The all-white aesthetic has become such a phenomenon that it has even rubbed off the designs of many new boutique hotels in SINGAPORE. Interior designers are turning to the minimalist style, adding clever details and quirks along the way and creating some potential Instagram-worthy photos for your feed. Presenting to you, three all-white boutique hotels in Singapore that have created chic spaces with this monochromatic palette.

Hotel Mono | White Themed Hotel Rooms in Singapore | Travelshopa

Image: Hotel Mono

Hotel Mono

Singapore’s first monochromatic boutique hotel

Finally, a boutique hotel for serious minimalists. Amongst the eccentric streets of Chinatown sits Hotel Mono, a boutique hotel that adopts a monochromatic theme throughout its interior and exterior spaces. A chic hideaway set in six historical shop houses of modern design, this 46-room hotel uses clean lines and neutral colours to enhance the minimalist beauty of each space. Designed for the discerning traveller, the Hotel Mono offers rooms for solo travellers and families.

18 Mosque St, Singapore 059498

Hotel Mono | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa

Porcelain Hotel

Rich traditional Chinese porcelain designs

Nestled in one of Chinatown’s best historical lanes, Porcelain Hotel takes you on a cultural high with its rich traditional Chinese porcelain designs and old-world charm. The white building embellished with an intricate chinoiserie pattern is hard not to miss, fetching many curious onlookers. Inside, all rooms are adorned with recurring porcelain patterns but the Theme Suite is where you’d want to rest your head in. Layers of white sit harmoniously with hints of blue creating a calming space away from the frenzy of Chinatown.

48 Mosque St, Singapore 059526

Porcelain Hotel | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa

What To Pack

Square Neck Sweater Dress | a.oei studio | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa

a.oei studio

Square Neck Sweater Dress

Code DeCo Blanc One | The Wishlane | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa

The Wishlane

Code DeCo Blanc One

Akela Flare Sleeves Top | Salient Label | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa

Salient Label

Akela Flare Sleeves Top

Wanderlust Hotel

Mono-themed rooms with stenciled art installations and special lighting systems

One may be familiar with Wanderlust Hotel’s eccentric and thematic hotel rooms – the result of groundbreaking works of award-winning design agencies Asylum, :Phunk Studio and fFurious. Four different themes lie in each storey including eight Mono Rooms on Level 3. Using origami as inspiration, discover different animated scenes of stencilled art installations with special lighting systems that allow you to choose via a click-wheel.

2 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209494

Wanderlust Hotel | All-White Boutique Hotels in Singapore | Travelshopa


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