The flavours of Phuket | Som Tam by Chef McDang | Chic Living | TravelshopaImage source: Kitchit Blog

As a tropical paradise island peddling luxury and enjoyment to holiday-seekers and beachgoers, Phuket is not one to neglect its culinary appeal. Besides a reputation for fresh and succulent seafood, Phuket’s local cuisine taps into all the nuances of Thai cooking, which shows off a balance between sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter taste profiles.

A quintessential Thai dish, Som Tam is a tangy and delicious green papaya salad that is so popular, it’s served round every street corner. Som Tam comes in many varieties, although the main ingredients typically centre around grated green papaya mixed with cherry tomatoes, long beans and peanuts doused in an addictive pickle of chilies, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice, coconut and sugar.

Thais insist that the best Som Tam cannot be found at any one of Phuket’s star restaurants but are more likely to be served at a humble no-name street vendor. Now, what’s stopping you from whipping up your very own version of this fiery salad dish? This recipe for classic Som Tam Thai by celebrity chef, McDang, will help bring the flavours of Phuket right into your home kitchen.

The flavours of Phuket | Som Tam by Chef McDang | Chic Living | Travelshopa


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