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Greetings Travelshopas!

Summer may be over for some, but the sun’s always shining somewhere. If paradise means basking in the sun to you, it’s time to pack your best beach-inspired bags and head to your preferred tropical paradise.

We think Bali is one of the ultimate tropical destinations, with awesome shopping! This week we show you around the swanky fashion and jewellery boutiques in the streets of Seminyak and Petitenget, and where exactly to buy stylish resortwear in Singapore.

The countdown to Boutiques at the Pit Building has commenced and so we are sharing which brands we are most excited to see.

What does paradise means to you? Let us know your thoughts.

Happy shopping wherever you may be!

The Travelshopa Team

Mix in tropical style

Whether you like to indulge in the lavish yet laidback vibe of Palm Beach or the uplifting and soulful Zen of Bali, there’s no denying the captivating spirit of a tropical style interior. Tropical style is all about comfort and ease and your space will flourish with the right mix of warm, soothing tones, rugged textures and lush green foliage to remind you of the vibrant tropics.

Your dream of coming home to a tropical oasis after the sensory assault of the city is within reach with just a few simple switches to your décor. Read on for a quick starter course on achieving a breezy tropical style.



Lush Greenery

Usher in the life of the rainforest with brash tropical leaf prints in every shape and colour. Deck your walls in lush jungle-inspired wallpaper or hang up a tropical piece of art. Cushions with rainbow-feathered bird, pineapple and the quintessential palm motifs instantly bring personality to any room. Of course there’s no substitute for the real deal, so feel free to introduce all manner of leafy fronds and bright succulents to your abode. Be careful not to go overboard with the theme or what you’ll end up with will be an untamed mess. Keep the look modern with minimalistic shapes, metallic accents and a shag rug.

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa


Woven elements

Bring the outdoors in with rough, unfinished elements that evoke a cosy, lived-in atmosphere. Wicker, rattan, cane, bamboo and jute furnishings are perennial favourites when choosing a tropical theme. Pair crisp white walls with an assortment of earthy neutrals such as basket pendant lamps, macrame throws and woven wall hangings. The coarse textures and warm undertones will sit perfectly with lush foliage. Lastly, throw in a burst of soothing pastel accents to coax out a breezy and eclectic vacation vibe.

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa


Roll out a rug

For a casual approach to tropical living, a jute or sisal area rug is the perfect entry point. Its unhewn natural fibres compliment the light and airy features of a tropical style interior, while at the same time providing just enough visual interest to delight the senses. Etch out a private nook in the bedroom or use it as a canvas to draw attention to your favourite furniture pieces. Whichever way you put it to use, the natural woven rug will give your space the desired tropical and outdoorsy orient.

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa

How to | Mix in Tropical Style | Travelshopa


Tropical Home

Tropical Home | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa
Inspiration: Marie Claire Maison

Now that vacation season is over, we’ve all had that feeling of wanting more after returning home from a fabulous vacation. How about dodging those post-vacation blues and bringing the tropics to your homes?

Transforming your abodes into a tropical home is easier than it seems. All you need are a few tropical home accessories to liven up your homes and voila! You’re transported back to that amazing villa in Bali. These tropical home accessories ooze an island-style vibe with exotic woods, vibrant and bold colours, woven textures, tropical palm tree motifs – and of course, some tropical fruit sculptures.

We can’t wait to turn our living spaces into an island oasis and embrace that tranquil, resort-style vibe. We might even throw in a staycation with the ladies this weekend! How about you?

Tropical Home | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

1. Pacific Flower Jute Cushion | Make Room 

2. Palm Leaf And Palm Leaf & Frangipani Style Cushion | Singapore Trading Post

3. Armchair | Make Room

4. Grey Washed Wooden Shell | The GoDown

5. Large Ceramic Pineapple | Bungalow 55 

6. Large Flowers Lamp | The Shophouse

7. Trapezium Stool From Reclaimed Teak Wood | Journey East

8. Banjar | Saakalya




 Make Room | Singapore | Travelshopa
 Singapore Trading Post | Singapore | Travelshopa
 The Godown | Singapore | Travelshopa
 Bungalow 55 | Singapore | Travelshopa
 The Shophouse | Singapore | Travelshopa
Journey East- | Singapore | Travelshopa
 Saakalya | Singapore | Travelshopa


Tropical Style Home Decor

Bungalow 55 | Tropical Style Home Decor, Singapore | Travelshopa

Tropical style is all the rage right now – with lush palms and verdant florals pictured on everything from fashion apparel to home decor and stationery. The trend is typically tied to island living, naturally enhancing the sun-drenched landscapes and clear blue skies. We take the trend for a fresh spin, applying it to home finishings and decor for that soothing and relaxed villa feel. Find out where you can lay your hands on tropical style home decor to add a refreshing burst of colour to your home.



Bungalow 55

Decorative corals and botanical prints

#01-05A, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760

Bungalow 55 is a tropical haven for all your home décor quirks and needs.  A wonderful expanse of natural wood furniture, wicker lamps, hemp rugs, decorative corals and botanical prints fill the store, which is painted with elements of preppy, nautical and tropical. Browse through the store for printed pineapple and palm tree cushions, beach-inspired décor objects and elegant porcelain chinoiserie that are perfect for bringing out the classic style and breezy comfort of a tropical abode.

Bungalow 55 | Tropical Style Home Decor, Singapore | Travelshopa


Shiva Designs Bespoke

Vibrant, handcrafted homewares

3 Namly Grove, Singapore 267298. Also available online.

Shiva Designs Bespoke presents beautiful handcrafted homewares, jewellery and gifts with an emphasis on quality, design and craftsmanship. Blessed with an impeccable eye, owner of Shiva Designs Bespoke, Rima sources products made by dedicated and passionate artisans all over the world. We rue the magical moment we laid eyes on the resplendent cockatoo lamp from Have You Met Miss Jones (it almost looks as if it’s beaming right at us) and the vibrant painted florals plastered all over the plush cushions from Bonnie and Neil. We also have painted tiles splashed with sunny pineapple prints from NSW artist, Jai Vasicek and framed pineapple mirrors for an extra dose of tropical flavour.

Shiva Designs Bespoke | Tropical Style Home Decor, Singapore | Travelshopa



Singapore Trading Post

Colonial home decor with an asian touch

#07-01, Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074 | Also available online and at various stockists.

Filling a gap in the market for affordable, and distinguished furniture and homewares, Singapore Trading Post provides an array of colonial furniture with a tinge of Asian colour. In a nod to Singapore’s past as a major trading post for the East India Trading Company, Singapore Trading Post sources vintage and antique furniture and homewares from areas along the ancient trading route such as Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, as well as Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Home accents evocative of the balmy tropics include lush palm print cushions, rattan chairs, wicker baskets and resort-inspired table lamps.

Tropical style home decor in Singapore

Postcards From: Tropical Paradise, Bali

One week in Bali never seems long enough. It is hard to take in enough of the climate, the food and of course the endless shopping. While we prepare our best of Bali shopping guide, here are a few snaps to help you dream about the tropical paradise.

Tropical Paradise, Bali | Wooden Door | Travelshopa

Do not disturb!

Tropical Paradise, Bali | Cabana | Travelshopa

Cabana time.

Tropical Paradise | Poolside | Travelshopa

I’m not leaving…

Tropical Paradise | Colourful Bicycle | Travelshopa

The colours of shopping.

Tropical Paradise | Clouds in the Sky | Bali

Big sky Bali

Tropical Paradise | Wood Shopfront | Travelshopa

Creative roadside

Tropical Paradise | Vintage Bicycle | Travelshopa

Vintage bicycles pop up all over the place

Tropical Paradise | Balinese Fish | Travelshopa

Can’t beat a fresh fish smothered in local flavours

Tropical Paradise | Large Coconuts | Travelshopa

Juice of the Gods

Tropical Paradise | Food| Travelshopa

My body is a temple (sort of)

Stay tuned for more from Bali.

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