Claire Chahil, TheAC

Imagine a boutique designed with Singapore’s tropical climate and lifestyle in mind. Meet TheAC. Find out how its founder CLAIRE CHAHIL is going beyond curating independent, local designers for this new retail space.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s historic enclave of Joo Chiat in a traditional Peranakan shophouse, The Attaby Collective (TheAC) is not your average multi-label boutique. It is a retail incubator featuring a curated selection of independent designers and brands.

What started as a pop up in 2016, this new retail space is now the permanent home of 11 fashion, home, kids, accessories, activewear and art brands. The space showcases familiar names like Elverd Designs, Eysse & I through to new arrivals like InZone5, Big Blue Company and Elements Concept. Each curated brand is independent with a focus on responsible and fair production practices. Their shared passion for what they do and design shines through in the fun and tropical-inspired setting.

We sat down with the founder Claire Chahil, who is also the owner and designer of Attaby, to hear all about the idea behindTheAC, her stand on retail in Singapore and what’s in store during challenging retail times in Singapore. 

I wanted a disruptive retail model that would offer the opportunity for emerging brands to grow their following, be housed in a permanent retail space but without the usual consignment model pitfalls.


Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa

Image: Founder, Claire Chahil

As the fashion designer of Attaby, what triggered you open TheAc?

With over 10 years experience in fashion and retail, I wanted a disruptive retail model that would offer the opportunity for emerging brands to grow their following, be housed in a permanent retail space but without the usual consignment model pitfalls. Attaby sits within the collective as an in-house fashion label.

What has been the biggest challenge with being a creative in business?

I’ve always debunked the myth that creative practitioners are not natural business people. On the contrary, running a business is about finding solutions and putting ideas into practice every day, which is the remit of a designer. The biggest challenges in this context can become your biggest opportunities.

What’s next in store for you?

I’m planning on two levels at the moment. I have immediate plans to foster the existing group of brands and the current space because I absolutely love the energising feedback from our customers. I also have a secondary plan for the future of TheAC that is on a much larger scale, which is all in the strategy stage at the moment.

Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa
Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa

In your opinion, what’s the current state of the retail industry in Singapore?

Retail can often be volatile and we can certainly see huge challenges both here and on an international level for many reasons. The traditional business models are being revised and TheAC is proud to be part of this disruption. Singapore has gone through a rapid Internationalisation project but now people are looking for a little more specialisation and something that is not so mass market. Our brand leaders are always actively engaged with our core customers and this is what leads us to success.

How do you think the situation will change in the future?

Many people talk about the death of traditional shops but I think people will always want to experience shopping as a leisure activity and feel the product before they buy. So the challenge is to make the traditional shop a desirable and inspirational place to visit. In this sense, the TheAC is not simply a shop. We are a boutique, a brand discovery centre and social space where we host events.

What advice would you share with aspiring store owners?

Firstly make sure you like your shop as you’ll be spending a lot of time there! You need to be proud of what you create to give it positive energy. With my business hat on I’d say do your research on what exactly you will offer in the marketplace and try to gather a following before you take the plunge.

Many people talk about the death of traditional shops but I think people will always want to experience shopping as a leisure activity and feel the product before they buy. So the challenge is to make the traditional shop a desirable and inspirational place to visit.


Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa
Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa
Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa
Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa

How would you describe Singapore Style?

I think Singapore is a mix of city chic and beach resort – after all, it is a banking centre with a corporate edge yet is also a tropical island where flip flops (or thongs/slippers) and kaftans can be day wear. One thing I love is that you can dress in anything from a traditional sari to a pencil skirt and blouse or shorts and a t-shirt and people are perfectly accepting of this. Once I even found myself in full white tie dress eating noodles at a roadside hawker with hardly an eyebrow raised. I love that mix.

How has style changed in Singapore in the last few years?

There is a real confidence in local designers that has developed over the 6 years I’ve been here, which has changed the style landscape. More options exist at all levels of the market so people can dress according to their style aesthetic more easily. It’s an exciting time to be part of the Singapore fashion scene.

What’s the best time to visit Singapore?

Anytime is a good time to visit Singapore!

Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa
Claire Chahil, TheAC | Behind the Seams | Travelshopa

TheAc is located at 420 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427641.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 8pm | Sunday, 11am – 3pm

All images courtesy of Claire Chahil and Louise Hill Design.

Perfect Imperfect Home Styling

Perfect Imperfect Home Styling | Travelshopa

Two years after the launch of online homewares store, SYLODECO, Helene Denaiffe found that many of her clients struggle to find time to style their homes. Today, she unveils Perfect Imperfect, a blog dedicated to giving budding home decorators a dose of home inspiration, interior styling tips and professional advice.

Helene Denaiffe is the brain behind Stylodeco, the aesthetically pleasing online homewares emporium that has been bringing coveted European brands to the Asia for the last two years. Now, she’s made every homemaker’s home styling dreams come to life with the launch of Perfect Imperfect.

With an ethos of ‘home styling made easy’, Helene has taken the daunting task of interior styling off our shoulders by spoiling us with her expert home styling tips and home inspiration.

Join us as Helen shares the inspiration behind the new blog, why it’s important to create a place of comfort with imperfections, as well as six tips to creating a stylish and cosy nest.

When did you first know you had an interest in interiors?

As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in interiors. When I was old enough to get pocket money from my parents, my friends were shopping clothes, I was shopping for accessories to decorate my bedroom.

Having lived in Paris and Singapore, how have those destinations influenced your style?

You are right, both cities have influenced my style a lot! 
I like the effortlessly chic Parisian touch when it comes to interior decorating: mixing ages and styles, choosing a neutral colour palette and play with colourful home accessories here and there to add warmth. In Singapore, I like the tropical look and feel and the strong presence of nature all around us. I guess my style is a mix of both cities’ way of living.

To me, a home is a place where friends and family build lasting memories. It should reflect the family’s everyday lifestyle: it should not be a stiff, cold home, but a place of comfort with imperfections in which every member of the family can live happily every day.


How has Stylodeco helped create space for you to launch a blog about design?

I launched my online shop, Stylodeco, two years ago and the interest for our products has kept growing dramatically. Yet our clients, mainly active women, have very little time to style their homes. Indeed, it isn’t easy when you have a full-time job or when you look after the family all day long to find time to navigate the web looking for inspiration or shop stylish home furnishings.

That is how the idea of Perfect Imperfect came out: build a 360-degree platform where you can shop home accessories on Stylodeco and find curated inspiration for the home and professional advice on Perfect Imperfect.

What has it been like shifting your focus of online retail to include content? What has been the greatest challenge in this addition?

Perfect imperfect is a natural continuity of Stylodeco. The products, on one hand, the inspiration and advice on the other. One supports the other; in other words, they are complementary. You can connect to Perfect Imperfect from Stylodeco, and vice versa – in one click. Everything you need for the home in a single place.

The greatest challenge has been to build the new blog from scratch while handling day-to-day orders from Stylodeco. Like most women, I have a house to keep running and kids to look after so it can be sometimes challenging to develop new projects. Thankfully, I learnt so much from this new experience and I would do it again without hesitation if I had to.

Home styling can be challenging when you do not know where to find inspiration and where to shop products. With perfect imperfect, home styling is made easy.


Perfect Imperfect | Home Styling Made Easy | Travelshopa
Perfect Imperfect Home Styling | Travelshopa

Could you tell us about your sources of inspiration?

Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration. I also read a lot of magazines, from Singapore and abroad, to look for new brands and stylish designs. And of course, travels do inspire me a lot too.

Why is it important to create a space that supports a family’s everyday lifestyle?

I chose the name ‘Perfect Imperfect’ to name the new blog because I like perfectly imperfect interiors. I like homes to be effortlessly stylish and decorated with taste, whilst at the same time being laid-back and welcoming. There’s no use in creating a “perfect” home that feels more like a museum than a place of comfort. To me, a home is a place where friends and family build lasting memories. It should reflect the family’s everyday lifestyle: it should not be a stiff, cold home, but a place of comfort with imperfections in which every member of the family can live happily every day.

Your ethos is ‘home styling made easy’? What does that mean?

As I said, my clients have little time to look for inspiration and stylish home accessories. So my goal is to help them save their precious time by sharing inspiration and advice in a single place and therefore simplifying the process. Home styling can be challenging when you do not know where to find inspiration and where to shop products. With Perfect Imperfect, home styling is made easy thanks to:


Weekly curated articles to give visitors inspiration on how to transform their house into a stylish and cosy nest that supports their family’s everyday lifestyle.



eDesign and interior design services for those who have no time at all and need professional guidance. Time is of the essence, and if you find yourself lacking the time to decorate your home, let me do it for you, it will give you more time to take care of your career or family.



Freebies such as stylish printables for the ones who like being creative and do fun projects by themselves (DIY).



A direct access to STYLODECO’s e-store to shop stylish home accessories at reasonable prices.

Perfect Imperfect Home Styling | Travelshopa
Perfect Imperfect Home Styling | Travelshopa

Subscribe to Perfect Imperfect‘s newsletter for early access to freebies, a weekly dose of inspiration for the home and styling tips. You can meet Helene Denaiffe and see STYLODECO’s collections at the forthcoming Boutiques at the Pit Building on November 4 and 5, 2016.

All images courtesy of Perfect Imperfect.

Anna Layard, Guided Art Tours in Yogyakarta

She's one of the most well-known art historians in Singapore, and Anna Layard is not stopping there. As she sets her sights on conquering further shores, the consultant shares her tips on why Indonesia is set to be the 'next big thing'.

Art Tours in Yogyakarta | Anna Layard | Travelshopa

When did you first know you had an interest in art?

I have always had a close affinity with art. Growing up in a very creative household, meant being surrounded by an interesting mix of pieces, and frequently visiting galleries. In fact, I spent my 18th birthday in Florence, transfixed by the art of the Renaissance and the extraordinary architecture.

After studying A-level Art History under an incredibly inspiring teacher called Kate Mason, who ignited what would be my lifelong passion with the phrase “if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life!”, I went on to graduate as an Art Historian from Manchester University, and then curated and managed galleries in London and Sydney prior to moving to Singapore in 2009.

Coincidentally, my journey has come full circle, as both my A-level and University studies focused on Indonesian Arts. I never dreamt I would one day be living in South East Asia, let alone being able to share my passion by leading Bespoke Art Collector Tours across Indonesia.



All of these experiences have been very important factors. They have given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients and budgets across the years, to have had exposure to a vast array of global artists, and most importantly given me an insight as to how I can offer a service that is unique within the art scene in Singapore.

I am committed to helping my clients find new and exciting pieces as they create truly global collections across a variety of mediums, and especially including works which resonate within the environment in which they live.  My clients tend to like works that have significance as well as being objects of beauty and interest. The work I saw in Yogya was some of the most exciting and diverse I have seen in recent years and the entry point incredibly accessible for established artists.


The work I saw in Yogya was some of the most exciting and diverse I have seen in recent years and the entry point incredibly accessible for established artists.


You strongly believe that Indonesian arts will be “the next big thing”. Why is that?

I believe many markets in Asia have become saturated and can be cost prohibitive. Price tags do not necessarily reflect the experience and resumes of the artists, and we often see artists losing their originality to become more commercially viable.

In Yogya (Yogyakarta) I see an integrity, creativity and dialogue within a strong and cohesive collective community. I see amazing artist collectives, initiatives and spaces, supported by incredible art patrons, collectors and philanthropists, all having an impact on the international market. It is a vibrant and inspiring scene with huge potential for the next generation of artists.

Events such as the Biennale, Art Jog, and Art Stage Jakarta (launched in August 2016 and firmly placing Indonesia on the international map) all provide stand out examples of the dynamic energy and diversity that Indonesian Arts are contributing to the world stage.


What excites you the most about the art in Yogyakarta?

The range of creativity across multiple disciplines in Yogya, more than any other Indonesian city, has a quiet creativity which honours the traditional and celebrates the avant-garde, progressive, and more controversial arts.


What would you like to see change with regard to consumers’ perception and consumption of art?

Art can be an intimidating arena for many and education is key.  In Singapore, many haven’t had the fortune of growing up as gallery goers. I would like to see a greater exposure to a more diverse range of arts.  As the government has also acknowledged the necessity to make art more accessible, I am excited that the upcoming generation will have an appreciation for art in many forms, as well as a desire to acquire pieces that they enjoy and build collections that are diverse. Hopefully, this will create a market here where boundaries can be pushed thus broadening our enjoyment and acceptance of a wider range of art practices, conservative to cutting edge and controversial! We can only grow as consumers if our exposure across the board is broadened.

Could you tell us about your sources of inspiration?

Travel has always been my main source of inspiration. Interacting with artists and discovering their motivation behind the works they create, gives us the opportunity to understand cultural meaning and significance, as well as anchoring a piece of art to a place and time in my life.

I am inspired to run art tours because I particularly love helping clients enjoy that experience too.


Having lived in the UK, Australia and now Singapore, how does art appreciation (and preferences) differ from country to country?

In Europe, we are incredibly fortunate to have a wealth of significant art collections that span the ages.

Australian artists, not surprisingly, took great insight from Europe, but geographical isolation also played a part. However, I believe particularly since the 1960’s practices, styles and inspirations for Australian artists have expanded on a global scale and they are creating world class art.

I was amazed to read that in comparison Singapore’s first art museum SAM was only established in 1996. Focus until relatively recently was placed on different areas of academia, and inspiration limited to more SE Asian references Art appreciation isn’t as established and prevalent here yet, but it is catching up fast.  It is a very exciting time for SEA Arts, especially in Singapore where the government is reinforcing its importance at a national level.


Describe your personal art collection in three words.

Eclectic, diverse, meaningful


Contact Anna to join the forthcoming Guided Art Tour in Yogyakarta with Henny Scott, an Indonesian Art Consultant, on November 15-18 2016   

Savina Chai

Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa


It’s been said that all Singaporeans are foodies at heart. Fashion entrepreneur, Savina Chai is no exception. The intrepid traveller and founder of womenswear label, Eight Slate fondly cherishes her mornings spent at the hawker centre, tucking into a hearty breakfast of eggs, kopi and kaya on toast. A certified Singaporean indeed! A peek at her very flawless Instagram account tells us that she is also fond of luscious overflowing brunches and the minimal aesthetic that’s all the rage right now. Intrigued yet? Read on for her personal pick of brunch spots, local boutiques and chill hangouts in Singapore!



Singapore’s vibe…

Singapore is a vibrant, fast-paced city with rich culture, dynamic people and delicious food. The streets are always busy, the people are driven, hardworking and warm towards one another.


Favourite thing about Singapore…

I love that we are a multi-racial country.  It means that we are always supportive of one another, welcoming to everyone and most of all, diverse and yet unique in our own special way.


Least favourite thing about Singapore…

The weather… We have an eternal Summer due to the geographical location of our city, which is a downer for me because I love to dress according to the seasons.

 Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa
 Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa


Fun fact about the locals…

We are the fastest walkers with the fastest walking speed.


Best time to visit…

August. It is a cooler time of the year, which might not make a great difference if you live in a 4-season climate but it does not exceed 31 degrees (celsius) in the afternoon.


Must know local tidbit…

You must try our tropical fruits – durian, jackfruit, mangosteen etc.


What to pack…

SUNBLOCK, and I cannot stress how important it is to use a good hydrating sunblock that does not make your face shiny with facial oil but keeps the skin hydrated at the same time.






Gardens By The Bay – It is the core of our garden city with amazing garden sculptures and the most beautiful plants and exotic flowers.

Universal Studios – Every holiday or getaway is not made complete without a trip to an amusement park right? This takes you away for the day as it’s enchanting, thrilling and makes an exciting trip for the family.

Orchard Road – For the city girl like myself, Orchard Road is the best place to shop with everything and anything laid out along the same stretch of road. From departmental stores featuring local designers to big luxury designer houses, you will be shopping for hours to come.

Tiong Bahru – is a heartland that features many interesting cafes, Chinese restaurants and shophouses if you’re a foodie like me.



The Ritz-Carlton has the most amazing and beautiful marble toilet overlooking the whole of Marina Bay. Boutique hotels like The Club at Ann Siang and Lloyd’s Inn are affordable places nestled in the heart of Singapore. The interesting décor and design make them both Instagram-worthy stays.

 Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa
 Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa




I like multi-label boutiques such as Revolte x SheShops at Raffles City Shopping Centre, which features up and coming digital fashion labels, established local designers as well as Asian designers. Other stores include Robinsons at Heeren which curates great local labels.



Check out hawkers centres like Bedok 85 for minced meat noodles, Newton Circus or Maxwell Food Centre for seafood and a variety of local favourites. For restaurants, Margarita’s at East Coast is my favourite Mexican restaurant. With rich flavours and interesting textures in its foods, I always accompany it with their signature Margarita.



I love to visit our ArtScience Museum for different art installations, perfect for couples. I also like clubs like Kyo and Zouk for a night out with my girlfriends.


You can’t leave Singapore without…

Supporting local labels which can be found around Orchard. They are mostly in multi-label departmental stores or boutiques.

Savina Chai on Singapore | Insider's Guide | Travelshopa




Amy Read, Gifts Less Ordinary

Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa


In a time when sophistication has becomes a main driver of people’s spending habits, independent retailers like Gifts Less Ordinary have found the winning formula. Bespoke and personalisation are key ingredients to this.

The idea for Gifts Less Ordinary came to its founder, Amy Read, when her best friend sent her a gift that contained a personalised baby blanket and a pair of shoes with her newborn son’s name imprinted on it.

“The gift came in a beautiful Tiffany-esque box. I was so overwhelmed with how beautiful and personal it was; it made me realise that we needed these kinds of gifts to be available in Asia,” says Amy.

First launched in Singapore and Hong Kong, Gifts Less Ordinary has recently expanded its reach to include Japan, Australia and the U.S. Its calling card remains its unique gifting concept — personalised luxury ‘giftables’ so popular, they’ve been picked up by The British Royal Family. Well if they’re fit for a royal, they’re good enough for us. We take 5 with Amy Read to understand how to take a independent brand and make it a global business.



The Vision

I wanted everything to be personal and unique, from the products we deliver to the customer service we offer. I wanted to create an online shopping experience that was likened to shopping at a luxury boutique, handpicking only the most beautiful and unique products to feature on the site.


Product Selection

We are very selective about the brands we feature on the site, the most important thing for us is that the products are unique, and if they are bespoke and personalised, then even better.

Typical products on the site include luxury embossed cufflink cases, to personalised jewellery and beautiful embroidered blankets with a new baby’s name and date of birth.

We also try to find the very best locally themed gifts, whether it be typographic or personalised vintage maps, to redesigning historical objects of interest to create unique pieces of jewellery.


The Knack of Gifting

It’s all in the presentation and demonstrating that special someone means the world to you, whether it be by gifting an embossed necklace with a personal message or date on it, to gifting a new born a personalised blanket that they will treasure for life.


Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary  | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa

Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary  | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa
Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary  | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa


Standing Out

We focus on our niche. For us it’s all about personalisation or offering something unique. We really wish to own the gifting market, so we will always be the first brand someone would consider when trying to find something that is that bit different.


Secrets to Growth

Growth has firstly, come from our ability to scale and enter new markets quickly. Our operating model transcends all markets and we recognize that the demand for unique and personalised gifts is global and not just limited to Asia.

Secondly, for us it’s all about retention. We recognise that when we exceed a customer’s expectations in terms of delivery, quality and uniqueness of the products, that they will come back to us for all their gifting needs.


Global Expansion

When we launched we had online stores in Singapore and Hong Kong. In June, we rolled Gifts Less Ordinary out to three new markets; Japan, Australia and the U.S.

When we launched our Australian online store, we issued a press release with a picture featuring one of the products on the site, a robe that was worn by Prince George when he met President Obama earlier this year. Within a day, a few major media publications including the Daily Mail, Women’s Weekly and Marie Claire featured the story, and within 5 minutes we had oversold that robe. We then had to go back to customers and apologise, which is when we recognised that we needed to sync stock and products uploads with some of our best selling partners, so this could never happen again.


Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa

Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary  | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa
Amy Read Gifts Less Ordinary  | 5 Minutes With | Travelshopa


Lessons Learned

When you start a business, you have to be open to change and resilient to the knocks you may encounter on the way.

I feel fortunate enough to work with an amazing team, who are as passionate and dedicated as me, and without them we wouldn’t be where we are now as a business.

It’s also important to make quality time for family and friends, as they are the ones who pick you up when it gets rough, and help you celebrate in the good times.


What’s Next

We are continuing to seek out the most unique brand and products we can feature on the site, whilst trying to increase brand awareness across all markets in which we operate. We will also continue to roll out to new markets over the course of the year, as we recognise in the international world we live in today, customers wish to ship globally.

We are also working with CrescoData to sync stock levels and product listings with Partners so we can better manage high surges in demand for select products.



The Stylish Jetsetters You Need to Follow

Glamourised mirror selfies, top-down shots of latte art and fashion week paparazzi snaps… Instagram has its fair share of clichés. Sad that your Instagram feed doesn’t excite you anymore? Perhaps these inspiring individuals will bring back that much needed spark. Cue the creative geniuses who are constantly raising the bar on Instagram. We’re talking astonishingly multi-talented creatives with killer style. Fashion is their preoccupation and travelling their passion. Ahead, three stylish jetsetters you need to follow on Instagram.



The Stylish Jetsetters You Need to Follow | Instalove

Kim Jones | @kimcamjones

About. Kim Jones is the brains (and pretty face) behind fashion blog Miss Jones. The Brit-Filipino is a creative go-getter whose talents include everything from styling and writing to art directing, modelling and TV hosting. For that, she has been named as one of the top fashion and travel influencers in Southeast Asia with 523K followers on Instagram and growing.

What you can expect. Blessed with a natural style-savviness, Kim mixes and matches her outfits with finesse. Often dressed in local Filipino and Australian fashion, her #OOTD images could easily grace the covers of just about any magazine. Pair that with breathtaking travel snaps (we’re still gasping at those shots of Yosemite) and you start to see why she’s courted by a growing number of top brands.

Why we follow. Thanks to an insatiable lust for travel, Kim keeps us guessing where she’ll touch down next. Somehow she always manages to look impeccable and we can’t help but nix a few fashion tricks from this style maven.



The Stylish Jetsetters You Need to Follow | Instalove | Travelshopa

Yoyo Cao | @yoyokulala

About. Born in Macau but based in Singapore, Yoyo Cao is a fashion force to be reckoned with. The streetstyle muse’s unique and head-turning looks have been captured and documented all over the world – most notably by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist himself. She’s also the founder of cult fashion boutique Exhibit, whose second collection showed at Singapore Fashion Week 2015.

What you can expect. Leave it to Yoyo to keep our sartorial senses spinning. Her steady presence at all the major fashion weeks provides fashion observers with a constant channel of inspiring looks to model themselves after. She is a master at mixing high and low, expertly infusing designer items with a streetwear edge and is particular adept at balancing the masculine with the feminine.

Why we follow. We like someone who has fun with fashion and Yoyo’s dressing is playful and irreverent at times while being fierce and feminine at others. Try as hard as we might, we just can’t keep up with this savvy fashionista.



The Stylish Jetsetters To Follow | Instalove | Travelshopa

Marianna Jamadi | @nomadic_habit

About. The very definition of the word ‘nomad’, Marianna Jamadi leads a life most of us can only dream of. The photographer and creative storyteller is one half of El Camino Travel — a travel company peddling authentic travel experiences with depth and soul. The Finnish-Indonesian has backpacked around the world, documenting her travels through emotionally charged stories and vivid imagery.

What you can expect. Expect to be whisked away to faraway destinations like Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico City. Life through the lens of Mari is one of wild abandon, yet fortifying, uplifting and incredibly real.

Why we follow. Marianna’s stunning images surge with an incredible life force both warm and magnetic. Not to mention, Mari has got the fashion nomad look down pat (She swears by Matter Prints pants and scarves).

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