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There’s no denying that shopping in Bangkok is a thrilling experience not to miss. With a rising number of local fashion labels amidst its large malls, it’s safe to say that a shopping experience in Bangkok is on par with Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There’s simply no stopping this fabulous capital.

If you regularly visit the vibrant city and claim to know it at the back of your hand, we urge you to give it a second look through our eyes. We scoured main retail precincts like Siam Square, Siam Center and Chatuchak Market to the up and coming streets of Thonglor. What we love about Bangkok is that apart from its rich culture, well-loved cuisine and shopping spots, most of the products are created right here! Gifted craftsmen showing off their talented hand-stitched, hand-painted crafts are a common sight.

Of course, it is impossible to cover the entirety of the region, so we’ve done the honours of compiling a handy list of shopping precincts in Bangkok to get you started.




You’d think that Bangkok already tops the list for its cuisine and shopping, but we beg to differ. The markets are commendable in many ways- be it the extravagant display of souvenirs, fashion and knick-knacks, their competitive prices and experiencing its hustle and bustle. Whether you’re visiting one of its many night markets or the prevalent Chatuchak, immersing into its vibrant atmosphere is something not to miss. You’ll be surprised at a number of items they have to offer. We found some unique homewares, decorative items and of course, quirky souvenirs to take home.




Siam is crowned as the ultimate spot for your shopping fix. This humble street is filled with a contrast of small designer boutiques together with large malls like the majestic Siam Paragon and Siam Center. But the star of this precinct is Siam Square. Forget the cookie-cutter malls and head to Siam Square for a taste of how the Thais do it. Only a short stroll along the walkway and you’ll spot a series of over 500 humble stalls and boutiques of men’s and women’s fashion lining the small allies. We’d suggest hydrating for this one as you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

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Silom has the ability to satisfy all types of shoppers. Carefully balancing a mix of old and new, this precinct consists of trendy new malls to popular favourites like Patpong Night market. Take a stroll along this pulsating street to encounter hidden gems- some not so hidden if you take a second glance. Of course, if you’ve run out of stores, there’s always the infamous and frisky Patpong Night Market, which displays designer knock-offs, quirky knick-knacks, Thai artwork and accessories. Everything here is an imitation so be sure to heckle for the best steals.

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Among the trendy cafes and nightclubs, Thonglor is a watering hole to upscale stylish fashion boutiques, upcoming and creative designers, and a popular spot for expats. It’s no wonder that Thonglor is dubbed as the city’s most fashionable street. Flock the area for a taste of hip and high street fashion, followed by an unforgettable night of fun.

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