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Inspiration: Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel, Paris

Parisians tend to have a certain elegance when it comes to style – nonchalant, no trends, and classic. Their strong sense of self is carried through to the home. Typical Parisian style at home marries the old and new. This may be somewhat easier when your canvas is stunning historic architecture, but putting that aside there seem to be some common elements.

The elegant Le Narcisse Blanc Hotel in Paris resembles this quintessential Parisian style. Beyond the high ceilings, floor-length windows and parquet flooring, keeping the room simple with a neutral colour palette is a good starting point. Key is to add a mix of antique and modern furniture and curiosities with hints of gold, silver and brass. The daring may go a step further by adorning the walls with large, bold art or prints.

The Edit

 Etched Oval Tray | Departures & Arrivals | Travelshopa

Departures & Arrivals

Etched Oval Tray

Antique Side Table | Homlab | Travelshopa


Antique Side Table

Fabric from Casamance | BODE | Travelshopa


Fabric from Casamance

Square Pillow | Teak and Mahogany | Travelshopa

Teak and Mahogany

Square Pillow

Low Mirror Chest | Taylor B. | Travelshopa

Taylor B.

Low Mirror Chest

Macley Swing Arm Desk Lamp Antique Brass | Bungalow 55 | Travelshopa

Bungalow 55

Macley Swing Arm Desk Lamp Antique Brass

Nails Mirror | Proof Living | Travelshopa

Proof Living

Nails Mirror

 Customised French Chair | Belouk | Travelshopa


Customised French Chair


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