Styling Tablescales | Paresa Collection Interior

We love to think about styling tablescapes for our next gathering and find inspiration online and in stores…even if our next event is a few months away!

Singapore interior specialists, Paresa Collection Interior suggest using a mix of natural materials and exquisite accessories to style the table and create a personal statement to please your guests.  Their advice is to set a theme and carry this through the table in the pieces you select. The theme, whether it be a tropical affair or vintage soiree will help to build up your table and keep it looking stylish.

Here, they share some of their favourite décor pieces for styling tablescapes. They have created a modern meets tropical look incorporating a variety of shapes, materials and textures to reflect this mood and create a stylish dining experience. Which items will you be rushing to Paresa for?

Styling Tablescapes | Paresa Collection Interior


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