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Modernique | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa
Admit it. Though small in size, fashion accessories do pack a punch when it comes to defining a personal sense of style. A mere pair of shades, a bag, purse or shoes can amp up your outfit in a heartbeat.

In a city like Seoul, the variety of fashion accessories is limitless.

We came across a bevy of exquisite pieces – be it the edgy and unconventional designs or the traditional pieces made out of luxurious leather. We also found a boutique that carries eco-friendly and handmade accessories. Grab these gems and more in our guide to accessories in Seoul.



Gentle Monster 

A creative and edgy eyewear brand

404-5, Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul | Also available at various locations.

I think we can safely say that the unassuming pair of shades has come a long way, thanks to Gentle Monster. At first glance, the store looks like an art exhibition. A closer look and you’ll find an array of eyewear that combines experimental design with high functionality. For the edgiest of shades and frames, look no further. Even K-Pop stars and celebrities are donning these eye candies.

Gentlemonster | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa
Gentlemonster | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa


Little Farmers

Sustainable, handmade accessories

436-7 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Little Farmers is a sustainable accessory brand that uses eco-friendly materials made from recycled newspapers, magazines and natural crust leather processed in pure vegetable oil. The result is a range of handmade shoes, bags, wallets, handphone covers, watches, keychains, hats and pouches. They even carry a small range of Korean indie CDs and cool accessories. Head over to Ssamzie farmers next door for organic food and for some curious “poop bread”.

Little Farmers | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa
Little Farmers | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa

Little Farmers | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa



Bags with an edgy twist

2F 551-3 Sinsa-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

This fashion and lifestyle goods brand uses unconventional materials like metal, wood and leather. We’re guessing this is why their bags are adorned with alluring details – making it a must-have if you’re donning an outfit with a sleek and edgy twist. They even offer a collection of home accessories like tableware, kitchenware and decorative items.

Modernique | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa


Shana 8th Avenue

Contemporary leather bags for all ages

684-12, Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong, Seoul

Shana 8th Avenue creates leather handbags with love and passion and is perfect for mothers and daughters duos. Though touted as a contemporary leather bag brand, its timeless sensibility and vintage look attracts all ages. One thing we like about this brand – its variety of colours – fit for every occasion, mood and outfit. You’ll have to sneak a peek yourselves.

Shana 8th Avenue | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa



Designs that meld tradition with modernity

Itaewonno 54gil 40 (Hannam-dong 683-14) Yongsan-gu

Created by bag designer Cho Myeong-Hee, Storisac is a fun bag brand that melds tradition with modernity. These handcrafted bags are made from soft leather and adorned with traditional Hanegul patterns. The perfect souvenir to take back with you.

Storisac | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa
Storisac | Accessories in Seoul | Travelshopa


Accessories in Seoul

Men’s Fashion in Seoul

Men's Fashion in Seoul | What to buy | Travelshopa


If you’ve ever travelled to Seoul, you’ll realise that men in Seoul are always dressed to the nines. And thanks to the booming men’s fashion scene in Seoul – menswear ruled the runways at Seoul Fashion Week – it has opened up a plethora of men’s boutiques around the city with more options for you to choose from. From iconic street styles to dapper looks, we present to you our guide to Men’s Fashion in Seoul.



Beyond Closet

A play on preppy style

Available at various stockists.

Off the top of the list is Beyond Closet, one of Korea’s emerging menswear labels. Mixing traditional English and American fashion with a distinctive Korean aesthetic, you’ll discover practical yet sophisticated wears for work and play. The creative mind behind Beyond Closet, designer Tae Yong, impresses with his eloquent fabrics; infused with contemporary elements. Visit Beyond Closet for a play on preppy style and dandy looks. The brand is quite the institution itself, boasting many outlets around the city.

Beyond Closet | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa



A dynamic combination of contemporary art and youth culture

135-135 876-6 Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Founded in spring 2013, BLINDNESS represents the dynamic combination between contemporary art and youth culture, always exploring new concepts and themes. The collections are defined by a minimalist take – also their signature – on artworks and developed fabrics. Expect outerwear like coats, jackets, leather as well as shirts, sweatshirts and knitwear – all of which are clad in pastel palettes and earthy tones.

Blindness | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Joe’s Garage

Brands unfamiliar to locals

B1F, 5, Dongmak-ro 9-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Located in one of Seoul’s trendiest shopping districts, Joe’s Garage is truly a departure from the usual street style options. Touted as an American casual select shop, this premium denim store stocks Japanese brands unfamiliar to locals and offers Union Special hemming services. Among the denim labels include Toy’s McCoy, Champion, Studio D’Artisan, Samurai Jeans and First Arrows and Japanese magazines like Clutch, Lightning and 2nd.

 Joe's Garage | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
 Joe's Garage | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


MSK Shop

Multi-label with the best Korean brands

10 Nonhyeon-ro 161-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

If you desire to be on par with the latest trends but have no idea where to begin, we suggest paying a visit to MSK Shop. Stocking the best of the best, you’ll find Korean brands like Text Silence, SLWK, Maison Kitsune, Heich Es Heich and Heritage Floss, just to name a few.

MSK | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa



Streetstyle and workwear brands

642-12 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Another multi-label shop in the list is Ohkoos. Among streetwear staples, you’ll also uncover workwear from usual suspects like Nigel Cabourn, The Real McCoy’s, Anatomica, Black Sign, Big Union. Do check out their website for events like flea markets and exciting sales. The two-storey boutique is also filled with stylish home accessories. We defy you to leave this place empty-handed.

Ohkoos | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


San Francisco Market

An institution for menswear classics

Available at various locations.

Vintage lovers are in for a treat. Known as one of the oldest boutiques in town, San Francisco Market is an institution for menswear classics with reminiscent of a flea market in San Francisco – thus the moniker. The boutique stocks brands from around the globe – including the likes of Italy, USA, Japan, France and Korea. A classic favourite for those who value sleek lines and intricate craftsmanship.

San Francisco Market | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Second Move

Basic and minimalist fashion

685-13, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Second Move is a new move for men beyond the existing traditional menswear market. Men can treat themselves to seasonal pieces for every casual style – whether you’re hitting the clubs with the gang or off to a BBQ dinner. Prepare to also find a mix of functional, utilitarian clothing and inscrutable basics.

Second Move | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Sortie Seoul

A unique take on menswear


Accentuating a sense of youth and playfulness, Sortie Seoul mainly carries three brands – Eastlogue, Unaffected and Sortie Seoul. Fit for any style or occasion, this marketplace offers everything from neck vests, long shirts, weaving climbing pants, crewneck shirts, slant pocket jackets, collar shirts, knitwear to accessories like bucket hats, scarves and ties. It’s crucial to know that all these pieces a created with attention to detail and unique touches.

 Sortie Seoul | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
 Sortie Seoul | Men's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa

Men’s Fashion in Seoul

Women’s Fashion in Seoul

Women's Fashion in Seoul | Steve J & Yoni P | Travelshopa

The fashion in Seoul never disappoints. Don’t take our word for it – just look at the outstanding mix of Women’s Fashion brands we encountered. From a stunning mix of street-style pieces to chic casuals – and a hint of high fashion favourites, these are the hottest Women’s Fashion brands to know. Some are fresh off the runways of Seoul’s Fashion Week! It’s no wonder that people in Seoul are always dressed to the nines. Presenting our guide to Women’s Fashion in Seoul.




Street style at its best

L/5 Myeongdong Noon Square, 14, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

If you are all for donning a stunning street-style outfit, a visit to Alogon would suffice. Undecidedly edgy and sleek, you will find a selection of leather jackets, puff sleeve jackets, hooded sweaters and denim leggings, just to name a few. Alogon is the brand child of designer Yong Kyun Shin whose aesthetic stands out for the use of unusual combinations of fabrics, geometric silhouettes and bold prints.

Alogon | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
Alogon | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Grace Raiment

Chic, Neo-Minimalism Fashion

563-20 B1F, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

One of hottest indie brands in K-town, Grace Raiment exudes freshness and a quiet edginess. It is evident that designer Kim So Jung has a creative flair for chic, neo-minimalist fashion. The SS16 collection offers oversized trench coats, padded jumpers, and vests, knitted cardigans, pleated jackets – perfect for work and the weekend.

 Grace Raiment | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
 Grace Raiment | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa



Minimalist fashion with a twist

Stocked at S Style Contemporary | Shinsegae Department Store

Based on the principle foundation of femininity, LEYII illuminates an understated yet powerful attitude for all women. The minimal yet contemporary designs are a manifestation of a well-balanced composition of experimental patterns and details. A sophisticated palette of muted tones of neutrals and subtle pop of colour can be found in these pieces. Designer Seunghee Lee has created quite an impact on the fashion scene by debuting in London Fashion week back in 2009 to showcasing her collection at the New York Fashion week in 2015.

LEYII | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
LEYII | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Lucky Chouette

Accessible and wearable fashion

Available at various locations.

One of the more wearable fashions during Seoul Fashion Week, Lucky Chouette brings forth a range of edgy to playful styles to suit every mood. Fresh from the runway, their SS16 collection, Bon Voyage, sees a mix of colour in loose-fitting silhouettes. If you see yourself as a global smart shopper, Lucky Chouette is the place to be.

Lucky Chouette | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
Lucky Chouette | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


Steve J & Yoni P

Preppy with an edge

534-24,Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul | 685-12 Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Designer duo Steve J and Yoni P draw inspiration from British street-style and cleverly change it up to suit the Korean market. The result is a show-stopping scene of modish pieces clad in stripes, plaids, lace, and leather – and of course, a burst of colourful prints and patterns from their eponymous label. This is preppy with an edge.

Steve J & Yoni P | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
Steve J & Yoni P | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa


We11 Done

80s retro is back

Available at Rare Market.

The purveyors of Seoul’s coolest concept store, Rare Market bring us an exciting in-house fashion brand. We11 Done is a blast from the past – featuring the return of 80s retro. We’re talking oversized trench coats, textured wide legged pants in various prints and the mish-mash of velvets, floral prints, leather, stripes, and glitter. These pieces can be purchased at Rare Market but word has it that they will launch their e-commerce shop later this year.

We11 Done | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa
We11 Done | Women's Fashion in Seoul | Travelshopa

Women’s Fashion in Seoul

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