I vividly remember the exact moment when Travelshopa (the word) was born. We (my hubby and I) were sitting at our kitchen bench… we didn’t have a dining room table back then. He was drinking beer while I was resting my glass of water on my baby bump, and out of nowhere the words were spoken – travel shopper – really quickly – and I said… you mean shopper with an “a” at the end? Like how Aussies would pronounce it? Umm yes. And that moment propelled us into a domain name search frenzy. Sure enough it was available and the rest is history.

I am a Travelshopa. Yes, I am. We’ll if I am not one, then who is? I created the word. So I guess that makes me one by default. Plus… I cannot deny it… I love shopping everywhere – but I don’t always buy. I just really love the experience of shopping. And now that it is my job, I can’t mix the two. I am either shopping or working. Sadly, I am not very skilled at doing both at the same time – believe me I have tried. It just doesn’t work for me. When I am shopping I am incognito. No business cards, no camera, no notebook and no kids. Nothing. Just me, my sunnies and a credit card.

Speaking of sunnies… I have recently been sporting this pair, by the ever so talented Suki. I met her at the launch of MasterCard Priceless Cities Bali. She’s super talented and creates these wonderful wooden sunglasses. When I came across these camouflage print ones, I couldn’t pass them up (although I did pause on the zebra ones).

I am a huge camo fan (ok not cargo pants, but small touches of camo). It puts an edge to classic style. But not too much. Not like I am off to National Service. These sunnies are made from sustainably grown materials with a focus on environmentally conscious and socially responsible methods of production. And I think they are super cool. Handmade camo, wooden sunnies from a young emerging designer in Bali, with a motto ‘Follow The Sun’… If that’s not one of the best Travelshopa finds ever I don’t know what is?!



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