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In any city, SoHo is usually a name reserved for only the coolest neighbourhoods. SoHo Hong Kong is no different. An area lying South of Hollywood Road, SoHo is most commonly known as an after-dark destination for wining, dining and all manner of lighthearted entertainment. But that’s not the only reason to visit. Fashion and home lovers also recognise it as a playground for eclectic and unique wares, many of which you won’t see elsewhere. Countless vintage shops, furniture showrooms and artsy boutiques punctuate the endless rows of bars, bistros and alfresco restaurants, making the upward climb along Peel Street and the adjacent streets of Elgin and Staunton a fitful but rewarding escapade.

Read through the guide and you’ll figure out soon enough why you need to include ‘shopping in SoHo’ as part of your itinerary!



17 Staunton

Chinese porcelain in all shapes and sizes

17 Staunton Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

This humble store features Chinese porcelain and ceramics in all shapes and sizes. You’ll see an array of white and blue porcelain jars. The decorations on the jars are usually applied by hand, stencilling or transfer-printing under the glaze with a blue pigment. Chinese pictorial designs such as flying cranes, dragon and lotus flowers are seen on these pieces.

17 Staunton | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong| Travelshopa

Chopsticks at 17 Staunton | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong| Travelshopa
17 Staunton | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong| Travelshopa



Fang Fong Projects

Asian fabrics and prints in contemporary styles

69A Peel Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Fang Fong is a vintage-modern concept store that uses Asian fabrics and prints to create contemporary styles. For an example, Thai silk is used to create trench coats. How trendy is that?! Fang Fong aims to introduce vintage styles to modern day women. Since it’s opening in late 2006, Fang Fong has become one of the famous stores for “Stock Fabrics Fashion”. They also design bags, shoes and offer consultations for tailoring.

Fang Fong Projects | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong| Travelshopa



Fiona’s Collection    

Exotic-skin handbags at affordable prices

2/F, Union Commercial Building, 12 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo, Hong Kong

Chic exotic-skin handbags produced by leading fashion houses, have found their way into every fashionista’s wish list in the past few years. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the prices-until now. At Fiona’s collection, you’ll be able find every exotic skin imaginable at an affordable price. The boutique offers a collection of bag packs, clutches, and handbags made from the skin of crocodiles, alligators, ostriches, lizards, pythons and stingrays. Rest assured that any leather goods you’ve purchased have been legally traded, so not to worry, our endangered animals are still safe!



Home Essentials

Furniture and decor rental store

33 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo, Hong Kong

Home Essentials is a furniture company that sells and rents all types of furniture and home décor worldwide. It owns the prestigious title of being the first furniture rental company in many countries including Dubai, China and Spain. This is just the store all expatriates need that is not only dependable, but dedicated to addressing all home furnishing requirements.




Trendy furniture and homeware that can be customised

4 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

This humble store features a vast collection of modern and contemporary furniture and homeware. Their upholstery designs feature colour blocking patterns and prints that are very trendy if you’re looking into redecorating your spaces. Every material, colour and texture they offer is also displayed at the store, should you wish to customise your furniture.

 Homey | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong| Travelshopa
 Homey | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Jenny Packham Boutique

Internationally acclaimed fashion brand

32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

One of UK’s most successful and internationally acclaimed fashion brands, Jenny Packham, has finally opened a flagship store in Hong Kong. The store features lavish and elegant evening wear, bridal gowns and accessories. Jenny Packham’s designs have been worn by some of the most iconic and influential women of our generation including Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet and The Duchess of Cambridge.



Lianca Central

High quality products in vibrant colours

27 Staunton Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Lianca Central prides on their high standard of quality in each product. They select the finest materials that adhere to their high standards. This boutique manufactures and retails leather accessories, bags, pouches, stationeries and wallets in simple designs yet vibrant colours. They emphasize on colour as they believe it has an emotional effect on users.

Lianca Central | Guide to Shopping in Soho ,Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Love Brunch

Boutique with exquisite and elegant finds

22 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo, Hong Kong

Boutiques and clothing shops are not enough for us ladies who are passionate about fashion and styling. Adorning new pair of outfit can be an adventure. Whether it is a trendy pair of clothing or a classic duo that you want to match, Love Brunch has it all. It is a fashion store that gives us exquisite and elegant outfits. Their collection includes a mix of edgy and chic styles.



Markin Jewellery

Unconventional industrial themed pieces

8 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Founder Vladimir Markin is a Moscow-based artist with a unique style. He creates unconventional industrial and mechanical-themed pieces, giving a futuristic touch to your outfits. His jewellery is made with ebony, gold, diamonds and colourful precious jewels. The architecture of each ring is determined by the size and shape of precious stones hand-picked by Markin himself, and all wood inclusions are set by hand.The store in SoHo also has a special area away from the showroom, where you can observe the jewellery-manufacturing process.

Markin Jewellery | Guide to Shopping in Soho ,Hong Kong | Travelshopa


Olive Forrest

Asian and European inspired furniture with a touch of bohemian

72 Peel Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Olive Forrest is an Irish expat, who sells a blend of antique and contemporary homeware, home décor and furniture. Her store features Asian and European inspired furniture with a little bohemian style. She recently launched a kid’s edition of furniture and furnishings, which include high-quality bed linens.




Platform for talented Hong Kong designers

16A Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Roo is the place to go for insider information on the latest, trendy men’s and women’s fashion in Hong Kong! It is an online fashion retailer aiming to promote Hong Kong’s fashion designers to local and international audiences. This is a platform where Hong Kong’s fashion designers unite. It serves as a directory for customers to explore Hong Kong’s best selection.



Spy Henry Lau

Trendsetting mens’ boutique

21 Staunton Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Spy Henry Lau is a men’s boutique in SoHo. It’s owner, Henry Lau has participated in many image, costume and stage designing for various local celebrities. His first boutique featured outstanding and innovative designs that earned him deep adoration from trendsetters worldwide. His collection focuses on casual street style, including a small collection for women. Henry now has 6 retail outlets locally, as well as a website for online purchasing.



Tequila Kola

For a pop of colour in the home

34 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Tequila Kola is the place to go if you’re sourcing for a pop of colour for your homes. They boast all types of furniture that is fit to suit every interior look. The massive showroom displays items according to theme or colour, making it easy locating your preferred items. Their popular homeware and furniture include vintage trunks, statement items and Chesterfield sofas.

 Tequila Kola | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong | Travelshopa
 Tequila Kola | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



The Vintage Concept 

Prestigious watch brands and collectors’ items

Unit 7-8 Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo, Hong Kong

The Vintage Concept specializes in high quality watches from prestigious brands such as Rolex and Panerai. They also have a collection of limited edition pieces and collectors’ items from brands like Cartier, Omega and Patek Philippe. You can package the watches into perfect gifts for your men as the store imports a wide range of watch straps, cases and boxes from Europe and the US.




Small label jewellery brands

Unit 1204 Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, SoHo, Hong Kong

This store carries a collection of small label jewellery brands as well as accessories from local and international designers. Adorn your look with quirky bracelets or statement necklaces at The9thMuse. They offer cutting-edge, vintage and elegant jewellery for all styles. They also offer a wide range of prices to suit your pockets. The9thMuse is available online.




Eco-chic furniture boutique

22 Elgin Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

Clean, comfortable, and harmonious living space is what TREE offers. TREE is Hong Kong’s first eco-chic furniture boutique that has a deep passion to provide environmental friendly furniture and home decors. It commits to selling reclaimed, recycled and re-loved furniture made from different types of wood and finishing. Every piece of furniture from this store is uniquely designed and carefully crafted. TREE also has a beautifully designed café where you can take a break from choosing your items.

TREE | Guide to Shopping in Soho | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Guide to Shopping in SOHO

Nearest MTR: Central Station


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