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The woes of interior decorating have become a thing of the past. As we see a surge of new and hybrid home interior styles, designers take a step further by crossing boundaries of art, culture, architectural elements producing interesting, cool and even peculiar furniture to suit your home decorating needs.

Furniture brands around the region possess a great repository for creative designer furniture pieces. We found a dining cum Ping-Pong table, space-saving, stackable cabinets and decorative yet functional chairs, trays and table sets. Take your home to the next level via these 6 furniture brands with cool and innovative furniture designs.



The Gregoria Chair

Stocked at Departures & Arrivals

#02-61 Oxley Bizhub 1, 65 Ubi Road 1 Singapore 408729

The Gregoria Chair by award-winning designer, Ito Kish has become quite the icon thanks to its grandeur and visual composition. Ornately carved balusters are set in a semi-circle of different heights. The texture play continues with a fine handwoven rattan seating. A major bonus if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones as it also has a hint of resemblance to the Iron Throne from the television series.

Departures & Arrivals | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa
Departures & Arrivals | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


Notre Monde Trays

Stocked at Ethnicraft Online Singapore

#02-01, Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074

Who knew a tray could hold so many functions? The Notre Monde tray is a one-of-a-kind piece that oozes sophistication and class. The designs are inspired by fresh ideas and traditional techniques of global origin and are created by hand. Pick from a diverse collection of trays and use them as a decorative object, to serve your guests and even combine it with their exquisite customised table sets that match your home spirit and style.

Ethnicraft Online Singapore | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa
Ethnicraft Online Singapore | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


Log Stool

Stocked at Homlab

Available Online.

Made with iron wire and coated with epoxy paint, the log stool by Pols Potten is the perfect accompaniment to an eclectic home – because who uses a run-of-the-mill and ordinary stool right? The Amsterdam-based brand is renowned for its clear, innovative and tongue-in-cheek products. And it’s clearly reflected on the log stool, which is a sleek piece of furniture that doubles up as a decorative item. Quite a style-conscious concept for various spaces.

Homlab | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


The PLAYplay Collection

Stocked at Journey East

#03-02, Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road Singapore 169074

PLAYplay is a daring collection crafted for compact smart living spaces, a pop of colour for the room and for people to have fun in the midst of their living spaces. Created by the internationally acclaimed design duo Lanzavecchia + Wai, the collection channels the spirit of play forms that are seamlessly juxtaposed with a touch of retro. PLAYplay includes space-saving furniture such as the Hamburger side table and Bazaar desk cum shelf – but we’ve got our eyes set on the Pong dining table and bench set. A great way to break the ice at parties or unwind with your loved ones.

Journey East | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


SHANG System

Stocked at Scene Shang

263 Beach Road, Singapore 199542

The seamless combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality is what makes the SHANG system a unique one. Visual elements from the Ming Dynasty such as slants and curved edges are applied to a modular stacking concept while well-fit handmade grooves in the carpentry ensure the work is as intricate as it is sturdy. What’s more, you can also personalise your very own system by adding various components like trays, drawers and stools in vibrant colour palettes. A slice of Asian culture into urban living indeed.

Scene Shang | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


Graphic Hexagon Candle Holder

Stocked at White Contemporary Homewares

Shop 245 Prince’s Building 10 Chater Road Central, Hong Kong

Gone are the days where a naked candle would suffice. Candles holders now come in various styles, shapes and sizes leaving us in a pickle whenever we have to select one. A great example is this simplicité graphic design hexagon candleholder in black-coated metal. It is also wind-resistant thanks to its clear glass surrounding. Stylishly ideal for both indoor and outdoor dining occasions.

White Cotemporary Homewares | Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs | Travelshopa


6 Furniture Brands with Innovative Designs


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