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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have just returned from an epic loop of the Pacific – Singapore, Hong Kong (leg stretch), San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne (leg stretch), Singapore – in 10 days. Typically, I am not a very regular ‘grammer, but I do tend to get a little Insta-happy while on the road – which is a lot at the moment. Let’s face it, it’s nice to share your favourite moments like hanging out with Olympic rowers on a fresh Saturday morning (yes a little off topic, but certainly a once in a life time opportunity) and the rarity of west coast sunsets.

What a fabulous trip it was; I met some really talented people, discovered many fabulous shops and got to know each city that little bit more. My travelling equals more destinations on Travelshopa. Going off this last trip, 2016 is going to be one mega year for travel + shopping. Have you started looking for flights yet?

One of my favourite things when travelling is talking to people. It’s how I uncover many city secrets, and walking helps me add in the details like the little details on the side of a street, the smells and general sounds of a city. San Francisco is especially pretty and always reminds me of my hometown Sydney; the harbour, shopping and food are all world class.

One fond memory was when a chatty cabby with all time “let’s get away from this traffic” skills was taking me from point A to point B. While climbing the steepest of streets and dodging trams, we were solving the problems of the world revisiting the modern history of his homeland, Singapore. Suddenly, I discovered on Google Maps (aka modern day backseat driving) that we were totally off track and at a crossing unlike any other. My costly detour turned out to be a cultural exploration of the rainbow flag ordained neighbourhood, The Castro. The Sydney girl in me felt instantly at home and reminiscing Oxford Street during Sydney Mardi Gras.

No destination was what I call a virgin visit so there was a strict agenda. Officially adding California (ok… and Australia) to Travelshopa has been a vivid dream for a while, and it’s exciting to know that our coverage of these destinations is going to be available for all to enjoy very soon. For now I am delighted you can explore California off the beaten trackNapa Valley, San Diego and Palm Springs, until we are ready to take on the big smoke.

FUR BY Adrienne Landau


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