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Gone are the days of dull cookie-cutter cubicle spaces. Young upstarts and companies are now opting for stylish and comfortable home office workplaces – and you can follow suit too. Create the office of your dreams with these modern home office ideas or give your current one an instant update with our selection of home accessories.

Sleek and Minimal

If you hate clutter, then a minimalist home office could do wonders for you. This minimalist home office incorporates lots of whites, furniture with clean lines and home accessories with neutral hues and earthy elements. Drench the space with lots of natural light or add a sleek pendant lamp .

Modern Home Offices | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Source: Catesthill

Fressard Brance with Landscape Scene | Bungalow 55 | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Fressard Brance with Landscape Scene

Mantis S3 | Homeless | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa


Mantis S3

Stationery Box | Gifts Less Ordinary | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Gifts Less Ordinary

Stationery Box

Venice Rattan Chair | Serena and Lily | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Serena and Lily

Venice Rattan Chair

Modern Rustic

If you think you need a huge space to set up your home office, think again. Transform a little nook into a workspace with space-saving furniture and the clever use of home accessories. As this home office space has maintained the rustic look of the room, adding rustic home accessories with a modern twist is encouraged.

Maddy Marble Wall Clock | Maissone | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa


Maddy Marble Wall Clock

Nordic Taupe Stool | Departures & Arrivals | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Departures & Arrivals

Nordic Taupe Stool

Kubu Basket | Stylodeco | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa


Kubu Basket

J39 – The People's Chair | Danish Design Co. | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Danish Design Co

J39 – The People’s Chair

Bold Eclectic

Those at the other end of the design spectrum will love the mishmash of vibrant hues and various interior design styles. Mix and match your desired picks until you are content with your updated space. Once you’re got the right mix, you’ll never want to step out. Our eclectic mix includes a balance of bold hues and contrasting materials.

Modern Home Offices | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

Source: Interior Idea

Diablo Stool | Homlab | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa


Diablo Stool

JW01 Chair | A + R Store | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

A + R Store

JW01 Chair

Caracole Friends and Family Table | Taylor B. Fine Design Group | Modern Home Offices | Travelshopa

Taylor B. Fine Design Group

Caracole Friends and Family Table


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