Mention Thanksgiving, and turkey first comes to mind. This quintessential American holiday that dates back to 1600s has always been associated with turkey. No feast is complete without this table centerpiece – it’s tradition.

Just how exactly do you prepare a perfect roast turkey? Let Michelin-star trained Chef John Sawarto teach you.

The Flavours of Thanksgiving | Travelshopa

What’s your cooking philosophy? 

Use the freshest ingredients, never apply cooking shortcuts, and most of all, cook with lots of passion and patience.


What are three cooking tools you can’t live without?

Chopping board, Chef’s knife, and peeler.


What’s your signature dish?

Cracking pork belly, we’ve served thousands of this pork belly! It’s savory and crispy, then melts in your month. It’s different from what other chefs are serving.


What’s the best compliment you’ve received from your client/s?

“John, this glutinous rice reminds me of my mom’s recipe.” If you touch someone’s heart with your food that’s success.


Favourite food.

I love Hainanese Chicken Rice!


Tips on how to become a successful chef in this day and age.

Always be mindful of these things – Original style. Discipline. Hygiene. Extreme attention to detail. Techniques.


Words of wisdom.

Cook with common sense. Don’t overpower people with too many ingredients; keep it simple.


You can find Chef John Sawarto on My Private Chef.


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