Now that travel is the new luxury, everyone seems to travelling more often, for more reasons. Here's our packing list for 3 types of trips, that'll have him ready to go in no time.

Men's Packing List for 3 Types of Trips | Travelshopa
Men's Packing List for 3 Types of Trips | Travelshopa

We have long explored different ways to pack, and have concluded that there is a knack to packing light, and right. For him, there is an additional complexity. Packing is quite often left to the very last minute, and completely over or under estimated.

We’ve heard it all before… No, you can’t wear the same business socks all week. And yes, you will need more than one pair of board shorts on your summer escape. While you may think you’ll have time to read the top five New York Times bestseller books.. we all know where that starts and ends. Unlike women, you can get away two pairs of shoes no matter where you are going: one formal and one less formal.

If scenes of arriving at your destination to discover you have forgotten the most mundane essentials our packing list for 3 types of trips may come in handy. Like many things… the more you do, the better are.


A City Break

Our idea of a city stay includes a lot of touring, shopping and eating. Layers are the perfect requirement, no mater the destination. We’re always ready for some unexpected aircon or a city tour. Going for classic cuts will ensure you look more like a guest than a tourist, and ensure you can mix and match. Don’t forget your wallet!

A Business Trip

Road warriors will know exactly what they need in their case for a quick dash to a nearby thriving metropolis; polished oxfords, a classic tie and a well-tailored two piece suit. Mismatched belt and shoes is a look that will horrify you when unpacking upon arrival. Don’t forget your cufflinks!


The Beach

The summer wind, came blowin’ in and all of a sudden you have a embraced the seaside with a loose fitting shirt, a pair of chinos and comfy espadrilles. Morning waves, midday naps and afternoon mojitos are the orders of the day. Make sure you are ready to take on the waves with a few of your favourite board shorts in tow. Don’t forget a hat!


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