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It seems I have given myself the dream job title – Chief Travelshopa – and my days revolve around travelling and shopping. Well ain’t that far from the truth… But let’s not let the truth get in the way of my fairytale.

While I have said before “When I am out and about, I am either shopping or working. Never both.”, I confess the truth is I ‘go shopping’ more than the average. And I have made more than my fair share of mistakes when ‘on the job’.  These may have felt like fatal errors at the time – my bank manager keeps reminding me – they have been important lessons and this year I am committed to sticking to these shopping resolutions.

shopping-resolutions_0004_Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Shop at local designers and retailers in your hometown (and beyond) to create your personal style. I promise you will stand out from the crowd, and everyone will be asking where you got this and that. And how? My secret is write a shopping bucket list, subscribe to travel/airline websites and book flights as the deals are released throughout the year. Oh… and use your points.

shopping-resolutions_0003_Don't fall for Destination Trends

How many times have I returned with a suitcase full of designs perfect for… not my daily way of life?!! Grrr. White platform stilettos that scream hello Mykonos 1994!!! And umteen pairs of jeans with patchwork, leather strips, and tassels from the very (not so) chic French Riviera in 2002. So… while you are working through your bucket list, repeat after me: Thou shall not buy another outfit that could second as a Halloween costume. When in doubt… buy a candle. Candles make great souvenirs.

shopping-resolutions_0002_Get to Know your Style

You may think local brands may not offer the basics; but quite the contrary. Build on your essentials with eclectic pieces that you will want to keep forever, and your best friend will want to borrow (and maybe never return). Seriously… don’t fall for trends that sit outside your own style. Period. You will only look back and say… yep… that’s (not) me in the leather studded jacket with shoulder pads.

shopping-resolutions_0001_Buy Quality Over Quantity

I truly believe sometimes it is better to buy 1/3 of the clothes (or home decor pieces) for three times the price. Each time I buy an investment piece (that’s not on trend) I cherish it. It goes everywhere with me. And I get attached to it. You will love and look after quality pieces, and inadvertently you will make more conscious purchases.

shopping-resolutions_0000_Shop More Ethically

Last year we talked a lot about conscious shopping (rather than conscious uncoupling). There are so many brands and events supporting some worthy causes. I mean how ethical can a $2 school uniform be?!!! Shopping with ethics makes shopping that much more fulfilling. It’s simple.


Black candle by Maisonne.


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