With its pretty flowery villas and modern luxury apartments, District 2 in Saigon may seem more suited to a weekend retreat, but shoppers may find themselves surprised at the bubbling shopping scene in the An Phu and Thao Dien wards.

Largely recognized as an expat-friendly residential enclave, District 2 has seen a steady trickling of contemporary boutiques offering quality wares aimed at a savvy, international crowd. It’s for this reason shopping in District 2, Saigon, is a must on our list.

One of the main draws of District 2, we feel, is the amazing antique furniture. Tucked away in a dusty warehouse by the expressway, Antique Furniture is home to a stupendous spread of beautifully restored antiques. (While crossing “Xa Lo Ha Noi” from the city, look out for a distinct red garage door and pull over.) Spend as much time as you like marvelling at the grandeur of old. When you’re ready, hop back into the car and head right for Xuan Thuy street.

The commercially busy street of Xuan Thuy is where you will find a host of refined furniture and interior stores as well as children’s and women’s’ fashion boutiques scattered along the street’s length. Trail off into Thao Dien Street and the neighbouring street of Le Van Mien for more of the same.



Restored furniture and antiques

1B Ha Noi Highway, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Instantly recognizable by its brilliant red garage door, the Old Furniture’s holds a rich stockpile of old, restored furniture and antique pieces that are a dream to behold. Housed within the remote cavernous shed is a treasury of beautifully restored antiques including decorative tile-top tables, carved wooden consoles, wrought-iron lamps and paneled folding screens. Located just off the Ha Noi highway, it’s all too easy to let this gem slip so keep your eyes peeled for that red door!




Handcrafted furniture and decor

21 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Assembled somewhat haphazardly at Ardeli’s cozy little store is a collection of handcrafted furniture and decorative accessories. A dazzling display of pendant lamps and lanterns hang from the ceiling while stone statues, handmade pleated cushions, lacquer vases and other decorative items lie scattered about the shop. Most of the items in the shop are either locally produced or handmade by owner, Miss Hanh and her family, including a unique assortment of mosaic tables, printed poufs and cushions. Custom orders are also welcome.




Contemporary furniture and interiors

37 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

67 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Come to Linh’s Furniture for a taste of beautiful Vietnamese craftsmanship and design. With two showrooms located along Xuan Thuy Street in Thao Dien, Linh’s presents contemporary accents in a tranquil and rustic environment. Choose from a vast array of furniture and furnishings such as sofas, dining chairs, tables, lighting, rugs, textiles and decorative sculptures. As proof of its artistic mettle, Linh’s also works with both established and emerging designers on custom design collaborations that add a unique touch to the home.

 Linh's Furniture | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa
 Linh's Furniture | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa




Quality reproduction and period-style furniture

49 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Instore houses a showstopping selection of reproduction and period furniture from all around the world. No matter your interior design whim or fancy, you’re sure to find an accoutrement of choice here. With styles ranging from French and Italian to the contemporary and classical, Instore brings a whole repertoire of antique style furniture to fans of the luxury aesthetic. Browse export-quality statement pieces such as a rich Italian brown leather chesterfield sofa or an exquisite baroque style cabinet, all locally made.

 Instore | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa
 Instore | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa




Sustainable fashion boutique and nail salon

81 Xuan Thuy Street , District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Get a major primping at D2 Fashion Lifestyle, a fashion boutique and nail salon rolled into one. Occupying two floors of a beautiful renovated villa on Xuan Thuy Road, the spacious well-lit boutique curates a stunning selection of sustainable clothing labels such as Tonle and Elsewhere from Cambodia, Dien Anh from Vietnam, Djinn from the UK and Moniko from Malaysia. Fill up on resort-style dresses, breezy cotton tunics and boho-glam jewellery at this charming earthy boutique.

D2 Fashion Lifestyle | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa

D2 Fashion Lifestyle | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa



Sleek, classical furniture

97 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

A brand synonymous with modern elegance and sophistication, B.A. Furniture showcases sleek, classical furniture in its signature “Art Décor” style. Art Décor combines European extravagance with Vietnamese oriental flair, producing furniture imbued with marble, copper, leather, cane and various other creative embellishments. B.A. Furniture produces a wide range of interior furniture and decorative pieces, with most being crafted from quality hardwoods such as mahogany and oak.




Modern Scandinavian kids apparel

108 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

When it comes to clothes for kids, comfort is key. Pure Heaven has the formula down pat with high quality threads from boutique family business, Copenhagen Delights. Aside from staples like sailor stripes, washed canvas shorts and easy cotton frocks, there’s plenty of baby apparel like overalls and bodysuits to choose from as well. Designed to allow children the freedom to play and move, Pure Heaven’s modern apparel are made from 100% natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk in the classic Danish style.




Decorative woodworks and furniture

110 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Connoisseurs of decorative art will take heart in the intricate sculpted woodworks at Duy Chinh. With skills passed down through the generations; Duy Chinh creates decorative sculptures, furniture and furnishings that meld traditional Asian features with European sensibilities. Contemporary pieces such as modern bookcases are combined with artistic flourishes such as stone figurines and wooden relief wall carvings.




Practical furniture and home essentials

112 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Fill the cracks in your home with Decosy’s astonishing range of furniture and home décor. Probably the closest thing Vietnam has to an IKEA, Decosy boasts a gaping inventory of tables, beds, cupboards, tableware, glasses and ceramics in a classic European style. They even produce a range of furniture for babies and toddlers that include cots, changing tables and bunk beds. If its practical and beautiful home essentials you seek, Decosy can definitely sort you out with its locally made and designed furniture wares.




Luxury American furniture and interior design

42 Nguyen Dang Giai, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Austin Home Interiors brings classic modern American furniture to Ho Chi Minh. The store carries some of the most respected names in luxury furniture such as John Richard, Emporium Home, Woodbridge and Moore Council. Designed to be an all-encompassing solution for the discerning homeowner, Austin Home Interiors offers custom interior design and upholstery services to bring your dream home to life.




Whimsical children’s boutique and gift shop

37 Thao Dien Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Step into the global village of Little Anh-Em, a vibrant kid’s boutique filled with the whimsical designs of French-Vietnamese designer, Magalie Nguyen-Kim. Inspired by fashion around the world, Magalie puts a modern spin on traditional dress forms such as the sarouels worn in the Middle East and the Vietnamese ao dai. The Saigon touch is also ever-present, with star-shaped motifs adorning many of the handmade bags, stationery and accessories that dot the boutique. An eye-catching spread of fun toys and stylish clothing from international brands such as Petit Bateau and Bakker Made With Love are also available.

Little Anh-Em | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa



Stylish indoor and outdoor furniture

51 Le Van Mien Street, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Nestled amongst verdant villas and luxury apartments, Feeling Tropic offers a refreshing palette of warm and bleached wood furniture and home furnishings. With a focus on sustainably-sourced materials and certified woods, Feeling Tropic delivers on feel-good furniture that are just as easy on the eyes. Find stylish outdoor amenities such as rattan armchairs and mosaic tables, a full range of indoor furniture and other living essentials like lamps, tableware and all-natural bath items. Custom orders are also completed at amazing speed, with delivery within three weeks.

Feeling Tropic | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa

 Feeling Tropic | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa
 Feeling Tropic | Shopping Guide to District 2, Saigon | Travelshopa




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