Whether you’re a designer, editor, blogger or photographer, attending FASHION WEEK is your chance to show off your personal style. Not sure where to begin? These four key ESSENTIALS should help be Fashion Week ready.

1. Basics

The numero uno staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe is the basic tee. As versatile as it is, basics are also classic pieces that transcend all trends. Build your look with sleek outerwear or go the casual route with a classic pair of denim jeans and killer pair of heels. This is comfort dressing at its most luxurious.

American Vintage Tee | Rosalie Pompon | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Rosalie Pompon

American Vintage Tee

Drew Off-White | Catch | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa


Drew Off-White

Snow Top | Ginlee Studio | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Ginlee Studio

Snow Top

2. Sleek Outerwear

A versatile gem that pulls your outfit together in a heartbeat, outerwear is another key essential piece you’ll need to blend in with the fashionistas. Select from a polished blazer that fits right off the bat, a bomber jacket that has been a big hit in the fashion world or a go for a bold pattern that flatters your silhouette.

Casual Taylored Jacket | SMK | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa


Casual Taylored Jacket

Crane Jacket | Ginlee Studio | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Ginlee Studio

Crane Jacket

Double Breasted Blazer | Heist | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa


Double Breasted Blazer

Fashion Week Ready | What to Wear | Travelshopa

Image: Style Du Monde

3. Booties

This season’s boot trends come in an array of styles, textures, colours and patterns with lashings of cool-girl glamour. Keep it classy or add a pop of colour, these boots are sure to elevate your look no matter what you choose. They also easily transition from day to night – perfect for those after parties.

Jane Boots in Gold | Anine Bing | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Anine Bing

Jane Boots in Gold

Nonchalant | Convert | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa



Tiba Boot | Margaret O'leary | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Margaret O'leary

Tiba Boot

Fashion Week Ready | What to Wear | Travelshopa

Image: Vanessa Jackman

4. Flared Pants

If you, like us, are also having a current obsession with flared pants you’re in luck. The return of the 70’s style flared pants may look unflattering at first. Once it’s paired with heels and a fitted top, you’ll realise what all the fuss is about. Select from a range of styles including luxurious silk, casual denim and comfy linen.

Knot Pant Plain | Quarzia | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa


Knot Pant Plain

Maison Pant Standard Denim | Creatures of Comfort | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

Creatures of Comfort

Maison Pant Standard Denim

Navy Linen Suit Pants | By The Sea | Fashion Week Ready | Travelshopa

By The Sea

Navy Linen Suit Pants


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