They’ve spent all their lives bringing us up. Now it’s time to give back by showing a little appreciation. A Mother’s Day celebration isn’t complete without the perfect gift for your mother. This Mother’s Day, how about gifting something that you mum would actually want?

We’ve specially crafted this Mother’s Day gift guide filled with irresistible goodies. Whether she’s a Luxe mum, Travel mum, Culinary mum, Oriental mum or Zen mum. – or a bit of everything (feel free to mix n’ match) we’re sure this Mother’s day will be an unforgettable one for her.



Luxe Mum 

Luxe Mum | Mother's Day Gift Guide | Travelshopa

IMAGE: Drew Jarrett

1. Connie Silver Pearl & Chain Necklace | Stones that rock 2. Ava Mano Clutch in Dark Brown | House of Sheens 3. Sarasa Cream Scarf | AYESHA CASHMERE 4. Iconic Saint Shopper | Desti Saint 5. GRASSHOPPER TASK TABLE LAMP | DANISH DESIGN 6. Moonstone, Citrine and Praisiolite Flowers Earrings | Lustre Jewellery



Travel Mum 

Travel Mum | Mother's Day Gift Guide | Travelshopa


1. NATURAL CURIOSITIES DORALI CELESTIAL MAP | PROOF LIVING 2. Le Specs Nefertiti Sunglasses in Blush | 3. OAHU SILK SQUARE | BUNGALOW 55 4. OFFICINE904 SHOPPING BAG | CURATOR’S DEN 5. BA&SH top BALOU | Rosalie Pompon 6. Get Knotted! Bespoke Bag charm or Keyring | Elyse & i



Culinary Mum

Culinary Mum | Mother's Day Gift Guide | Travelshopa

IMAGE: Sarah Britton

1. FREEDOM BIRD TEAPOT | The Shophouse 2. BATTEN MARBLE RECTANGLE BOAR | MAISSONE 3. THE BOOK: COOKING WITH INDIAN SPICEBOX | INDIAN SPICEBOX 4. Tea towels | Talking Textiles 5. Essential Glass Cake Cover in 10 Inch Dome Shape | Teak & Mahogany 6. BEST MUMMY IN THE WORLD VINTAGE DESSERT SPOON | Gifts Less Ordinary



Oriental Mum

Mother's day gift guide-5

IMAGE: Culture Unseen

1.Green Eyes Earrings | Bohemian Butterfly 2. Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting – Chinatown | Scene Shang 3. Pink Peony | Louise Hill Design 4. Floral Upholstery | BODE 5. Singapore in Creative Print | Photography by Sandra Macheroux  6. Padma Iphone case | Kala Pata



Zen Mum

Zen Mum | Mother's Day Gift Guide | Travelshopa

IMAGE: Gretchen Bleiler

1.Bath Brew | The Punch List 2. Coaster Set | Ethnicraft Online SingaporeMalaysia 3. Barbara White Teapot | Stylodeco 4. Glasshouse triple scented candle | White Contemporary Homewares 5. Cushion with black and white leaves | Make Room 6. Viva La Body Soaps | Shiva Designs




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