Gypsy Girl | Kids At Play | Travelshopa
Gypsy Girl | Kids At Play | Pink Princess | Travelshopa
Gypsy Girl | Kids at Play | Travelshopa

Left: The Smallers, Pink Princess, Valentina En Su Mundo

Bohemian is often referred to as a trend. However, bohemian is really a way of life, rather than a style of clothing. Typically bohemian style (or gypsy style) brings a more relaxed approach to life. When applying that approach to fashion we get looks such as layering and accessorising; something we think comes fairly natural to little girls.

Nothing speaks bohemian style more than effortlessly donning a flowy dress and a mix of colourful yet simple accessories. Inspired by our boho chic and festival dressing this casual weekend outfit for girls will have your little lass ready to frolic amongst the nature in the most laissez-faire way.

Gypsy Girl | Kids at Play | Travelshopa

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