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If you want to fit in on the streets of Paris rather than stand out like a tourist, then cultivate an effortless look by leaving colour, trends, and perhaps even your activewear at home. Relaxed silhouettes, minimum accessories and neutral colour palettes will work best for an oh so chic look, finished with your self confidence. We are going for a classic striped shirt, a loose fit skirt, a cashmere scarf and simple accessories for the most appropriate streetwear for a day out in the French capital, or anywhere else really.

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The Edit

Jaali 100% Cashmere Long Scarf | Ayesha Cashmere | So Chic | Travelshopa

Ayesha Cashmere

Jaali 100% Cashmere Long Scarf

Folle De Toi Sweater | The Punch List | So Chic | Travelshopa

The Punch List

Folle De Toi Sweater

Long Sleeve Striped Shirt | Rosalie Pompon | So Chic | Travelshopa

Rosalie Pompon

Long Sleeve Striped Shirt

Katsunori Dada Leather Handbag | SOUQ | So Chic | Travelshopa


Katsunori Dada Leather Handbag

Button Down Skirt | Eclecticism | So Chic | Travelshopa


Button Down Skirt

Bali Cening Bangle | Maru Jewelry | So Chic | Travelshopa

Maru Jewelry

Bali Cening Bangle


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