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With the surge of activewear and there’s no doubt that the Athleisure trend is here to stay. But why do we only see a surge of homebred activewear for women?

We’ve sieved through the crop and a bring to you a select mix of Men’s Athleisure brands in Hong Kong. Though these shops aren’t labelled as “Athleisure”, we think they would fit the bill anyway – with a varied collection of activewear and streetwear labels.




Uber sleek active wear


Made for active and mindful living, AUMNIE is a health and wellness inspired lifestyle brand that carries yoga and fitness wear as well as ready-to-wear fashion for both men and women. The men’s collection includes uber sleek tank tops, pullovers, lightweight jackets, and bottoms in various styles. Though originally founded in Canada, AUMNIE has since expanded to the Asia-Pacific market.

Aumnie | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa


Clot / Juice

Hip Street style

9-11 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong | G/F, 2 Minden Row, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | 18A-B, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

Did you know that this brand was established by Asian actor Edison Chen together with fashion designer Kevin Poon? This under-the-radar streetwear label carries some amazing pieces perfect for a post-workout outfit. Clot has even worked with some frontrunners in the industry – including collaborations with Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola and Scion. Their lifestyle store JUICE can be found in major cities across Asia. We hear that JUICE has hosted numerous event and collection launches. Visit JUICE for a taste of hip street style gear.

Clot, Juice | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Experimental streetwear with a modern edge

Available online.

This streetwear brand immediately catches the eye with its interesting use of texture and fabrics on their pieces. Offering contemporary basics with a modern edge, Mass incorporates quality mesh in a classy way. The result is a range of edgy, and borderline-experimental meshed shorts and sweatshirts; asymmetric zip tanks and bomber jackets. Due to steady sales, founder Mass Luciano is in the talks of releasing a capsule collection every four to six months.

Mass | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa
Mass | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Fun and adorable designs for the family

Available online.

A little on the light-hearted side, Pumped is the brainchild Petra Schweiger, Denis Giglioli and Betsy Haynes. The creative trio wished there was a line of apparel that was fun, unique, colourful and readily available in Hong Kong. Now, Pumped offers an exciting collection of basic activewear for men, women and kids. The men’s collection boasts cheeky and adorable animated characters printed on vest tops and short sleeve crew neck T-shirts. All items are made of 100% organic cotton and high quality combed yarn.

Pumped | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa
Pumped | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa


HBX AKA Hypebeast Store

An emporium for the coolest men’s fashion

Available online.

The mother – or in this case, the father of all streetwear labels in Hong Kong, Hypebeast impresses with a wide-ranging selection of over 300 international and indie brands. Apart from streetwear and activewear, you will also find everything from footwear, accessories and prints and tech goods. The brands featured at Hypebeast are sourced from all around the globe including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney and more.

HBX | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa
HBX | Men's Athleisure brands in Hong Kong | Travelshopa



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