You don’t have to be a globetrotter to appreciate design accents from around the world. While some of the best travel-inspired homes have been lovingly assembled over the span of numerous faraway trips and exotic escapes, you can easily recreate the same global look and flavour with a few well-appointed home décor pieces.



A copper glass lantern is the perfect meeting of modern sensibilities and eclectic tastes. Use it to dress up a tablescape or group it together with a display of your favourite found objects and trinkets. Its metallic sheen immediately draws the eye while its rosy tone imbues a sense of warmth by day or night. Here’s another nifty trick we like: hang it on a sturdy branch as an unconventional Christmas ornament for some added glitz.


With its unique geometric prints and ethnic undertones, this ceramic vase from Make Room definitely possesses a worldly allure. It’s high-contrast, monochrome pattern adds a unique touch to your interior space. Group it with several like ceramic vases or decorate it with sparse or rustic blooms.


The trick to obtaining a comfortable lived-in atmosphere is through the layering of different textures and textiles. Available in an easy-going black and cream print, mixing and matching will be a cinch. Layer it with plenty of bright cushions and throws in ethnic and heritage-inspired prints for a boho-luxe vibe.


1. Mini Copper Lantern | Make Room

2. Ceramic Vase | Make Room

3. Printed Cushion | Make Room


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