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Greetings Travelshopas!

We love adding new destinations to our list of shopping guides, and at long last we can say hello to Bangkok!

Bangkok is a sprawling city alongside an endless supply of shopping spots. Too much to cover all at once! So let us slowly introduce you to the best shopping spots in Bangkok for local designers and independent retailers.

Many shoppers flock to Bangkok for its buzzing markets. We think Chatuchak Market is a must-see and our guide takes you to the hard to find corners with nothing but the best. Bangkok is not short of modern malls, and Siam Center is top of our list for talented local designers.

Feeling inspired by the land of smiles, we’re trying our hand at some Thai delicacies. We could go by a mean Massaman Beef Curry by Terrence Carter. And to prepare the day long shopping adventures, we’ve created the perfect outfit no mater what time of the year.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what Bangkok has to offer, or any other special shopping requests you may have. Drop us a line!

Happy shopping wherever you may be!

The Travelshopa Team



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