Drop everything. Your essential guide to this season’s IT colours has arrived. Inspired by nature, earthiness and the need to escape, the TOP 10 PANTONE COLOURS FOR SPRING 2017 introduces an array of understated and vivid hues. Channel the great outdoors at home with colours like Greenery and Kale or spunk up your closet with bold hues like Primrose Yellow or Pink Yarrow.

Top 10 Pantone Colours for Spring 2017 | Travelshopa

Flame (Pantone 17-1462)

A red-based orange, Flame is a theatrical shade that adds fiery heat to any surrounding.

Greenery (Pantone 15-0343)

This year’s IT colour is a tangy yellow-green that encourages the pursuit of exploration and reinvention.

Hazelnut (PANTONE 14-1315)

The unpretentious Hazelnut hue is a neutral tone that recalls a natural earthiness.

Island Paradise (PANTONE 14-4620)

Aptly named Island Paradise, this refreshingly cool blue-green shade symbolises the need for a change of scenery.

Island Paradise | Top 10 Pantone Colours for Spring 2017 | Travelshopa
Island Paradise | Top 10 Pantone Colours for Spring 2017 | Travelshopa

Left: Overstock, Urban OG 

Kale (PANTONE 18-0107)

Similar to Greenery, Kale is a vibrant foliage-based green shade that inspires one to adopt a healthy lifestyle and connect to nature.

Lapis Blue (PANTONE 19-4045)

This electric blue shade conveys a burst of energy and an inner radiance.

Niagara (PANTONE 17-4123)

Touted as the most prevalent colour for spring 2017, this denim-like blue aspires to calm and relax the mind and soul.

Pale Dogwood (PANTONE 13-1404)

A subtle pink shade with soft hints of a healthy glow, Pale Dogwood creates a sense of innocence and purity.

Pink Yarrow (PANTONE 17-2034)

This bold and festive hue is the life of the party; always captivating and bursting with energy.

Primrose Yellow (PANTONE 13-0755)

This jubilant and warm yellow shade is reminiscent of a zestful life and endlessly fun in the sun.

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