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The world has San Francisco to thank for dishing up famous eats like the Mission-style burrito, sourdough bread and the ice cream cookie sandwich. Is it any wonder that this vibrant and free-spirited city sees a staggering horde of visitors hungry for a slice of San Francisco’s amazing food culture?

It’s hard to explain what strange alchemy makes up the flavours of San Francisco. The culinary style here is adventurous, daring and experimental, with a penchant for fusion flavours.

Easily one of San Francisco’s most signature dishes, Cioppino is a seafood stew that’s traditionally made with the day’s catch. This rendition by American celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, is a mouthwatering medley of clams, shrimps and fish drenched in rich tomato broth and spiked with wine. Simple and easy to make, the choice of seafood can be varied as you like. Serve with crusty sourdough as a nod to this San Francisco classic! If that’s not enough indulgence, Cioppino is best enjoyed with a glass of your favourite vino. Talk about a recipe we love.

The Flavours of San Francisco | Cioppino | Recipe | Chic Living | Travelshopa


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