Mediterranean style evokes visions of sun-filled days and white-washed buildings amid blue skies and waves. In part two of their Global Style series, Departures & Arrivals show us how to incorporate these Mediterranean design elements in your interiors, so you can experience just a bit of a getaway, without leaving your home.

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Mediterranean design encompasses a vast territory and rich history, drawing inspiration from the blue lapping waves of Greek beaches, patchwork fields of Tuscany, to the ornate textiles and tiles of Morocco.

The style may be tricky to get right – too many elements will make a room gaudy; too little will make no impact – but choosing the right design commonalities will make the theme work harmoniously with your home.

In this issue of Global Style, we show you how to add key Mediterranean elements to your home.


Typically seen in the Aegean regions of Greece and Turkey, a cool, coastal theme celebrates sunshine and natural lighting, and the colours of the sand, sun, sky and the sea.

The most instantly identifiable colour combination in this region is the sun-bleached white and deep blue that’s found on the Greek isle of Santorini. Occasionally, you’ll find a bold red or a warm sunshine yellow accent to contrast the blues and greens of the sea.

This look works best with rustic interiors, such as those with exposed stones and unpolished wood. To transform your space, start with an all-white palette for your furnishings, and opt for cotton and linen to keep the tranquil mood. Finally, add accents in various tones of blue – from ultramarine and deep blue, to sky blue and turquoise.


If you long for the feel of warm, lush vineyards and summery, cheerful afternoons of Tuscany, you can pick up cues from the colourful fields, terracotta floors and brightly coloured wall art of the region, without going overboard.

Rustic homes in Italian regions are usually painted all white, or in various neutral shades such as brown, beige and cream.

Finally, accent the space with sun-baked hues, such as sienna, terracotta, golden yellow, gold, russet and brick. Muted greens like olive, sage and dark green add a nice touch while keeping the theme tied to nature.


Mosaic tiles, textiles and ceramics painted with ornate motifs is a Mediterranean signature. Most homes in the region use it to create stunning flooring, or as a backsplash to create an interesting focal point.

To add a slice of Mediterranean charm to your home without the hassle of retiling, the trick is to use colourful ceramics as a table accent, or to create a captivating wall gallery.

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