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Black on black. We love this classic monochrome look for day and night. Due to its subdued colour palette, black on black seems to never go out of style, and creates a look that’s sleek, chic and edgy. The no-nonsense palette is also versatile and allows you to experiment with diverse fabrics like lace; textures, patterns and cutouts without screaming too loud.

With Boutiques Singapore, just around the corner on November 6th and 7th, we picked out our favourite black pieces that will be on sale at the Share The Love Edition. If you’re feeling glamorous, go all out with this bold laser cut gown – a popular favourite that is sure to turn heads. If you’re looking for something a little less va-va-voom, be sure to vary fabrics and textures with a clutch, statement jewellery and even a pair of black sandals!

So, what are your black on black staples?

Black on Black | Boutiques Singapore: Share the Love | Travelshopa

1. Robe Iphigenie (decoupe laser) | Rouge

2. Fold Over Black Clutch | Desti Saint

3. Lock It Leather Multi String Bracelet | Unika

4. Sarasa Black Scarf | Ayesha Cashmere

5. Zanzibar Necklace | Killari Jewellery 

6. Black Hairy Leather Sandals | Unika


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