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Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier

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Silk pyjamas and luxe loungewear have become staples which are fit to transcend well beyond the bedroom. When we chance upon an emerging brand that is unique, staying true to self and founded upon the right experience, the product always speaks for itself. Sydney-based Laura Hannan and Alessandra Eddy have created LUNA ATELIER with the intention to create beautiful, luxury sleepwear, and they have achieved just that. In a short time, they have released two standout TAILORED SLEEPWEAR collections and no doubt have more up their sleeve. We talk to Alessandra about their journey in the latest fashion category that is definitely here to stay.

What were you doing before you started your label?

I studied Fashion Design and Production at East Sydney then worked in PR and Marketing for years. I worked for a PR agency and then went in-house with a group of international luxury goods houses.

Laura worked in marketing for media houses and then went into operations for importing in retail.

What inspired you to start your label?

We were new mums who wanted to start our own business. We wanted to create a beautiful, luxury sleepwear offering in Australia as there are only a handful of brands overseas however, we couldn’t find any of the same calibre in our local market.

If asked to describe your label to someone unfamiliar with it, what would you say?

Bringing sophistication back to the bedroom, our tailored sleepwear is designed to make women feel chic from dawn till dusk. Cast aside the oversized shapeless t-shirts and replace them with fashion-forward 100% silk pyjamas. As women we take such care of ourselves from 9-5, our philosophy is why not do it every hour of the day.

What is ‘tailored sleepwear’?

Tailored sleepwear are garments cut to compliment the female form. Some features include Italian slant pockets, tuxedo lapels, silk piping, elasticised waistbands. Our garments keep comfort at the forefront with a fashion-forward design, perfect to be worn out of the house.

What makes your label unique?

Our sleepwear is designed not only for the bedroom but to be worn out of the house. The unique pieces can pair in with your wardrobe or wear as a set to make a statement.

What is your design philosophy?

First and foremost that each piece is comfortable to wear but cut perfectly to compliment the female form, always avoiding the oversized, shapeless look.

How would you describe your design process?

We are inspired by interior fabrications, periods in fashion and unique cultures across the globe. A certain colour or way of dress can form the main theme and undercurrent to a collection.

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa

Who are your customers?

Women looking for sleepwear that is fashionable and makes them feel fabulous when wearing it! We have many customers buying our pyjamas as gifts, they are ideal presents for new mums, bridal showers etc.

What are your best selling pieces/collections?

Our stand out and signature is our Paloma Pyjama Shirt and Pant (pictured below). Our customers purchase this as a full set to either wear at home or break it up to wear out and about. E.g shirt to work tucked into a pencil skirt and heels or pants with sneakers and a t-shirt.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Lifestyle. We take our print inspiration from artists, world travellers and inspirational women. All of our garments are named after iconic women of the past, designed for women of our future.

How has the Internet/digital marketing impacted your business?

We have only operated in a digital savvy environment. From our previous experience in marketing and PR, we have recognised the positive benefits. Being able to communicate directly with consumers, potential customers and to be able to control our own visual blueprint in the marketplace.

What’s the best business advice you have received?

Always have something up your sleeve, never over commit and be strategic in all of your business decisions.

What do you think the future holds for your label and Australian designers?

We see a big movement in the sleepwear and lifestyle category. More and more customers are wanting longevity and ease in their wardrobes, less trend-driven and more lifestyle-focused.

Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa
Alessandra Eddy, Luna Atelier | Interview | Travelshopa


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