This week marks 3 years since I started researching what would become Travelshopa. Yes, I too can’t believe how the time has passed and on the flip side I can believe it as it’s required an enormous amount of dedication, commitment, blood, sweat, tears (of joy of course) and sore feet from the hundreds of hours of travel and pounding the pavement in search of the best local brands in Singapore, HK, Jakarta, Saigon, Bali, California and some other destinations yet to be disclosed.

Over the years it’s been a pleasure to see a rise in supporting local and the demise of many misnomers about local brands. This movement towards local brands has become a preference of many. And it gives me such pleasure.

For those who gravitate towards a simple, classic style you may think local brands may not offer what you are looking for; quite the contrary.

Stripes are one of my favourite travel essentials (and at home let’s not kid ourselves). This summer it’s been a joy to see so many local brands creating great collections based on stripes.

Nothing beats a quality cotton linen striped top when travelling – with stripes you are instantly ready for the beach, checking out a new city, or dressy enough for an impromptu meal. I wear stripes with anything; leopard print espadrilles, plain block coloured shorts, lace skirts and leather pants. Day and night. Casual and dressed up. But my favourite would be with denim and sandshoes. It’s my go-to outfit for in-flight. A long sleeve version with leggings and I am ready for my babies to climb, draw, and spill food all over me (but gosh they’d never do that).

How do you wear your stripes?

Striped top by Frockk.


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