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Each year there seems to be more and more local brands with a social conscious. More local designers are mindful of the way they source raw materials, design and create their products through to their packaging and retailers are curating and stocking products based on the level of social responsibility a brand has. We are even seeing events based arounds these new ethical standards – like the forthcoming Boutique at the Pit Building.

However all this talk about socially conscious shopping got us thinking about what it actually is. Like most things it can mean different things to different people. I got thinking about how Travelshopa is socially conscious and how we could do more to give back. We are working on number of initiatives in this area and will keep you posted of them.

But in the meantime, to understand what socially conscious means to designers and retailers we asked these emerging local brands who will all be showcasing at Boutiques at the Pit Building, Share The Love, to describe what it means to them.

What does being socially conscious mean to you?


Baby Style Icon

“We believe social responsibility lies in empowering women and their small businesses to create a sustainable community of entrepreneurs that can support and inspire each other.”

Other than bringing new levels of swag to baby and kid’s fashion, Baby Style Icon supports businesses owned and run by women around the world including those from Singapore, Australia and Canada


Cheeky Egg

“Social responsibility means that we “take care” in our choices – our choices on how to start a business, run a business, treat our team members, suppliers & how we offer a product to our customers that leaves a positive impact on the whole.”

Cheeky Egg’s fun range of tablecloths, play mats and placemats are both functional and lovely to look at. All products are handmade in Singapore and their placemats are created in partnership with the Society for the Physically Disabled.


Forty Red Bangles

“As a business we ensure we are socially responsible by being accountable for our actions on an ethical and environmental level through ongoing sustainable development.”

Forty Red Bangles offers a handcrafted collection of clothing, jewellery and homewares made from planet-friendly materials and fabrics. The business provides a sustainable income to various women’s empowerment groups who contribute towards the production of their goods.


Grin by Anne Gedeon

“The true selfless act of ‘giving’ is ‘giving’ even when you, yourself don’t have enough, and to teach the next generation just that notion from a very young age.”

Go big and go bold with Grin by Anne Gedeon’s audacious statement jewellery. Her current collection, ‘I Shot A Flower’ is dedicated solely to helping impoverished and orphaned child victims of the Middle Eastern wars rebuild their lives, with proceeds given to The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.


Indian Spicebox

“Being socially responsible means running a business with heart and making a difference wherever and whenever we can. It’s all about making better and more meaningful choices.”

Wish to gain a handle on Indian cooking? Indian Spicebox presents everything you need to rustle up an authentic Indian dish in one neat package. The brand uses only responsibly sourced and 100% organic spices with a significant percentage of profits dedicated towards feeding hungry street children in India.



“We aim to make products that bring our customers joy whilst bringing security and smiles to those that make them.”

MONIKO produces a stunning range of modern day accessories recrafted from vintage obi and kimono. The brand partners with international self-help groups and NGOs to provide fair employment and training to the disabled and disadvantaged.



Quote: When someone purchases ONE+ONE products, not only does ONE+ONE become a reality, it becomes part of their reality too – and a reminder that we each have the power and the choice to make a positive difference.

ONE+ONE is a maker of bespoke handcrafted leather goods and accessories, each one a product of unique creation through custom leather finishes and personalised details. In addition, 30% of each person’s net contribution to ONE+ONE craftwork will be donated to a charitable organisation.


Boutiques at the Pit Building – Share the Love

When: Friday & Saturday, Nov 6 & 7, 2015 | 9am – 6pm

Where: F1 Pit Building, No. 1 Republic Boulevard, #02-01 and #02-02, Singapore 038975

Payment method: Cash, all major credit cards & NETS

Admission: Free with optional donation at the door. 100% of proceeds from admission will go towards a local charity.

Parking: Free

Next event details are available here


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