While we may have just missed cherry blossom viewing season, Tokyo is beautiful any time of year. When in the city, here are a few Tokyo shopping tips to keep in mind.

Renee Lodens on Tokyo | Tokyo Shopping Tips | Travelshopa
  • Most stores offer tax-free shopping to tourists spending over ¥5000. Don’t forget to have your passport on hand while shopping.
  • Carry some cash with you: not everyone accepts credit cards (especially markets and small stores)
  • Bargaining may be the norm across most of Asia, but it’s not the done thing in Japan. The only place I suggest you try your luck is a flea market.
  • Buy a vintage Kimono from a flea market.
  • Tokyo is short on space so many shops are above/below street level. There is so much more than meets the eye.
  • Cherry blossom viewing (hanami) season is generally the very end of March/early April.


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