Guide to Shopping in Moss Vale

Moss Vale may be known as Southern Highlands’ rural centre but that’s not stopping this breath-taking neighbourhood from carrying some of the best local shopping boutiques you’ll find. From crafts supplies to local designer items, stunning nurseries to antique collectables, shopping in Moss Vale is surely going to be a delightful experience for all.

Suzie Anderson Home | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Image: Suzie Anderson Home

Green Bridge Studios

Hand picked and hand dyed yarns for weaving and knitting

Your go-to spot for contemporary art, crafts and supplies, Green Bridge Studios is best for those who are looking to traditional techniques in craft with contemporary materials and modern inspiration. The shop is filled with contemporary art, crafts and supplies made and sourced locally and abroad by Harriet Goodall and Natalie Miller. Make an appointment to visit the shop or attend a weaving workshop. You’re bound to leave with a wonderful new talent such as basket weaving or macramé.

430 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577


Green Bridge Studios | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa
Green Bridge Studios | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Made by Others

A colourful mix of local designer items

An exciting range of work from Australian and international designers awaits you at Made by Others. The multi-label mini emporium carries a unique collection of original paintings, prints, textiles, jewellery, object design, lighting and more. Take a break with a hot cuppa, tea or pastries at a communal table set right in the middle of the shop.

2/366 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Made by Others | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa
Made by Others | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Mount Murray

A nursery with a passion for plants

A nursery with a passion for plants, The Mount Murray nursery supplies cool climate trees, shrubs, maples, trees, conifers, fruiting plants and climbers, just to name a few, that are suited to the Highlands and surrounding areas. All staff have a vast range of experience in numerous areas of Horticulture so you’re in good hands. Green thumb or not, a visit to Mount Murray is sure to enlighten the gardener in you.

LOT 1 Old Dairy Cl, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mount Murray Nursery | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Rabbit Trap Timber

Customisable furniture made from recycled timbers

Inspired by simple classic designs, Rabbit Trap Timber offers furniture handcrafted from beautifully aged recycled timbers. This farmhouse and industrial style furniture and homewares shop also give you the choice to design and customise your own pieces. Also take some time to browse their range of share platters, chopping boards, reindeer hides, pony rider cushions and textiles, Icelandic sheepskins, baskets, woven pendant lights, antique timber bowls and kilim rugs.

430 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Rabbit Trap Timber | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa
Rabbit Trap Timber | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Suzie Anderson Home

Classic European furnishings with Belgian influences

Born out of love for collecting beautiful European furnishings, Suzie Anderson Home is now a must-visit for its classic collection of furniture, furnishings, lighting, homewares and more. Carefully curated with a distinct and timeless colour palette of whites, greens, browns, greys, blues and black, in recent years a Belgian influence has been introduced, adding a more contemporary, masculine balance to Suzie’s keen eye for rustic collections.

409-411 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577

Suzie Anderson Home | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

The Green House

Vintage gardenalia, antiques, art, books and gifts

Founded by the creators of The Potting Shed in Bowral, The Green House offers vintage wares for your garden and home, as well as gifts like books, art and collectables. The garden section also offers a wide range of cold climate perennials and herbs.

247 Argyle St, Moss Vale NSW 2577

The Green House | Shopping in Moss Vale | Travelshopa

Green Bridge Studios

Made by Others

Mount Murray

Rabbit Trap Timber

Suzie Anderson Home

The Green House

Harriet Goodall

Curiosity, a little luck and a whole lot of creativity ultimately propelled HARRIET GOODALL into the world of weaving and basketry. Today this nature lover is an acclaimed Australian sculptor and fibre artist who has been commissioned by clients all around the world. Those who have known ‘Hat’ from a young age will agree that she was destined to live a very creative and wholesome life. Here, Harriet opens up about her journey so far, design process and what truly makes her happy.

Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa

All image by Kara Rosenlund supplied by Harriet Goodall

You grew up in Young and were schooled in Sydney. What happened thereafter and how did you move to the Southern Highlands?

I dived into my Communications degree straight out of school then worked for years in Sydney, London and Edinburgh in media, production and events for companies like Channel 4, MTV, Metropolis Recording Studios, The Edinburgh International Festival and finally The Sydney Olympics Ceremonies Production team so I got a great grounding in fast-paced business communications.

I met my now husband in late 2000 and we lived right on Bronte Beach in Sydney for two years where I retrained as an English language teacher for adults. After that, we travelled on a shoestring to some of the most remote places in the world collecting textiles along the way and when we returned home we started a small fair-trade business working with indigenous women in the Andes and Argentina selling their naturally dyed textiles all over Australia. We wanted to live out of town on a farm and the Southern Highlands is an easy day trip for meetings and markets in Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong. Also, my family are all within an hour.

How did you start out in weaving/basketry?

When I stopped working to have our first child, I was hungry for something creative to keep me busy and I went along to a free-form weaving class at Sturt Craft Centre in Mittagong – I just never stopped and it organically grew into a business with the support of some very good friends and a little well-timed magazine editorial.

Your creations are fascinating. Could you please describe your design process?

The process is the same if I am making a commission for a commercial or residential client or an interior designer – the design is collaborative. Usually, they approach me as they like work I have made in the past so we use that as a springboard to come up with something new. I ask the client to send me shots of the space or plans as a reference and talk with them about what they have envisaged.

I have an array of weaving techniques I can refer to and I use the basic design elements of material, line, shape, colour, dimension, transparency and texture to create a design which we agree on before I quote. If I am making a sculpture it is a little bit less pinned-down but I still work with reference images, dimensions and texture etc Every time I make something I embed myself deeper into the process and learn more about my materials.

What do you do/where do you go when you feel uninspired?

I’m busy and there’s so much I want to do still so I am nearly always feeling inspired. Art galleries and museums are an absolute treat and if I stumble on an inspiring exhibition there is no better buzz – particularly when travelling. I also go to nature for recharge and refocus. A lot of my materials need to be harvested so I have a good excuse to get out there.

How do you start your day?

Truthfully today I started with 40 minutes of laptop yoga in the garden under the tulip tree, near my beehives ( It was so, so good – until the dogs came and jumped on me. It is my intention to be a little more ritualistic about that but in reality, we have family morning household chaos of lost socks and feeding poddy calves and finishing homework until I drop the kids off at school and I enjoy a reset when I get a coffee at Highlands Merchant across the road from my studio. Then I head in and turn on the heater and get going by 9am with whatever project I am working on. Every day is different.

What has been the biggest highlight in business?

Being paid to travel to remote communities and teach at stunning retreats: I have been invited to outback QLD, Katharine in the Northern Territory, The Great Barrier Reef, New Zealand, Bali, Poland, the USA three times. Next year I will teach at textile retreats at Bambu Indah – John Hardy’s amazing bamboo retreat in Bali and an eco-lodge in northern Vietnam. We will be weaving with minority tribes in both places.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Indigenous weavers all over the world. I have a special interest in working collaboratively with traditional artisans to contemporise their crafts and bring them to a wider audience.

Business success is…

sustainability: putting enough food on the table for my children and leaving them a world that is no worse than the one I have lived in. Also not having to go and get a ‘real job’. Ha!

If you were not a sculptor and fibre artist, what would you be doing?

Enjoying a salary! Unless I was farming alongside my husband.

Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa
Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa

Art galleries and museums are an absolute treat and if I stumble on an inspiring exhibition there is no better buzz – particularly when travelling. I also go to nature for recharge and refocus.

How would you describe the style/vibe of the Southern Highlands?

Green, creative, multi-layered and a little bit fancy.

What is your favourite thing about the Southern Highlands?

The rainforest escarpment – we can see the ocean from our farm and swim in a waterfall 5 mins from the house. The sense of community is strong and the schools are very special.

Besides your creative friends at Green Bridge Studios (Natalie Miller Design and Rabbit Trap Timber), which local designers/creatives do you admire and why?

There’s a clothing designer Zoe Georgiou who has a store at The Mill in Bowral with classic shirts, dresses and jumpers and she makes everything herself – literally – she even sews the jeans – it’s very possible the woman never sleeps!

What is your top style tip?

Be kind to yourself.

Where is on the top of your travel bucket list?

The Venice Biennale (but a weekend in Hobart at MONA might be the next best thing.)

Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa
Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa

Shop The Story

Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa

Harriet Goodall

Antique Style Secateurs
Harriet Goodall | Australian Sculptor and Fibre Artist | Travelshopa

Harriet Goodall

Seagrass Rope

“Harriet Goodall – dream weaver” by Annette Cohen

A Taste of the Autumn Affordable Art Fair

As the name suggests, the Affordable Art Fair aims to make art accessible and as welcoming as possible, throwing art elitism out of the window, and ensuring that everyone can fall in love with art. Over the next three days, the Affordable Art Fair will paint Singapore pink for with its Autumn edition. Featuring a wide range of contemporary art by more than 500 new and emerging artists from 70 local, regional and international galleries all priced between $100 and $15,000 with 75% of the art being offered at under $7,500. Highlights of this edition are the new #Spotlight showcase, the expansion of its multi-disciplinary art installations, new media works, and for the first time, a Virtual Reality (VR) experience to raise funds for The John Fawcett Foundation. Here, the Fair's Director, Alan Koh, shares his top picks for affordable limited edition prints to give you a taste of what’s to come.

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

1. Art Forum

Yeo Shih Yun
Altitude, 2008
Acrylic and ink on paper
59 x 42 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

2. Gallery M

Me Hye Choi
Wait for the wind, 2010
Oil on canvas
91 x 65.2 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

3. Tasveer Gallery

Michael Kenna
Lake Bridge, Hongkun, Anhui, China, 2008
Silver Gelatin Print ed of 45
8 x 8 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

4. LYNN Fine Art Gallery

JeonYong Hwan
Transforming Cycles-2, 2017
107 x 107 x 15 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

5. Mookji Art Collaboration

Fidia Falaschetti
Pink Freaky Mouse, 2017
Aluminium varnished resin, 2 of 5
50 x 80 x 40 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

6. Lakeer

Fiona Koh
Fishmonger’s Dream 2017
Acrylic & Oil on Treated Newsprint
58 x 35 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

7. Roleco Fine Art

He Junyi
Skull no 3, 2013
Oil on canvas
95 x 95 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

8. Artemiss Contemporary

Anne Gabrielle Califf
Raphael, 2017
Mixed Media
100 x 100 cm

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

9. TAG Fine Arts

Gonkar Gyatso
Grey Tara, 2017
Mixed media and silkscreen print, Ed of 50
80 x 58.5cm
$1700 Unframed

A Taste of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore Autumn 2017 | Travelshopa

10. Spence Gallery

Ross Bonfanti
Bouquet, 2017
Found objects and acrylic
8 x 13 x 5 cm

Shopping in Bowral

The largest town in Southern Highlands, Bowral bears historic establishments, alluring gardens, eclectic eateries, wineries and markets, there’s little wonder why many Sydney-siders have their weekend retreats at Bowral. The shopping in Bowral offers a vast and diverse curation of brands from Australia and around the globe, as well as the wares of many local creatives. Most shops are known as mini emporiums, featuring everything from homewares and fashion labels to irresistible gems. Here are our pick of the stand-out shops in Bowral that you must visit when you are in town.

Shopping in Bowral | Guide | Travelshopa

Image: The Potting Shed


A luxury lifestyle store featuring international and local brands

Whether you’re looking for gifts, fashion or homewares, Babilonia has it all. The luxury lifestyle store, housed in a charming cottage on Boolwey Street, is the epitome of country sophistication. The store has also built a reputation for quality design elements in home fragrances, women’s fashion, jewellery and homewares in trendy as well as classic styles. Expect Australian and international brands such as Cire Trudon scented candles from Paris, Post & Co leather belts from Italy, and Bouviet Jewellery from Australia.

21 Boolwey Street, Bowral, NSW 2576 | Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm; Sat: 10am – 5pm; Sun: 10am – 3pm

Babilonia | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa
Babilonia | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Barbara’s Storehouse

Mid-century modern, nautical and vintage furniture and home décor

Barbara’s Storehouse offers an eclectic mix of mid-century modern, nautical and vintage furniture and home décor. The team makes it a point to constantly change the stock so that every shopping experience is unique and different. Buyers also travel to South-East Asia every year to source new products, keeping their range fresh and interesting. Wicker chairs, ceramic bowls, reclaimed tables and framed prints are some highlights.

284 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576

Barbara’s Storehouse | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa
Barbara’s Storehouse | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Cloth & General

An exquisite edit of homewares, fashion and accessories

Cloth & General is exactly as it sounds – a lifestyle concept store that offers an exquisite edit of clothing and general items, including gifts and homewares from all over the world. Despite the eclectic mix of products, each piece has one thing in common: they are treasured items, specially handpicked for their simple design philosophy of beauty, form and function. Cloth & General offers fashion and homewares that are both beautiful and inspiring and spread a lovely relaxing vibe.An array of brands like Paul & Joe, A.B, Lee Mathews, Rabens Saloner, Tine K, Wonki Ware and Towels from The Beach People is just a small teaser of what you’ can expect.

1/23 Boolwey Street, Bowral NSW 2576


Cloth & General | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Cookshop Plus

Stylish and affordable dining and entertaining essentials

Cooking enthusiasts are in for a treat at Cookshop Plus. The emphasis of this shop is the kitchen with a strong focus on the essentials needed in both the home and commercial arena. As the name suggests, this shop offers a full range of stylish, high quality and affordable dining, entertaining essentials and hostess gifts.

340 Bong Bong Street, Bowral NSW 2576

Cookshop Plus | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa
Cookshop Plus | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Dirty Jane's

Vintage shoppers’ paradise

No visit to the Southern Highlands is complete unless you drop by Dirty Janes. Vintage and antique lovers be warned, you might just fall head over heels at Dirty Janes. Offering ‘The Best in Vintage’, Dirty Janes consists of two sections: Dirty Janes Emporium and Dirty Janes Antique Market run by a father-daughter team with a passion for imported European and American antiques. The emporium offers antique furniture, lighting, décor items and other preloved home furnishings, while the antique market is a massive warehouse hosting more than 70 independent dealers peddling vintage pieces that range from art deco to country styles.

13-15 Banyette St, Bowral NSW 2576


Dirty Janes | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa
Dirty Janes | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Quirkee Birds

Multi-label boutique specialising in edgy street wear

Multi-label boutiques are always great finds, no matter which part of the world you’re in and Quirkee Birds is evidence of that. Featuring a wide range of labels from Europe, the Americas and Australia, the store specialises in edgy street wear by labels such as Nolita, Odd Molly, Maison Scotch, Hunky Dory, American Vintage, and Australia’s Juicy Bear and Mela Purdie. Quirkee Birds also has an online store called Born Again Fashion, which allows users to buy and sell preloved luxury fashion at bargain prices.

372 Bong Bong Street, Bowral, NSW 2576

Quirkee Birds | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

The Bookshop Bowral

A boutique bookshop with hard-to-find titles

For over 20 years, the Bowral Bookshop (formerly known as Angus & Robertson) has been enticing bookworms with their massive range of carefully curated, hard-to-find out-of-stock titles and gems for your bookshelf. The cosy bookshop, which acts more like a library than a shop, has become quite an establishment in the Bowral precinct, inviting readers near and far to pick up a book or stay for hours.

311 Bong Bong St, Bowral NSW 2576

Bowral Bookshop | Indie Bookstores in Sydney | Travelshopa
Bowral Bookshop | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

The Potting Shed

Specialised in vintage garden furniture

New kid on the block is The Potting Shed. This divine garden and homewares edit in Bong Bong Street specialises in topiary, heirloom perennials and edibles as well as vintage garden furniture, decorative gates, pots and architectural pieces. You’ll find the space in the courtyard in front of Dirty Janes. Why not take the opportunity to grab a delicious HIghlands meal at Harry’s on Green Lane while you are there. Beside experiencing outstanding the food, your eyes will also be in for a feast with the perfectly styled space that takes you back to yesteryear like nowhere else.

15-17 Banyette St, Bowral NSW 2576

The Potting Shed | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

The Press Shop

More than a lovely little cafe in Bowral

The Press Shop is where a design studio and print studio meets letterpress stationery store and a delicious cafe. Sip a cup of freshly brewed 5 Senses Coffee and enjoy a sweet treat while watching the family of vintage presses (the oldest dates back to 1893) print the beautifully old-fashioned way. You won’t escape without taking some of their beautifully crafted products.

391-397 Bong Bong Street, Bowral 2576 NSW

Dirty Janes | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa
Dirty Janes | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Three Wise Monkeys

Bursts of colourful fashion and home accessories

Experience a visual extravaganza of treasures and pleasures like jewellery, ornaments, textiles, beadwork and adornments and a small collection of womenswear sourced from faraway places at Three Wise Monkeys. All items are globally sourced, handmade, unique and ethical.

312 Bong Bong Street, Bowral NSW 2576

Three Wise Monkeys | Shopping in Bowral | Travelshopa

Bowral Bookshop

Barbara’s Storehouse


Cloth & General

Cookshop Plus

Dirty Janes

Quirkee Birds

The Potting Shed

Three Wise Monkeys

Shopping Precincts in the Southern Highlands

Located approximately 100 kilometres south-west of Sydney in regional NSW lies the Southern Highlands; a quaint, piece of regional NSW with plenty to offer. Its sweeping landscape and scenery, nature reserves, cool climate, pretty villages and stunning gardens make for a great weekend retreat. But do not be deceived by the region's chilled vibe. All the towns and villages that most associate with the Southern Highlands - Mittagong, Bowral, Berrima, Moss Vale, Robertson, Sutton Forest, Exeter and Bundanoon - have their own unique character and attractions that are worth visiting, and shopping. However, the shops and galleries in four of these towns offer an eclectic mix of vintage pieces, antiques, curiosities, and timeless fashion waiting to be explored.

Shopping Precincts in Southern Highlands | Travelshopa


Recognised as a well-preserved example of a Georgian village, Berrima gives you more than a piece of history. The charming strip offers a unique shopping experience for the whole family. Visit one of its many galleries, craft shops, boutiques, speciality shops, bookstores or gift shops and you’ll be sure to take home some authentic country Australian goods.

Guide to shopping in Berrima – coming soon


The largest of the towns in the Highlands is Bowral. It has plenty of boutiques along the main strip and side streets featuring Australian artefacts and interesting curiosities. Most shops carry a mix of homewares, apparel and accessories so you could satisfy your shopping fix in one destination.

Read the Guide to shopping in Bowral


Mittagong promises the perfect dose of sightseeing and shopping amidst colonial sandstone buildings, picturesque parks and gorgeous Mittagong markets. Start your day with a stroll along one of its reserves or tranquil vineyards followed by shopping at Main and Victoria Street. You’ll discover a treasure trove of collectables to take home.

Guide to shopping in Mittagong – coming soon

Moss Vale

Known as the Southern Highlands’ rural centre, Moss Vale is home to livestock sale yards, farm markets and agricultural shows. The tree-lined streets offer plenty to see and do. Indulge in a local food and wine trail or unwind at a café in town. Just like the other regions, Moss Vale also features a diverse range of shops with local designer items and labels from around the globe to beautify your home and wardrobe.

Guide to shopping in Moss Vale – coming soon



Moss Vale


The Ethiopian Collections, Marilyn Tan

The Ethiopian Collections | Marilyn Tan | Travelshopa

Singapore-based jewellery designer MARILYN TAN puts travel and colour at the heart of her latest work, The Ethiopian Collections

The ancient civilisation of Ethiopia is probably not high on many bucket lists, but it was certainly on the list of award-winning jewellery designer Marilyn Tan. Marilyn has always had an unquenchable thirst for unique travel and was curious as to why Ethiopia was the only country in Africa that has never been colonised.

Over the last five years, travel has taken a back seat as Marilyn has put all her energy into building her namesake jewellery business. Marilyn promised herself that 2017 was the year she would start adventure travel again, and her long-time travel companion knew this promise so booked an adventure.

In January 2017, Marilyn returned from her trip to Ethiopia with a head full of unforgettable experiences and a wealth of local knowledge. And of course a heart full of inspiration. The Ethiopian’s use of gold is what struck Marilyn. She was determined to use the colours of the sunsets and raw terrain in her future designs, and desperately wanted to experiment with the Ethiopian Opal from the Welo mine.

"A Marilyn Tan piece tells the story of a journey, of paths less travelled. It speaks to the pleasures of discovery, the joy in the unexpected — just because.” Marilyn Tan

Seeking inspiration in the architecture, animals, festivals, religion, food, coffee, and of course the lovely gentle, friendly people, what followed was a full night of work, and the ID Collection was born and completed, based on the brand ID marks she has seen in the National Museum of Ethiopia. The rest of the collection came in the following days. Like all Marilyn Tan collections, this one too tells “the story of a journey, of paths less travelled” and as she explains her creations “speak to the pleasures of discovery, the joy in the unexpected”.

Although the ID Collection may be considered a significant departure from Marilyn’s typical style and work, it still displays the bold, unconventional, adventurous, and edgy traits of her work, and is undeniably inspired by the raw and rugged nature and architecture of diverse and vibrant Ethiopia.

This collection is made up of six sub-collections making it suited to any woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and she who is confident in her way of life.

The Ethiopian Collections are available at TANGS and the Marilyn Tan showroom.

The Ethiopian Collections | Marilyn Tan | Travelshopa

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