and founder of Tribe Bags, a Singapore-based brand of premium leather baby bags and accessories that counts Hollywood celebs Katherine Heigl and Denise Richards, and most recently Gisele Bündchen, amongst its tribe of celebrity fans. Tribe’s signature and best-selling bag, Singapore Sling, was awarded ‘Best Changing Bag’ in the prestigious Junior Design Awards 2012 (UK).

Travelshopa loves that Tribe Bags is community-minded and takes great pride in supporting various charitable causes that promote the well being of the planet’s mothers, fathers and children. What’s more is that Tribe Bags is available online and offers worldwide shipping and easy returns!



Tribe Bags

Check out their latest range of shoulder, tote and messenger style baby bags at or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest updates.

Tribe | Singapore Sling Midnight Silver | Pick the Right Baby Bag | Travelshopa



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