A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

If you love a good bargain, you need to diarise the semi-annual fashion and homewares clearance sale. Glamorous Giving is back with its 11th edition this week, February 20-21, in support of the Singapore Committee for UN Women. Glamorous Giving is filled with thousands of products from 60 brilliant local designers and independent boutiques all on sale, marked to clear. To prepare you for this shopping extravaganza, here is a sneak peek at 10 of the showcasing brands - some new, some old favourites.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Stones that Rock, Jewellery

Glamorous Giving organisers, Stones That Rock, will have a fabulous selection of past collection, sample and end of line jewellery for sale. Their statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals will all be on sale, marked to clear – starting as low as $5.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

WoonHung, Jewellery

Sustainable jewellery brand WoonHung returns to Glamorous Giving with an elegant and modern range of jewellery that is built on the pillars of renewability, sustainability, Cottage industries and traditional craft. Each piece of every collection utilises natural materials and the skill of traditional jewellery makers and craftspeople of Cebu. Keep your eye peeled for past season designs at up to 80% off.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Desti Saint, Handbags

Desti Saint is a well-known handbag brand that is aimed at fashion-conscious women who value quality and are looking for something a little bit different. The focus is on the use of rich-looking fabrics to create unique handbags that are comfortable to wear, practical to use and beautiful to look at. The eclectic collection includes handbags, leather wallets and travel folders, metallic-leather tassel bags, plaited resin bags and gorgeous evening bags. Desti Saint will be offering great savings on end of line, sample and past season collection pieces.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

The Missing Piece, Fashion

Introducing The Missing Piece a homegrown brand with stylish, flattering and comfortable clothes for real women and their families. They will be offering discounts of 20-50% on past collection pieces. There will be limited stock, so if cheongsams (with mini-me options) are your jam get in quick.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Chagaan, Fashion & Homewares

Glamorous Giving is excited to welcome Chagaan to its first Glamorous Giving. Chagaan burst into the Singapore shopping scene in 2017 with its pure Mongolian cashmere blankets, throws, shawls and accessories. Pieces of timeless elegance and matchless quality will be discounted by 15-30% for the 2 days only.

What's coming to Glamorous Giving this spring | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

The Tui Collection, Shoes

Introducing The Tui Collection, a beautiful collection of unique, handmade shoes and accessories, that has design, craftsmanship, quality of materials and technique at the heart of the brand. Each timeless and luxurious piece has been created to be versatile enough to be styled differently and worn repeatedly. Expect 20-50% off selected pieces from the current collection, and up to 80% off past collections.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Ria Menorca SEA, Shoes

Ria Menorca SEA is always a huge hit at Glamorous Giving. Ria Menorca has been making original avarca sandals for 70 years, using a handcrafted process with meticulous attention to detail so that you can enjoy genuine quality shoes with the ‘Avarca de Menorca’ guarantee. Expect great specials and up to 50% discounts on past collections.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Living DNA, Rugs

Welcome back to award-winning Living DNA who can help you with beautiful handcrafted homewares that add depth, substance and character to your home, no matter your style, budget, home size or lifestyle. Choose from their collection of conversation pieces sustainably made from all over the world. Living DNA will be offering 30% off rugs and runners at Glamorous Giving 11.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Maissone, Homewares

A highlight of Glamorous Giving will be Maissone, an award-winning online and concept homeware design store. Maissone has been bringing creative and authentic homeware from a collection of local and international design talent for the last four years. Maissone will be offering various marked down prices on a range of homeware and bedlinen.

A sneak peek at Glamorous Giving 11 | What's New Singapore | Travelshopa

Joseph Ribkoff, Fashion

Finally, we welcome Canadian fashion brand Joseph Ribkoff to their first Glamorous Giving. Their reputation is built on the innovative versatility, affordability and quality of their collections. Selected styles will be on sale at a special clearance price of $80 per piece.

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Orchard Rendezvous Hotel
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905

Wednesday 20 February 2019
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Thursday 21 February 2019
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Glamorous Giving Giveaway

Be in the draw to WIN $2,275 worth of fashion, homewares and other goodies. Submit your entry here by midnight on Monday 18 February 2019.

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa

Silk pyjamas and luxe loungewear have become staples which are fit to transcend well beyond the bedroom. When we chance upon an emerging brand that is unique, staying true to self and founded upon the right experience, the product always speaks for itself. Sydney-based Laura Hannan and Alessandra Eddy have created LUNA ATELIER with the intention to create beautiful, luxury sleepwear, and they have achieved just that. In a short time, they have released two standout TAILORED SLEEPWEAR collections and no doubt have more up their sleeve. We talk to Alessandra about their journey in the latest fashion category that is definitely here to stay.

What were you doing before you started your label?

I studied Fashion Design and Production at East Sydney then worked in PR and Marketing for years. I worked for a PR agency and then went in-house with a group of international luxury goods houses.

Laura worked in marketing for media houses and then went into operations for importing in retail.

What inspired you to start your label?

We were new mums who wanted to start our own business. We wanted to create a beautiful, luxury sleepwear offering in Australia as there are only a handful of brands overseas however, we couldn’t find any of the same calibre in our local market.

If asked to describe your label to someone unfamiliar with it, what would you say?

Bringing sophistication back to the bedroom, our tailored sleepwear is designed to make women feel chic from dawn till dusk. Cast aside the oversized shapeless t-shirts and replace them with fashion-forward 100% silk pyjamas. As women we take such care of ourselves from 9-5, our philosophy is why not do it every hour of the day.

What is ‘tailored sleepwear’?

Tailored sleepwear are garments cut to compliment the female form. Some features include Italian slant pockets, tuxedo lapels, silk piping, elasticised waistbands. Our garments keep comfort at the forefront with a fashion-forward design, perfect to be worn out of the house.

What makes your label unique?

Our sleepwear is designed not only for the bedroom but to be worn out of the house. The unique pieces can pair in with your wardrobe or wear as a set to make a statement.

What is your design philosophy?

First and foremost that each piece is comfortable to wear but cut perfectly to compliment the female form, always avoiding the oversized, shapeless look.

How would you describe your design process?

We are inspired by interior fabrications, periods in fashion and unique cultures across the globe. A certain colour or way of dress can form the main theme and undercurrent to a collection.

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa

Who are your customers?

Women looking for sleepwear that is fashionable and makes them feel fabulous when wearing it! We have many customers buying our pyjamas as gifts, they are ideal presents for new mums, bridal showers etc.

What are your best selling pieces/collections?

Our stand out and signature is our Paloma Pyjama Shirt and Pant (pictured below). Our customers purchase this as a full set to either wear at home or break it up to wear out and about. E.g shirt to work tucked into a pencil skirt and heels or pants with sneakers and a t-shirt.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Lifestyle. We take our print inspiration from artists, world travellers and inspirational women. All of our garments are named after iconic women of the past, designed for women of our future.

How has the Internet/digital marketing impacted your business?

We have only operated in a digital savvy environment. From our previous experience in marketing and PR, we have recognised the positive benefits. Being able to communicate directly with consumers, potential customers and to be able to control our own visual blueprint in the marketplace.

What’s the best business advice you have received?

Always have something up your sleeve, never over commit and be strategic in all of your business decisions.

What do you think the future holds for your label and Australian designers?

We see a big movement in the sleepwear and lifestyle category. More and more customers are wanting longevity and ease in their wardrobes, less trend-driven and more lifestyle-focused.

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa

Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design

Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design | Interview | Travelshopa

A lifetime surrounded by art has empowered Louise Hill to create a business based on her lifelong passion. The subtle influence of a creative family and art centric home led Louise into a creative career working for some of England’s most well known brands and acquiring skills based on traditional core skills, like hand drawing. Nowadays, Louise has crafted a fascinating artistic process that is mostly inspired by the exciting and colourful experiences of living and travelling in Asia. The result… hugely complex and awe-inspiring digital artwork. Here’s an insight into how she does it and what lies ahead for this talented Singapore-based artist.

When did you become interested in art?

I have been surrounded by art and textiles all my life as my parents are both designers so it has always been something I have been very aware of and loved from a young age. There are gorgeous little ‘vignettes’ of art objects beautifully arranged all over my parent’s house!

What was your first art love?

I think my first art love was a stunning book of works by Maxfield Parrish that we had at home, I fell in love with his use of colour and fine detail and could look at the prints for hours.

What is your signature style?

I love to use a vintage style, however, some of my work can be really vibrant and colourful or extremely delicate and meticulously multilayered. I definitely have two sides to my work.

How did it come to about?

I come from a graphic design background and I spent 15 – 20 years as a packaging designer working for companies such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Fortnum & Mason and Whittard in London. I found my ‘niche’ in this kind of illustrative finely detailed style whilst working on wine labels in my early days out of art school. We didn’t use computers in those days so we hand drew all of our typography and sketched out our ideas. This, in turn, has formed the way I work now on the design of my prints.

Can you tell us a bit about your artistic process?

I tend to mix my old skills with my new, I start off by brainstorming and sketching – I love Pinterest for digital mood boards but I would be lost without a sketchbook! Then I start to gather fabrics and props from my collection at home and which I find in markets or buy online, I am always collecting and tend to buy stuff when I see it as I always have future designs in my mind.

I also go out to take photos for the artwork of places, architecture, street furniture, patterns, and scenes or photograph still life compositions at home in my studio. All of these images are then transferred to my computer where I start the process of adjusting each image, cutting them out, changing them around and I often end up with around 200 – 400 images in one digital artwork.

I also illustrate patterns and paint chinoiserie and in turn photograph them to add to the huge multilayered digital artwork. The process takes a long time and is incredibly detailed but I love working in this way – I’m definitely a perfectionist!

What do you do when you get the artist’s equivalent of writer’s block?

I can honestly say I NEVER get it! In fact, I have a bit of a problem with switching it all off, I have to keep a notebook and pencil by my bedside and one in my handbag at all times to write down ideas and make lists…

What are your creative influences?

I love to follow fashion designers and typographers, interior design, pattern and textiles on Instagram, I really love ‘Interiors’ Magazine and Australia’s ‘Vogue Living’ and ‘Zolima’ blog for all cultural and interesting articles on Hong Kong – all of these really inspire me. I love local culture and love to explore the streets for local pattern and colour – there is so much to take inspiration from in Asia.

A great work of art should…

Bring you a feeling of happiness, contentment and something new every time you look at it might bring other kinds of feelings that mean something special to you. You should either feel very comfortable with it or it should challenge your thoughts and perceptions – everyone has different taste, needs and ways of living with art…

What are you currently working on?

I am incredibly busy and have exciting new projects ahead. I have just finished my ‘Hong Kong Neon’ Limited Edition print which I am so incredibly pleased with, my heart skips a beat every time I look at it! I just LOVE it! I flew to HK to take the photos for it and also used photos taken when I lived there. I am passionate about the old iconic neon signs they are so beautifully made and designed – for me, it represents a gorgeous mix of HK cool typography and vintage design. It is so sad that they are slowly disappearing. I was incredibly lucky to capture a couple for my print before they were taken down a week after I photographed them. I would love to be able to go back in time a decade or two and take photos of the original signs – neon and handpainted.

I have also just finished a collaborative project for TAFF (The Fashion & Textile Federation of Singapore) to raise awareness of Singapore based designers. I teamed up with Darsala who create beautifully handcrafted bags and jewellery and added three of my digital artworks to their handheld and clutch bag designs. I love a collaboration and to try out interesting new ways of showing my work.

What’s next for you?

For the next few months I will be busy on my ongoing collaboration with Poon’s restaurant in London and will be designing a new range of smaller prints based on Chinese window shapes – an extension of my larger Limited Edition prints which use Chinese window trellis design as their framework, they will also be Limited Editions that can be collected as sets. I can’t wait to get these new designs underway!

Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design | Interview | Travelshopa
Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design | Interview | Travelshopa
Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design | Interview | Travelshopa
Louise Hill, Louise Hill Design | Interview | Travelshopa

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