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We’ve all suffered a bad case of post holiday blues, and attempted to prolong the vacation vibe once home. Cooking local cuisine? Guilty. Wearing fashion purchases in inappropriate weather? Guilty. What about destination inspired redecorating? Guilty.

If you’re like us, and can’t shake an unforgettable trip, you’ve probably tried decorating your home with your vacation purchases. It’s a wonderful way to surround yourself with special memories. A collected home is a cozy home anyway, right?!

We’ve picked three destinations (Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Palm Springs) that we’ve taken interior inspo from (time and time again) and come up with a few favourite items that we’ve purchase along the way.


The ultimate tropical destination, Honolulu, is screaming for cool beach accessories, fun tropical colours and eye-catching prints. Put a little ‘beach shack’ into your living space by adding vibrant home accessories, like a recycled wood photo frame that looks like the exterior of a beach house.

Vacation at Home | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa
Normandy Orange Rug | Departures & Arrivals | Vacation at home | Travelshopa

Departures & Arrivals

Normandy Orange Rug

Bornholm Photo Frame | Vacation at home | Travelshopa

Teak and Mahogany

Bornholm Photo Frame

K.BLU Home X Commune Large Cushion Cover | K.BLU | Vacation at home | Travelshopa


K.BLU Home X Commune Large Cushion Cover

Palm Springs

Evolving from a mere desert to one of America’s most insta worthy destinations, Palm Springs is a playground for the style conscious. Shop eccentric homewares that are a reflection of the retro-chic charm bungalows – with a pop of colour, of course. You’ll be transported to ‘The Desert’ in no time.

Vacation at home | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa
Kate & Kate Blanket | Maissone | Vacation at home | Travelshopa


Kate & Kate Blanket

Cockatoo Silver | Homlab | Vacation at home | Travelshopa


Cockatoo Silver

Junit Lamp | Poketo | Vacation at home | Travelshopa


Junit Lamp

Hong Kong

Take a back seat to take in the perfect juxtaposition of traditional and modern in Hong Kong. Get in touch with its deep, traditional roots by using oriental-styled home accessories with hints of vivid hues like blue and white as well as unique shapes and motifs.

Vacation at home | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa
Cushion Bat Motif Teal & Pastel Blue On Charcoal | White Contemporary Homewares | Vacation at home | Travelshopa

White Contemporary Homewares

Cushion Bat Motif Teal & Pastel Blue On Charcoal

Teabox Set of 5 Black & White | The Shophouse | Vacation at home | Travelshopa

The Shophouse

Teabox Set of 5 Black & White

Hexagon Curio Stand | Scene Shang | Vacation at home | Travelshopa

Scene Shang

Hexagon Curio Stand


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