How to Make Bulletproof Matcha

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Matcha (green tea powder) is an amazing alternative to coffee that provides ten times the antioxidants of normal green tea. The caffeine in matcha is a source of nutritional energy, therefore the body’s reaction to the caffeine in matcha is very different to that of coffee and energy drinks. When caffeine binds with the antioxidants it slows down the release of caffeine into the bloodstream, creating a longer amount of sustained energy (4-6 hours) as opposed to coffee in 1 hour. Matcha also helps reduce anxiety, jitters, and insomnia, and increase your metabolism and fat burning power.

The highest quality matcha is exclusively grown and produced in the rolling hills of Uji, in the ancient city of Kyoto, where Hibiki-an is located. Hibiki-an is known for its amazing service, reasonable shipping, and the quality is outstanding.

Here is Kaitie Manani’s favourite bulletproof matcha that she drinks every day for breakfast.


1 1/2tsp matcha (house or celebration)

1 1/2 x cups of hot water

2 x tsp of coconut butter

1 x tsp almond or cashew butter

1/4 tsp fresh vanilla bean paste

1 x tsp of collagen protein

1/4 teaspoon of holy basil powder

1/2 tsp of macca powder


Blend all the ingredients in a Vitamax for 45 seconds

In Bloom

Spring has most certainly sprung in the Southern Hemisphere, and we welcome a new season of trends together with a much-needed closet overhaul. The thought of spring has always been synonymous with all things floral but your outfit need not scream in full bloom from head to toe. Instead, opt for a medley of soft floral prints and muted blue, pink and violet hues. Subtle yet superbly chic!

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Jaase Aurora Paige Ruffle Top | | In Bloom | What to Wear | Travelshopa

Jaase Aurora Paige Ruffle Top

Mickeys Essential Work Dress | Glenmore House | In Bloom | What to Wear | Travelshopa

Glenmore House

Mickeys Essential Work Dress

Trebene Classic Violet Cashmere Silk Scarf | Ling Wu | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Ling Wu

Trebene Classic Violet Cashmere Silk Scarf

Browns Pants | A. Browns & Co | In Bloom | What to Wear | Travelshopa

A. Browns & Co

Browns Pants

Olivia Burton Parlour Bee Blooms Grey & Rose Gold Watch | Eclecticism | In Bloom | What to Wear | Travelshopa


Olivia Burton Parlour Bee Blooms Grey & Rose Gold Watch

Brodie Linen/Cotton Mix Shirt in Dusty Blue | frockk | In Bloom | What to Wear | Travelshopa


Brodie Linen/Cotton Mix Shirt in Dusty Blue

Back to Nature

Whether it is the soothing sounds or calming atmosphere of the woods, going back to nature has never-ending positives to keep you rejuvenated. If retreating to a tree house by a lake or a cabin in the woods is out of reach at the moment, why not bring a little part of nature at home? Go back to nature with these outdoor-inspired furniture and home décor made with a wealth of recycled teak and oak, as well as tan colours and textures to remind you of the woods.

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Cushion Velvet 3D Plaid Ribbon Taupe/Oyster | White Contemporary Homewares | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

White Contemporary Homewares

Cushion Velvet 3D Plaid Ribbon Taupe/Oyster

Nagoya Teak TV Unit | The Shophouse | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

The Shophouse

Nagoya Teak TV Unit

Leather Plant Hanger | The Wishlane | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

The Wishlane

Leather Plant Hanger

College Sofa | Journey East | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Journey East

College Sofa

Leika High Stool | | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa


Leika High Stool

Naomi Coffee Table | Ethnicraft Online Singapore | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Ethnicraft Online

Naomi Coffee Table

Maritime Tray Table with Sika (Small) | Teak & Mahogany | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Teak & Mahogany

Maritime Tray Table with Sika (Small)

Weave Hurricane Lantern | Departures & Arrivals | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Departures & Arrivals

Weave Hurricane Lantern

Deep Wood Frame Mirror | My Island Home | Back to Nature | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

My Island Home

Deep Wood Frame Mirror

Glamorous Giving’s Style Report

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Image: Aquariva

September is all about fresh starts, a new season, and of course the latest in style - fashion, accessories and homewares - making it the perfect time of the year for the eighth edition of Singapore’s clearance sale GLAMOROUS GIVING. End of line, end of season and sample stock do not mean ‘out’ of style. Instead think of them as timeless, classic pieces purchased in support of the Singapore Committee for UN Women. With 2 full days to shop more than 55 of Singapore's top independent local brands, designers and boutiques at UP TO 80% off, you won't want to miss out! In this Glamorous Giving Style Report you can find a run down of what styles to expect and just some of the brands to keep an eye out for.

Aussie Fashion

Celebrate Australian fashion no matter your vibe: perennial holiday luxury, urban chic, business as usual or indie trendsetter. The latest curated collections from the likes of The Well Dressed Society (pictured) and The Wyld Shop will cater to all your needs. Expect everything from exaggerated wide legged pants, lace asymmetrical dresses, must-have mirrored sunnies, slogan tees and day-to-night rompers, all of which are sure to become your future closet classics.

Long & Layered

The long and layered skirt may come and go, but this season designers have restructured this returning wardrobe favourite to be more fluid, feminine and elegant. Expect midis to be a hit, tiers to make a comeback and a modest maxi to be worn by all ages. Turn to Apparella (pictured) for a selection of off-duty dresses and skirts with a touch of utilitarianism as well as event newcomers Shopping at Tiffany’s and Simone Irani.

Print on Print

Prints are a classic and they always will be “in” style. Be it graphic, retro, floral, or a mix. Head to toe print does not have to be daunting. Keep the colour palette fresh and tonal so that the print is not overbearing, and add classic accessories. Some brands to keep in mind for a statement print are Indii Breeze, Attaby and Aquariva (pictured).

Activewear is here to stay

The fact that activewear or ‘athleisure’ has been defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and for general use” tells us that it is here to stay. If you are late to the party, or in need of few new outfits, be sure to stop by the lovely ladies at Inzone5, Base Athletica and Haute Mango.

The Power of Beads

As Iris Apfel says “More is more and less is a bore”, this life mantra should also extend to accessorising. Some of the world’s most stylish share the same philosophy, so why can’t you. A statement necklace adds punch to a soft neckline or a splash of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Shop this power piece at Stones the Rock (pictured), Lil Jewellery, Envy Jewellery, Woonhung and more.

The IT Bag

The latest IT bag must go to the Prene bag. Made from perforated neoprene (basically, a wetsuit), these versatile bags are a must in every colour. Currently sold out by Love-Style-Fashion (pictured) we are secretly hoping they make the line up at Glamorous Giving. While you are browsing for bags you’ll need to meet Just Gaya‘s, Louise Boutique and House of Sheens as well as Desti Saint Handbags for their beautiful collections of one off clutches and purses.

Shoe of the Season

They say shoes make the outfit, and this season is no different. From the elevated espadrille to the strappy sandal, we like our shoes to be comfortable. You may think of the espadrille as a humble staple for the summer, reserved for picnics and beach days, but the casual go-to is the perfect companion from dawn to dusk. If you prefer a classic ballet flat or strappy sandal, don’t fret, you will find them too. Keep it timeless, versatile and adaptable with brands such as Ria Menorca SEA, Sole 2 Sole, House of Sheens and Cote and Badt (pictured).


Pretty Porcelain

The first signs of, what later became know as, “chinoiserie” in the west date back to the 17th century. Ever since, Western designers have been incorporating the look into their own designs. These days you’re likely to spot ginger jars, garden stools or lacquered tables even in modern homes. If you looking to infuse a bit of Eastern-inspired flair in you home, make sure you visit China Collection, Fairprice Antique, Red Brush Art (pictured) and Hacienda Blue.

Little Loves

Kids also deserve threads help them express their unique personality and identify. What’s more is that there their ‘style directors’ are becoming increasingly keen on straying from the cookie cut looks of high street brands. For the cutest #kidsfashion on the island look no further than new brand Copenhagen Delights , as well as old favourites Emma Laue Children (pictured), Apple Tree Children’s Wear, Little Friends by Lamasso, and Roses & Rhinos.

Colours of the Season

The new season calls for a rich colour palette of navy, olive green and burgundy. Feel the coziness of fall by adding hints of blush pink, oatmeal and cream to pare down the intensity of these new hues. Call into Jasper Living (pictured) for a cool kaftan that is so versatile is won’t matter what season you are in. Add textured layers on cooler days and throw it over a body con full piece for a balmy night.

If you only buy one thing...

This season’s must have is a pair of vintage-inspired silk pyjamas in a refined colour palette from MAISONZHOU. Cut from the brand’s signature luxurious fabrics – stretch-silk – for a super-flattering fit, these pyjamas are of the utmost quality. Think modern yet grownup, comfortable yet feminine, sensual yet appropriate, and of course beautiful. Get to know the brand at Glamorous Giving.

Explore more about Glamorous Giving 8

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10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 9 Sep 2017
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Decorating with Rugs

Interior stylist Nina Beale from Bungalow 55 knows a thing or two about completing a room. A rug is always included in her designs, no matter the season or location. Here she shares her top tips when decorating with rugs.

Rugs and carpet are a big investment and will be part of your interior decoration for a long time. In my opinion, flooring should not be a fashion statement, it should be timeless. As a result, I prefer simple style rugs in indoor living & bedrooms areas, to provide a neutral contrast to soft furnishings whilst creating a serene & relaxed atmosphere. Also living areas need to be considered as high traffic areas with children and pets and so the style of fibre rug will also come in to play.

Add colour & pattern

I recommend incorporating colour and pattern on the floor in hallways, entrances, play rooms, bathrooms or staircases as they hold their own in these type of spaces and you’re not working around them to decorate.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Mix it up

Rugs on wooden flooring or marble provide a more contemporary look vs wall to wall carpet. Don’t be afraid to mix textures on a rug – put a leather border with a natural fibre for example.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bedroom rules

In a bedroom if the tone is grey, then I would recommend a rug in the same colour to provide consistency with the whole room. It is important to make sure that the rug covers half of the bed and comes out far enough each side that you step on to the rug when you are getting out of it. The rug should also come past the end of the bed.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Tips for the kitchen

Adding a rug in to a kitchen adds variation to it and makes it less sterile. A patterned rug also makes a kitchen fluid and stylish. In the open plan design of most apartments/homes, it means you no longer need that tradition of placing a rug under the dining table. This makes smaller open living/dining areas seem larger. I prefer to centre a dining table in open plan living with a hanging pendant light.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Size matters

The size of the rug plays a large part in grounding the room. If you purchase a rug that is too small then it makes the overall room look small. In a living room, the rug defines the conversation area and it should be large enough so all the chairs/ottomans are included so that at least the front legs of the furniture are on it. If you are in a rental a good way to trick the size is to buy 2 smaller rugs and place them together to create a larger mass area.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Layer them

Layering rugs is a short term fix for those that have a low boredom threshold (like myself). I love using cowhide rugs or striped rugs over natural flooring to add some texture and pattern (shape of the rug).

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

A final thought...

Finally I always recommend placing an underlay under the rugs to provide a more plush feel, it also helps anchor the rug to prevent it from slipping and keeps the rug cleaner for longer in the tropics. The type of underlay you use is important so that it does not absorb water from the humid air. Absorption of water means the dust and dirt will stain the rug requiring more professional cleaning maintenance.

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

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Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Denim Rug Diamond Ivory Woven Rug

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Regatta Stripe

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Cottage Stripe French Blue

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Wave Natural Sisal Rug

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Denim Rug Diamond Ivory Woven Rug

Decorating with Rugs | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Zebra Tufted Wool Rug

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