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A Rug For Every Room | Travelshopa Guides
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A rug for every room | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

We are obsessed with rugs. Well, what’s not to love? Not only do rugs add beauty, warmth, texture and colour to your living spaces, they also have the ability to complete the look of any space. Selecting a rug for every room can be an overwhelming design task. Believe it or not, it is easier than it seems. All you’ll need to do is coordinate your rug with the theme/style of the room.

While many love a subtle and natural look of sisal and jute, others opt for the rug to be a focal point in their room. Liven up a neutral space with playful patterns or solid colours or blend a room of neutral tones with rugs of versatile neutral tones that add texture and depth.

Since the living room is the star of most homes, opt for a plush rug that’ll create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for guests. Thin yet durable rugs are best in the kitchen and dining area – be sure to pick a rug that’s able to withstand unfortunate spills, and is big enough for the area! And finally, pick a large rug for your bedroom as majority of your rug will be covered under your bed. These are some of our favourite rugs! What are yours?

A rug for every room | Dream Spaces | Travelshopa

1. Lace Linen Rug | Proof Living

2. Nanimarquina Rug | Bode

3. Tangier Indoor/Outdoor Rug | Maissone

4. Promenade Medium Brown Natural Hide With Leather Rug | Mountain Living

5. Vivian Denim & Wool Rug | Departures & Arrivals

6. Ivory Wool Grid Tufted Rug | Bungalow 55

7. Charcoal Earth Rug | Danish Design

8. Carpet | Make Room




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