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Halcyon House, located on New South Wales’s Cabarita Beach has quickly become the latest social media sensation, igniting our screens and our hearts with its dreamy blue and white interiors and sun-drenched halls. Brisbane-based sisters Siobhan and Elisha Bickle have been credited with transforming the once-sleepy coastal town into a design and travel magnet with their newest property. The pair turned to Sydney-based architect, Virginia Kerridge and Brisbane-based interior designer, Anna Spiro, to makeover the former 60s beach motel into a modern century design marquee.

Decked out in a classic palette of blues and whites, much like modern chinoiserie, Halcyon House recalls the modest luxury of the beach houses of old. Each room paints its own eclectic character, furnished with a unique combination of textiles, antiques and art painstakingly sourced from all over the globe. The bedroom walls and bedheads are fully upholstered with lustrous patterned fabric, adding a luxurious flair.

You’ve probably swooned over images of Halcyon House in various magazines and on Instagram. Perhaps you’ve even been there… Notice a few common elements in the decor? First off, pattern repetition. Repeating patterns create the illusion of movement and fluidity in a space and the Halcyon’s upholstered walls showcase this to stunning effect. Layering different patterns and textures (damask, stripes, floral, tropical leaf) while keeping to a dominant colour theme creates interest without looking too busy.  The key to pulling off this multi-dimensional look is symmetry — think side tables placed on both ends of a sofa, or positioning the room along a symmetrical axis. There you have it! 3 simple tips on adding a touch of design flair to your abode.


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