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Packed with a surfeit of vivid colours, a dose of quirkiness and a punch of life, Motel Mexicola is hard not to miss. Located along the street of Jalan Kayu Jati, you almost think you’ve been transported to Mexico – blame it on its ornate Mexican tiles, melted candles, tropical plants, elaborate wall décor and Latin curios.

Contrary to its name, Motel Mexicola really isn’t a motel – but it sure does serve up a scrumptious menu of Mexican fare – bring on the margaritas! Of course, we couldn’t go past its quirky interior and wondered if we could add a touch of modern Mexicano to our homes too.

A word of caution though, if your style tends towards all things tranquil, maybe this or this would suit your style. However, if you’re all for a little Mexican flair, start by adding hints of its iconic bold colours into your spaces. It could be something simple like an ornament, painting or a rug  – and even a piece of furniture for the daring. Just remember to end the day with some tacos.

Modern Mexicano | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

  1. Wola Nani Fish print bowl | Live Love Africa

  2. The Ke’liling Collection Bulldog with cigar painting | Journey East

  3. 2 tone side table | Make Room

  4. Feroza Lacquer Tray | Kala Pata

  5. Normandy Orange Rug | Departures & Arrivals

  6. SHANG System – SAN Combination | Scene Shang

  7. Singapore in creative print | Photography by Sandra Macheroux

  8. Travelshopa Collections Pineapple Mirror | Shiva Designs



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