A new year presents everyone a fresh crop of shopping opportunities. And for us that means creating our shopping bucket list for the year, and answering the very important question… where to shop in 2016?! Which shopping destinations do we think think are worthy of checking out – world famous and a few surprise hidden gems.

With 8 destinations officially covered on Travelshopa (5 of which we added in late 2015), 2016 brings us new, exciting opportunities. We will continue to add to the list of must-visit shopping destinations in Asia plus we will be spreading our wings and covering much loved shopping capitals such as Los Angeles, Melbourne and my hometown Sydney.

If travel sits on top of your New Year resolutions, we’ve got you covered. Here is a taste of what is to come; a snapshot of some of our favourite shopping precincts in forthcoming destinations on Travelshopa in 2016. Don’t fret if your bucket list shopping destinations are not found on this list; we are bound to cover more. If there is a particular city that you are travelling to this year, which you would like shopping details on, let us know in the comments below. It would be our pleasure to meet you there to provide you with personal guided tour.



Galata, Istanbul

Where to shop in 2016 | Istanbul | Travelshopa



A melting pot of old-world charm, alluring bohemian accents and rich culture, there’s no better time than now to wander round the cobble-stoned streets of Galata. A must see in the area is the Galata Bridge which is a leisurely stroll from the Old City to New City.


Dubbed as the chicest shopping corridor, Serdar-I Ekrem in Galata is where you will unearth small-scale boutiques filled with creations of Turkish designers – like the elegant Atelier 55 (Serdar-I Ekrem Sok. 55), boasting a range of fashion staples from Turkish and international designers alike.


For one of the most photogenic views in Istanbul you’ll just have to climb Galata Tower. Expect a bird’s eye view of the glistening Bosporus Strait and a charming view back towards the Old City. Don’t forget your selfie stick!

Istanbul | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa 


Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul  

Where to shop in 2016 | Seoul | Travelshopa



Thanks to the notorious number #1 hit by PSY, Gangnam is now recognised as one of the more fashionable and luxurious spots in Seoul.  And hands down, we agree. This glitzy district is a mecca for everything high fashion and fine dining – with many luxurious boutiques and restaurants along the picturesque streets as well as at the Galleria Luxury Hall.


If you’re all for upcoming Korean talent and would rather omit the luxury flagships stores, do not fret. Cheongdam-Dong also holds a bevvy of fashion industry leaders – think avant-garde Korean designer boutiques along the main strip as well as the hidden back streets. We can’t wait to show you around this area!


You can’t move past Gangnam’s futuristic architecture. The façade of Galleria Luxury Hall glistens at night, and Acne Studios Cheongdam evokes a minimalist front, resembling a white lightbox on the outside with metal structures inside – contemporary at its best!

Seoul | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa


West 3rd Street, Los Angeles

Where to shop in 2016 | Los Angeles | Travelshopa



Large is size, LA offers an eclectic mix of opportunities, so a car will enable you to see more, quickly. On your way to shopping up a storm on West 3rd Street, take the back streets to take in some American residential architecture and perfectly manicured gardens. Lucky you, should you be there around the holiday season to see a smorgasbord of gardens and front doors all light up.


Whether it’s digging through vintage stores in West 3rd street or shopping for luxurious goods at the Fashion District in Downtown LA – the unofficial trendsetter satisfies every type of shopper in the book. Expect charming Parisian themed boutiques, fragrance shops, luxury fashion, eclectic homewares and more.


With its prized possessions like Disneyland and Dodger Stadium bagging the title of being the most Instagrammed places in the world – it’s no surprise to encounter photo ops in every other corner. Yes, we do mean EVERY other corner! California has plenty of street art and murals for an #ootd shot unlike any other.

Los Angeles | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa


Tianzifang, Shanghai

Where to shop in 2016 | Shanghai | Travelshopa



Shanghai is the result of east meets west – a heady blend of traditional Chinese and colonial magnificence in a contemporary setting. Hailed as the “Oriental Paris” and known as the center of China’s fashion industry, there’s no doubt that shopping is an obvious staple in the bustling city.


Though Nanjing Road enjoys its position as the top Commercial Street in China; it is at Tianzifang – the French Concession area of Shanghai where you will face a treasure trove of artisanal gems – unique handicrafts and noteworthy art galleries. Deke Erh Art Culture (No. 2 Lane 10) is a boutique offering home décor and one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends back home.


Visitors flock the city to experience its pulse and rich history and so should you – apart from the shopping of course. Take in the city’s panoramic views from the observation deck of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Certainly not for the faint hearted – the deck offers views from 474 metres above ground level!

Shanghai | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa


Fitzroy, Melbourne

Where to shop in 2016 | Melbourne | Travelshopa



Even though it’s undergone an inevitable gentrification, Fitzroy has managed to retain its creative edge, thanks to the slew of bookstores, art galleries, local fashion boutiques and artists’ markets in the neighbourhood. Just a short stroll from Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy is indeed a one-stop spot for independent designer shopping.


Gertrude Street is the ultimate paradise for all bohemians at heart – filled with quaint stores carrying vintage wares, curios and oddities. If your taste tends towards a sophisticated style, visit Tanner + Teague (287 Smith St.) at Smith Street – contemporary fashion combined with signature looks and a European aesthetic for him, her and kids.


After visiting Brighton beach’s fêted bathing boxes – we can’t resist them ourselves – head over to Queen Victoria Market for a culture infused photography sesh’ from the pulsating and vibrant stalls and pushcarts while indulging in a little something to fill your tummies.

Melbourne | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa


Woollahra, Sydney

Where to shop in 2016 | Sydney | Travelshopa



Nestled just 5 kilometres east of the Sydney CBD, Woollahra is best for a placid village-style shopping affair. Though its gastronomy culture is as influential as any today – this suburb boasts some of Sydney’s finest cafes – its fashion quotient isn’t too far behind.


A unique plethora of local fashion boutiques, speciality stores and art galleries fills the heritage-listed terraces – with the bulk of them located at Queen Street. Quincy (76 Queen Street) is the quintessential shoe and bag boutique providing the most coveted collections from renowned designers.


Do not neglect some Instagram-worthy clicks of the contemporary and heritage terrance houses in the surrounding streets.

Sydney | Where to shop in 2016 | Travelshopa


Where to shop in 2016

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