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We all know the bevy of shopping opportunities sprouted across San Francisco but if you were travelling with your family – especially with kids – they’d want to join in the fun too. In this guide to Kid’s fashion in San Francisco, we take you through four kids fashion boutiques that would have you be wishing they had them in your size too!


Dottie Doolittle

An institution for kid’s fashion

3680 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118

With over 38 years of clothing thousands of children, it seems to us that Dottie Doolittle sure does know a thing or two about kid’s fashion. Carrying the best of American and European designs, the brand offers apparel for infants, toddlers, tweens and even teens. Girl sizes go up to size 16 while boys, 12. Pamper your kids with casual wear, special occasion dresses and dapper suits.

Dottie Dolittle | Kid's Fashion in San Francisco | Travelshopa




Everything from spunky to classic

540 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

There’s no need to drag your little ones through a crowded store where they get in trouble for exploring at Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks believes that kids deserve funky, stylish clothes that can survive playtime and adventures – and also look cute while doing it – we wholly agree! Step inside for a fresh and fun take on kid’s fashion. They offer everything from spunky, classic and modern children’s clothing.

Fiddlesticks | Kid's Fashion in San Francisco | Travelshopa



Handmade organic apparel

1195 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Mabuhay is filled with all unique things from local Bay Area designers and handmade treasures from around the world, which will last for years to come. This colourful and fun-filled shop specialises in locally designed, handmade and organic clothing, art, toys and accessories for newborn to 6-year-olds.

Mabuhay | Kid's Fashion in San Francisco | Travelshopa



Sophisticated and fun items for kids

2185 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

This vast space does not sell short of curated upscale children’s items. At Mudpie, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of a sophisticated variety of interesting but fun items for your kids. Their range of clothes does not disappoint too. From high-end European and American clothes, and casual to dressy pieces, this is one place you – and the kids – would love.

Mudpie | Kid's Fashion in San Francisco | Travelshopa

Kid’s Fashion in San Francisco


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