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From city guides to sharing what makes their businesses tick, our interviews in 2016 gave us a look inside their little world of accomplishments, lessons learnt and great travel tips to take us into 2017.

Here’s a roundup of our top profiles for 2016 and snippets of what they had to say. Click on ‘more’ at the end of each profile for the full interview!

Anita Kapoor | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Emcee & TV Presenter

You’re a writer and popular TV host who’s travelled to more places than most will accomplish in a lifetime. Tell us how you got started?
By accident. I entered a travel host contest on a whim and won. A few years later I started doing proper shows and it went from there. It was the best thing I did for myself – I took what came naturally to me and made a career out of it.

Where has your work taken you that you never once dreamed of visiting?
I never thought I’d find myself in countries like Vanuatu. These were travel dreams and I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to make them come true.

How would you describe your personal style?
Unfussy sexy. Clean androgyny with a touch of the feminine.

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Anna Chittenden | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Founder, Lost Guides

Describe Bali’s vibe.
Laid-back but also stylish. I love that there is a foundation of art and design that runs through every aspect of Bali, whether it’s the clothes worn by the local women, the hand-carved stones that adorn the temples or the ikat textiles woven by artisans.

What’s your favourite thing about Bali?
It’s hard to pinpoint one thing. Bali has so much to offer everyone, which is what makes it so special.

What’s your least favourite thing about Bali?
The traffic!

When is the best time to visit?
Low season. It can be terribly busy around July – August, so anytime other than then.

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Electra Gill | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Eco Gypsy

What’s the thing that sets Bali apart?
Its culture. Being a mainly Hindu island, the daily offerings (canang sari), ceremonies and happily philosophical Balinese form the essence of Bali.

Tell us a fun fact about the locals.
‘Tomorrow’ never means tomorrow. Time is pretty irrelevant here. I never know what day it is when I am here.

What’s a local phrase one should know?
Obviously, you should know ‘apa kabar?’ (how are you?). ‘Baik’ (fine) is the response and ‘berapa’ (how much) is pretty helpful as long as you understand the response! And ‘Tidak apa apa’ (no problem).

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Kaitie Manani | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Founder & Creative Director, vamastyle

You’ve a sizeable following on Instagram (@vamastyle / @katiemanani) with 28k followers and growing. What made you start ‘gramming?
First of all it’s super fun (not to mention, addictive) and I enjoy it more than Pinterest to be honest. It’s fast, effective and punchy! I don’t hire any PR agencies so I thought it made sense to start building up my own brand profile! I love Instagram for the fact that it’s so easy to do on the run — a godsend if you’re always running around after 2 boys!

What role has Instagram played in your journey?
Our online growth has tripled over the last year. We put this down primarily to our strong and consistent Instagram marketing.

What are some of your favourite hashtags?
#staysalty. #followthesun. #wanderlust.

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Lisa Clayton | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Founder, UFIT Bootcamps

Describe Singapore’s vibe.
Singapore is an amazing city. Very hot! But there is always something to do whether it’s fitness and sport focused, new bars and restaurants to big events like the Singapore Formula 1. Everyone is so friendly and it’s a very safe city, which is so important with a young family.

What’s a fun fact about the locals?
We call our Singaporean elders ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ as a sign of respect.

What to pack for a trip to Singapore?
Lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, a throw or light jumper for the places they blast air conditioning (like shopping malls and the cinema) and of course (if you’re like me) your gym kit if you want to get involved in many of the activities Singapore has to offer.

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Nandini Joshi & Neha Mehta | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Founders, Curator’s Den

What is your favourite way of discovering new designers?
In every city that I visit, I try to scope out the next hotbed of new and emerging designers. I also keep an eye on the listings in a lot of the trade shows. I am always on the lookout for designers who experiment with different materials and processes — particularly jewellery designers. Being an Internet junkie helps… If something is out on the Internet, I know about it!

Which designers do you respect the most and why?
All the designers that we work with are amazing and incredibly brave. They could have gone down the commercial route but they chose the difficult path because it builds and motivates a community rather than an individual.

What is the change you would most like to see in this lifetime?
Education and three healthy meals a day for all.

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Sharezal Wahid | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Director of Concierge, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Where to sightsee in Kuala Lumpur?
Your visit to Kuala Lumpur is incomplete if you don’t visit the Merdeka Square and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Where to dine?
“Makan” or “eat” in Malay is a favorite word amongst the KL-ites. There are so many areas and options available for one to indulge. My favourite place to eat would be an area called Bangsar Bahru where one can find almost everything from fine-dining establishments right up to rowdy roadside food stalls. Some food outlets or restaurants are open till late, making it perfect for those who wish to satisfy any late night hunger pangs, or chill and hang out with friends after work.

Where to shop?
Bukit Bintang street still remains the best shopping district in Kuala Lumpur. It has everything from luxury brands to trendy local designers. With 6 shopping malls along the stretch, one would definitely be spoilt for choice!

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Triple Bliss Lapis Lazuli Earrings | Curator's Den | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa

Curator's Den

Triple Bliss Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Tallows Belmond | Vamastyle | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa


Tallows Swimsuit in Belmond

Navy Basic Bermuda | By The Sea | Top Profiles for 2016 | Travelshopa

By the Sea

Navy Basic Bermuda


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