Guide to Shopping in La Cienega, Los Angeles

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Wiggling its way through the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue is La Cienega. This design mecca is a popular hangout for top celebrity designers through to budding home decorators.

For more than half a century, the La Cienega Design Quarter has been a destination for the finest quality designs for home – and nothing has changed in the recent years as many still flock the area.

The vitrine showrooms have a common theme of well-heeled, classic aesthetics with a touch of boho chic. Alongside the design mecca is an assemblage of bistros, fashion boutiques and salons – confirming the notion that shopping in La Cienega is indeed, a one-stop destination for all.



Big Daddy’s Antiques

One-of-a-kind antiques & reproduction from Europe, Asia and North America

3334 La Cienega Place CA 90016

Not only is this a furniture shop offering vintage and custom furniture, lighting and home décor – Big Daddy’s Antiques is also a warehouse-like studio where you can spend the whole afternoon “oohing and aahing” over the antiques and mid-century pieces. With nearly 20 years of expertise in the interior decorating & landscape design fields, it is no wonder that the showroom attracts markets of interior designers, set decorators, architects, photographers and of course, design and art loves.

Big Daddy's Antiques | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa
Big Daddy's Antiques | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Hallworthy Gallery

A touch of mystery

927 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

The Hallworthy Gallery is like a sinister pad – shabby-chic, old world charm furnishings are deeply layered with earthy tones. You will find that every piece is accompanied by the ghost of its past. Don’t let the moody showroom put you off though, the place is filled with curiosities and intriguing pieces that you’ll only have to see in its flesh to believe.




One of LA’s most sought after design destinations

752 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

When Harbinger opened its doors in 2008, it was a modest retail shop showcasing trend-resistant and traditional finds with a mix of edgier pieces like acrylic bookshelves and modern art. It is now renowned for representing over 40 lines of chic fabrics and wallpapers, furniture, lighting, carpets and decorative arts from the US, Milan and London.

Harbinger | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa
Harbinger | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Holly Hock Inc

A quaint cottage offering 18th and 19th century furniture

927 North La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

Originally opening an unassuming, founder Suzanne opened Holly Hock to sell things for the home that couldn’t easily find in Los Angeles. Fast-forward 25 years, this charming cottage in La Cienega is now an exclusive resource for designers and discerning shoppers. Suzanne expertly chooses every item with a touch of quirkiness that can’t be found anywhere else. This includes an assemblage of 18th and 19th-century antiques mixed with home accessories, art, contemporary furniture and books.

Hollyhock Inc. | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa
Hollyhock Inc. | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Hollywood at Home

Modern California home décor and textiles

724 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

The go-to destination if you’re thinking about revising your abode with modern Californian décor. Hollywood at Home offers design-savvy customers with an extraordinary collection of interior textiles, custom home furnishings, and vintage pieces. The choice of textiles is simply stunning – with fabrics from renowned brands like Peter Dunham Textiles, Zak + Fox, Lake August, Carolina Irving Textiles, Lisa Fine Textiles and Peter Fasano.

Hollywood at Home | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Lucca Antiques

A hotspot for design aficionados

744 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

For over decade, Lucca Antiques has been a hotspot for design aficionados – designers and celebrity clients seeking pieces that are unique in scale, composition and origin. It is no wonder this furniture store is sprouted across various design districts across the city. Founded by enthusiasts who appreciate fine antiques, architectural elements – with a passion for creating designs from old materials and found objects, Lucca Antiques is the best spot to bag a piece you won’t find anywhere else.



Mecox Gardens

For the quintessential outside in lifestyle

919 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069

Mecox is the numero-uno place to go for all your garden furnishings. The famed garden boutique carries an expertly curated mix of some of the finest shabby-chic antiques, furniture, home décor and art – as well as a sizeable collection of outdoor furniture clad in bold bright hues to sophisticated pieces. These gems are sure to blend in with your modern patio or garden.

Mecox Gardens | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa
Mecox Gardens | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Opening Ceremony

Show-stopping style trends

451 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90048

We were completely overcome by the alluring mix of show-stopping style trends – from edgy to eccentric. It is evident that Opening Ceremony brings lesser-known brands to the scene. In addition to stocking both iconic and emerging local designers, every year OC showcases the spirit and merchandise of a visiting country, transforming each store into a marketplace for exotic souvenirs and international talent.

Opening Ceremony | Shopping in La Cienega | Travelshopa


Shopping in La Cienega, Los Angeles

Guide to Shopping in Culver City, Los Angeles

Shopping in Culver City | Room & Board | Travelshopa

A petite city that packs a punch, Los Angeles’ West Side shopping destination sits in Culver City. Home to massive movie studios like Sony Pictures Studios, The Culver Studios and the iconic Pacific Theatres, Culver City is now one of L.A’s burgeoning design destinations – adding another element of California cool to the city.

Instagram-worthy public artwork including giant art installations, sculptures and art galleries are sprouted across the city. Furniture fanatics can rejoice thanks to its bevy of classic American to eccentric furniture emporiums. Sneak a peek at America’s cinematic history and take full advantage of the repository of cool designer furniture pieces and even a bookstore while shopping in Culver City.




A must-visit for avid book lovers

8675 Washington Blvd., Culver City CA 90232

Take a quick break from your shopping expedition and indulge in a little light reading at Arcana. If you were an avid reader – you’d probably know about this bookstore. From out of print books and collectables to new releases, as well as catalogues, and ephemera on 20th and 21st -century photography, art, design, architecture, fashion, cinema and music, this enclave is a league on its own. Moreover, the bookstore is far from a musty old-school library. Its boasts a stylish layout with heaps of natural light coming through for a delightful experience.



HD Buttercup

Furniture emporium for the urban home

3225 Helms Ave CA 90034

Massive is one word you’d use if you visited HD Buttercup. This furniture emporium is brimming with an eclectic selection of varied genres – everything from modern vintage furniture, Italian furnishings, mid-century modern pieces and artisan goods. Apart from furniture, this store also carries a striking collection of fine carpets, rugs, art and accessories. Perfect for the urban home.

HD Buttercup | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa



Eccentric art gallery and furniture shop

11270 Washington Blvd CA 90230

A must-visit for someone with a creative eye and passion for sophisticated art, Obsolete is an art gallery cum furniture shop that is not for the faint-hearted. From wax head models of a child’s head to exploded dolphin skulls this furniture shop is eccentric at its best. If you’re not thrilled about displaying a child’s head in your home, Obsolete also carries an elaborate mix of shabby-chic furniture and homewares – most of which are in mint condition. These pieces would instantly lift the interior of your abode, making it look as classy as ever.

Obsolete | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa
Obsolete | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa



Classic American furniture and homewares

8780 Venice Blvd CA 90034

Motivated to bring back the best in classic American lighting, hardware and home décor, Rejuvenation takes you back to the 1860s to 1970s with a diverse selection of furniture from that era. Though their range of furniture is forced to be reckoned with, it is their lighting that caught our eye. Spoil yourselves with a wide-ranging choice of pendants, chandeliers, table and desk lamps, floor lamps, string lamps and outdoor lamps clad in endless genres. These handwired pieces are made to order in Portland, Oregon.

Rejuvenation | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa


Room & Board

Modern and environmentally sustainable furniture

8707 Washington Blvd CA 90232

Located in the heart of Culver City, Room & Board is a furniture emporium galleria offering modern and simplistic furniture with a touch of class. Each section of the massive showroom is nicely decorated so you’ll even score some great home decorating inspiration on the side. Their designs are deeply rooted in heritage honouring natural materials in organic forms – and are also environmentally sustainable.

Room & Board | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa

Room & Board | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa
Room & Board | Shopping in Culver City | Travelshopa


The Rug Warehouse

The Carpet Connoisseurs

3270 Helms Ave CA 90034

If you – like us – have a special liking to rugs and carpets, The Rug Warehouse is the place to be. Offering fine hand-knotted, custom carpet and area rugs, the family-owned home accessories store has been bringing the best selection of carpets to Southern California since 1976. Select from a widespread of broadloom and rugs in contemporary and traditional styles offered in stripes, solids, geometrics and natural fibres. Feel free to nab some expert advice from the rug specialists in store.



Shopping in Culver City, Los Angeles

Guide to Shopping in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Shopping in Silver Lake | Individual Medley | Travelshopa


Ever since the rapid gentrification of the area, Silver Lake has been living it up as the East side’s trendiest and relentlessly hip neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The hilly precinct now sees luxe-heavy high-end retailers like Aesop and APC amongst others, giving frontrunners like Abbot Kinney a run for its money.

Take a stroll – or rent a bicycle to fit in with the locals – through Silver Lake and pore over vintage shops boasting dynamic colours, aesthetically pleasant storefronts and indie designer finds. After shopping in Silver Lake, unwind at one of the countless coffee dens; artisanal eats and ultra-hip bars at the Sunset Junction stretch.



Bucks and Does

One of the best clothing stores in LA

3906 Sunset Blvd CA 90029

You can’t deny California chic vibes in this shop. Bucks and Does features versatile and unique apparel for men and women – B&D tees for the men and a touch of bohemian while retaining a modern and chic style for the ladies. Probably why Los Angeles Magazine named it one of the “Best Clothing Shops in LA”. Their passion for good design is clear as you greet some of the hippest European and LA labels in the shop but Bucks and Does’ pride and joy lies in their very own label, The ODells.



Clare V.

Handbags and accessories with a Parisian charm

3339 West Sunset Blvd CA 90026

While working as a journalist for French television, founder Clare Vivier noticed a lack of functional yet chic laptop cases. She then decided to create her own line of handbags and accessories. The result is a marriage of classic shapes, modern detail and Parisian charm – yes, we’re still talking about handbags. Constructed of durable leather, the clutches, totes, crossbody, shoulder bags as well as wallets and cases come in a series of styles to suit every style.

Clare V. | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa
Clare V. | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa



Dream Collective 

Aesthetically pleasing fine jewellery and mood stones

1404 Micheltorena St. CA 90026

A serious Silver Lake gem –no pun intended – Dream Collective offers up a slew of delightfully creative and aesthetically pleasing fine jewellery made from carefully select materials like brass, bones and enamel. California-based designer Kathryn Bentley’s inspiration comes from past design movements, travel, artisans, flea markets, architecture and textiles. What’s more, Kathryn is committed to sustainability and believes that her jewellery holds positive energy for her clients. Head to this earthy boutique for pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Dream Collective | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa
Dream Collective | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa


Individual Medley 

Mega lifestyle store

3176 Glendale Blvd CA 90039

Boasting a well-curated range of unique goods from designers and artists all over the world, Individual Medley amazes with their thoughtful selection of locally crafted home décor, paper goods, apothecary and vintage apparel. We couldn’t take our eyes off their recently revamped store – the perfect excuse to stay here all day – with an airier interior, allowing loads of natural light in.

Individual Medley | Shopping in Melrose | Travelshopa



Edited collection of independent designer finds

1618 Silver Lake Blvd CA 90026

An enclave for independent designer finds, Lake is a boutique, which offers a splash of opposites – casual yet elegant, refined yet raw and simple yet sophisticated. These apparel are complemented with textiles, ceramics and thoughtful gifts like home décor and apothecary products. Tour this shop for a fresh wardrobe revamp or pick the perfect gift for a friend that has it all.

Lake | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa


Mohawk General Store 

Over 200 indie and popular designers

4011 West Sunset Blvd CA 90069

Mohawk General Store offers up a slew of artfully curated products for men, women and kids – tending towards a casual style for men and dressy for the ladies. Their extensive assemblage of designers is pretty impressive, with over 200 emerging indie brands to household favourites in store and online. A noteworthy mix of mid-century furniture and sleek home accessories are also available.

 Mohawk General Store | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa



Detroit’s signature men’s lifestyle store

3515 Sunset Blvd CA 90026

With over half a thousand store locations and stockists sprouted across the globe, Shinola definitely needs no introduction. (But we’ll tell you all about it anyway). What began as a mere watch factory is now identified as an exemplary lifestyle brand for men and even women. Handcrafted in Detroit, the watches, leather products, bicycles, and other supplies created are made to perfection with the utmost attention to detail and quality.



Shout and About 

Fun gift ideas

547 Echo Park Ave CA 90026

Not the best gift giver? Well, remove that stamp on your back with some help from Shout and About. Also known as a little urban oasis of paper, plants and gifts, this fun and cheery gift shop offers just about everything imaginable. Greeting cards, jewellery, journals, pouches and party décor this place is sprawling with perfect gift ideas. Take your time to look through every part of the shop, you’re bound to find the right gift.

Shout and About | Shopping in Silver Lake | Travelshopa


Sweet William

Adorable yet stylish kid’s fashion

1406 Micheltorena St. CA 90026

A little different from the mix of men’s and women’s fashion boutiques on the street, Sweet William is a chic clothing store that carries a refreshing range of delightfully cute and chic kid’s fashion pieces. Their apparel is made of the high quality by environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers. If your little ones have a refined fashion sense, this is the boutique to head to.



Shopping in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Shopping Precincts in Los Angeles

Shopping Precincts in Los Angeles | Travelshopa

Christened the ‘City of Angels’, there is never a dull moment in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. In addition to its sandy beaches, legendary theme parks, and countless museums, the glitzy city – without a doubt – also displays eclectic world-class shopping options – in every neighbourhood.

Los Angeles offers a noteworthy slew of indie fashion boutiques and homeware shops, eccentric art galleries and furniture stores in various styles. Once you look past the tourist tug of the streets, there are countless hidden gems available in the city.



Beverly Hills

The perfect hidey-hole for the rich and famous, Beverly Hills is one of the most well-heeled precincts plonked right in the heart of Los Angeles. The palm-tree lined sidewalks, affluent shopping enclave, extravagant residential neighbourhood, and the casual celebrity sighting makes this lustrous region so easy to fall in love with. Most shopaholics flock to Beverly Hills for a dose of luxury fashion at the famed Rodeo Drive but if you are seeking for some local flair, head to Beverly Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. Stock up on mid-century and vintage furniture. Also, visit a fashion boutique or two, which are hidden within.

Read the guide to shopping at Beverly Boulevard


Culver City

What was once a plain Jane between the glitzy Beverly Hills and Venice, Culver City has now evolved from the “Heart of Screenland” – playing host to Sony Studios and Culver Studios – into a mecca for design and an undisputed haven for furniture lovers. Common spots on your itinerary would involve visiting a horde of eccentric art galleries, museums – including the famed Museum of Jurassic Technology as well as art and furniture shopping at Washington Boulevard and Helms Avenue.

Read the guide to shopping in Culver City



What used to be a declining dead district has seen a booming resurgence thanks to a surge of trendy bars, inventive restaurants, stylish galleries and shops. Sandwiched between Chinatown and the Arts District, Downtown LA boasts a fair share of under-the-radar shopping opportunities most of which congregate in the Fashion and Arts Districts.




The most famous of them all, a trip to LA will never be complete without a visit to Hollywood; after all it is the land of dreams – even with its obvious tourist traps. What was once known as the “entertainment capital of the world”, Hollywood has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs. At present, this district dazzles with iconic attractions like Paramount Studios, The Hollywood sign and Madame Tussauds Hollywood. Urban clothing shops with internationally renowned labels are located at Hollywood Boulevard.



Santa Monica

A perfect blend of laid back and on the move, Santa Monica is just a few miles away from Los Angeles. Apart from being a seaside retreat, this precinct also holds a bevy of a commendable list of local shopping hunts at Montana Avenue and mainstream retail brands at Third Street Promenade. And of course, no visit to this enclave is complete without basking in the sun at its prestigious beaches – and California’s oldest pleasure pier, the Santa Monica Pier.



Silver Lake

The undecidedly hip Silver Lake is a complete juxtaposition of the glossy and luxurious perception commonly associated with Los Angeles. Instead, the place is rich in culture, a frontrunner of new trends and is always brimming with energy. Also in its kitty is the thriving gay community – not a surprise as the first documented demonstration for gay rights in the country took place at Sunset Junction. Shopping in Silverlake stands nothing short of multi-label boutiques, championing a splash of styles from indie to international designers. Hang out with the grunge-chic indie crowd or snap a couple of pictures of its beautifully painted walls that would handsomely reward you in the form of Instagram likes.

Read the guide to shopping in Silver Lake



Venice may be small in size but it’s hip culture, eccentric personalities, and major bohemian vibes see no end – an LA experience you just can’t miss. Recognised as a beach community, Venice is located between San Monica and Marina del Rey. If you’ve read every other travel guide you’ve stumbled upon, you’d probably distinguish two iconic spots in Venice – Venice Beach and Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Venice Beach is perfect for people watching filled with a diversity of folks. Shopping on Abbot Kinney comprises of numerous independent fashion boutiques, interesting art galleries, restaurants and bars that attract visitors from over the globe – aptly dubbed as “The Coolest Block in America”.

Read the guide to shopping on Abbot Kinney Boulevard


West Hollywood

A city that barely sleeps, West Hollywood is the cultural hub of Los Angeles, enfolded with the hottest must-visit spots in every direction. The legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood holds a vibrant nightlife scene and is also known to be the largest gay nightlife district in the area. But it is the extended shopping scene that astounds. The streets of Melrose, La Brea and West 3rd may be a handful but we ensure that each street delivers diverse shopping. Get those shopping bags ready.

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