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Designer and fashion entrepreneur, Kaitie Manani, has embraced slow living so much, she decided to launch a new business, THE SLOW MODE. Here, the Hong Kong-based Aussie shares her secrets to finding your slow.

Kaitie Manani should be no stranger to a fashion enthusiast. She is the founder of vamastyle, a hugely successful all-year-round swim and resort wear label. However, after 7 years of building the business, she was left feeling “so overburdened and stuck in a stressed state” that she was yearning for more purpose and meaning in her work.

A breakdown was the catalyst for her reassess her way of life, which led her to slow living. She has merged her two passions of slow living and quality design by setting up THE SLOW MODE which is a curation of slowly-made artisanal labels sourced from around the world, plus wellness guides to help others create a slower way of living.

Kaitie Manani, The Slow Mode | Interview | Travelshopa

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What is “slow” living?

Slow living to me is tuning into the now, being truly present and non judgmental. Allowing space in your everyday for nature, peace and clarity.

How do you incorporate “slow” into your buying/product curation?

It’s absolutely core to what The Slow Mode stands for… beautiful fashion, home and beauty products made slowly by artisans around the globe, with thoughtful and meaningful details. I look for those little ‘extras’ handmade finishes and touches that tells a unique story for our customers. They want a deeper connection to the designs and designers behind the brands, not a fast fashion impulse buy.

I can’t start my day until…

fresh plain celery juice upon rising, hot water lemon, bulletproof matcha… in that order !

What does your typical day look like?

Well it starts off with the above, drop my two boys to the bus… then I head up the peaks of Hong Kong for a power walk and get myself around nature… I’ve got a fave spot at a root of a beautiful tree along Bowen Rd – where I do my first meditation of the day. Then back home for breakfast and start the day in the home studio. Fulfilling orders, emails, sourcing etc.

You’ll never see me without…

A matcha in my hand

What does work life balance mean to you?

Finding my slow is being able to stop reset, rebalance myself when I start to feel like I’m spiralling our if control and dipping into an energy reserve I’ve had to fit so hard to get back. It’s a respect to your body first, to listen to it, don’t ever push it… By stepping away and going inwards with my meditation – I crave that peacefulness, and try to bring the calm & clarity I have after each session through out the day.

In 5 years you will find me…

I came across this beautiful quote the other day and it stopped me in my tracks, I thought it’s so simple and perfect “your future should look like the best parts of your present… “ so you’ll find me doing the things still that I love right now.

Kaitie's guide to #FindYourSlow


Twice daily 20 min Vedic meditation sessions that can be done pretty much anywhere (with zero props)


Infusing doterra essential oils through the home and my work space to transform the whole space into a COMO spa (well nearly…) these oils have a huge impact on mood and your emotions


Making myself multiple bulletproof matcha through the day, I find this ritual very therapeutic.


I make sure I don’t sit for longer than an hour before some yoga or Pilates sequences.. just to get my body flowing on and off through the day feels good.


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