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Belinda Lee, PINKSALT

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A mutual belief that swimwear deserves comfort, individuality, modesty, and style, sparked founders Belinda Lee and Su May to launch Singapore-based brand PINKSALT in mid-2017. The swimwear label focuses on versatile pieces designed for a modern’s woman lifestyle, creating resort wear catered for both beach and urban settings. Their third collection, The Urban Playground, reimagines glamour from the 1950s with sleek silhouettes and digital prints inspired by the urban vibe and architectural lines of the city. Here we explore more about the brand the collection that reflects a modern independent woman in an urban city.

How did PINKSALT start out? What was your light bulb moment?

Su May and I started PINKSALT when we realised that affordable and fashionable swimwear is not well represented in the market. The lightbulb moment for me was when I could use my graphic design skills to design digital prints for the swimwear. 

How does PINKSALT differentiate itself from other swimwear labels?

We are a modest yet modern swimwear label that offers more coverage and focuses on flattering the female form.

Your latest, and third, collection is inspired by the 1950s (one of my personal favourite eras – well done). Why is that? How did you come up with that theme? Where did you look for inspiration?

The 1950s was certainly a fashionable period for women and I love to draw inspiration from the feminine silhouettes of that time. Following our vision of having a more modest take on swimwear, I designed the Monroe to offer a little bit more coverage around the thigh area using inspiration from a classic 1950’s bathing suit. The Belle 2 piece whilst offering a modest coverage on the stomach area, also draws its inspiration from the halterneck circle dresses from the 1950s. And staying true to my graphic design roots, the digital print of the Urban landscape modernises the collection and brings it forward to the 21st century

Could you please describe your design process?

I usually work by deciding on the textiles of the collection. That essentially is the soul of the collection. I will draw inspiration from photographs, illustrations and drawings of the theme that I will be working on. In the case of the Urban collection, I was inspired by the architectural lines of modern buildings. I would extract them from photographs and redesign the lines into a textiles block. 

What is your design philosophy? 

To innovate and produce designs that are unique, modern and relatable

Who are you designing for?

Like-minded women who are looking for something different and unique and beautiful

What does style mean to you?

Design and style has always been in my genetic makeup if you like

How would you describe your personal style?

Practical, modern, and classic

How has your style evolved?

I don’t follow trends. I believe in timeless and stylish fashion.

What’s your first fashion memory?

When I bought my first pair of black Gucci loafers after my second paycheck!

Belinda Lee, PINKSALT | Interview | Travelshopa
Belinda Lee, PINKSALT | Interview | Travelshopa


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