Whimsical Prints | Kids At Play | Travelshopa
 Whimsical Prints | Kids At Play | Travelshopa
 Whimsical Prints | Kids At Play | Travelshopa

Left to right: Maison QVSolo, Emma Laue


Springtime calls for garden parties and picnics; idle days spent gazing skyward and watching clouds as they float by. Come Spring, we’ll be making the most of the sunshine and cool weather with perky little outfits in a riot of fresh, whimsical prints.

Stuffed full of child-like imagination and wonder, our choice wardrobe for Spring is comprised of fair-weather essentials that will add cheer to any outing or occasion. Does your little man have a thing for robots? (Perhaps he’s turned the house into a toy robot museum) Then this cute little button-up shirt will suit him to a T. Can’t leave the house without a huggable companion? We promise this rabbit doll will be a great playtime addition.

Mums and dads on the lookout for cute and whimsical clothes and toys for tots will find them at Boutiques At The Pit Building Friday March 11, 9am to 8pm & Saturday March 12, 9 am to 6pm. Not just a great weekend of shopping and pampering for the adults, kids too will feel spoiled silly with the kid-friendly wares and fun playtime in the Playspace hosted by The Children’s Showcase.

Naps can stay on hold, adventure awaits! 


Whimsical Prints | Kids At Play | Travelshopa


  1. “A Day At Sea” Organic Cotton Dress | Sea Apple

  2. Rabbit Doll | Deer Industries

  3. Floral Hairband | Mi Dulce An’ya

  4. Coral Ballerina | The Saga Seed

  5. Cherry Clutch | The Children’s Showcase


Whimsical Prints | Kids At Play | Travelshopa


  1. Grey and White Stripe Teepee Play Tent | Domestic Objects

  2. Dinosaur Plush | Deer Industries

  3. Little Robotto Reversible Shirt | Maison Q

  4. Drawstring Bag | Duduk

  5. Khaki Rolled Hem Bermudas | Mi Dulce An’ya


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Boutiques At The Pit Building 11 & 12 March 2016


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