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Life really is a beach when you’re in Hawaii. Cruising along giant waves, trekking through volcanic plains and venturing into uninhabited islands are all just part of ordinary life here. Born on the island of Maui and raised in the beautiful countryside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, Samantha Feyen now calls the island of Oahu home. She is a budding force in the fashion world, taking on the roles of fashion merchandiser, social media manager and fashion show producer all before graduation! Her zest for Oahu and the island life is captured in moving pictures that make us thirsty for endless days spent on the surf. Follow along as she introduces us to her favourite Instagram-perfect spots.



Oahu’s vibe…

Oahu to me, can be compared to a funky, modern aloha print jungle of cool urban brands and beachy laid back vibes.


Favourite thing about Oahu…

The diversity of everyone in it and where everyone came from. You’d be surprised how many people are from so many other places around the world. It makes for a good conversation! Also, have you tried local Hawaiian food? You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried the food here. It’s a combination of so many cool flavors.


Least favourite thing about Oahu…

Boy oh boy, least favorite? Probably that it’s far from all the fun surf towns like Haleiwa & Makaha.




Fun fact about the locals…

You can bribe us with poke & spam musubi and we’d do anything!


Best time to visit…

Summer in Hawaii! Of course!


Local phrases to know…



“Ho, we go!”

“What flavor shave ice you like?”


What to pack…

Your favorite bikini or board shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses (probably a wild one to match your personality), a beach towel, a video camera, a big sense of adventure and not to mention a big appetite. Come with a semi empty bag cause you’d wanna take some amazing stuff home!






In the city itself, my favorite thing to see is our Chinatown. What sets our Chinatown apart from others around the mainland is our touch of Hawaii in everything. I can’t explain it, you’d have to explore the town yourself.

There is too much to see in Oahu, so why not explore the entire island? You can do it within the span of a day. Start from Honolulu city towards Hawaii Kai where you’ll drive southeast towards Oahu’s infamous surf spot, Sandy’s. Then you’ll head more east into Waimanalo. This is beach heaven. Stop to see Waimanalo Bay and Kaiona Beach Park, it’ll be like stopping in Tahiti with its clear majestic blue waters and the view of yet another small islet not too far away. Once there, you head to Kailua to see the beach that made the number one beach spot in the world year after year — Lani Kai. If you’re able to leave, I’d head onto Kamehameha Highway towards the North shore. The road trip there is an adventure in itself. You’ll see Kualoa Ranch which is the settings for many Jurassic Park movies. Across the way is China Man’s Hat (trust me, you’ll see why it’s called that). Then you’ll pass way too many beautiful beaches to name which will bring you to Haleiwa town. This rustic Hawaiian town has everything you could possibly ask for — from amazing shops with local products to all the sweets you could eat!


The Royal Hawaiian Hotel is the iconic pink hotel that is the star of any place to stay. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s on the famous Waikiki strip and has a view of the magnificent Diamond Head.

The Modern Honolulu is also another amazing place to stay if you’re looking for a more modern (hence the name) and chic place to lay your head. The night life here is amazing.

The Surfjack is an up-and-coming hotel that has been the target for all the urban parties and grand events of the city. It has a cool laidback 70s Hawaiian vibe to it that makes you never want to leave.



Haleiwa Bowls

Up Roll Cafe

‘Ai Love Nalo





Fighting Eel – Luxury meets Hawaiian modern prints makes this boutique a must shop! My favorite thing about this place is that it’s all made in Paradise, Hawaii and has prints and cuts that is suited for ladies of all ages. Plus, they have four locations around the island!

Barrio VintageHere’s a shoutout to all of my vintage collectors out there that enjoy the groovier things in life — this store is for you! It is owned by two of the coolest guys in the world who travel around the nation collecting all kinds of fun and quirky items to bring back to the people of Hawaii.

Aloha Superette – The store is name after what it truly stands for… Aloha! Everything within this store exudes Hawaiian flavour, from their clothing to accessories to even skincare! This store is a must especially when the owner is also the creative mind behind the famous Samudra bags.



You could live here your whole life and you wouldn’t run out of beaches to go to. My favorite thing to do is to go to the beach, get some sun, grab an acai bowl, travel to the next beach, watch the sunset and get some rest. All in that order 😉


You can’t leave Oahu without…

Grabbing a board and heading over to Queens surf break in the heart of Waikiki. Have you really been to Hawaii if you didn’t learn to surf?




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Images courtesy of Samantha Feyen.


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