Mother’s Day is here again (well almost – May 10 will be here soon enough) so there’s just enough time to plan a thought full day that she will appreciate and remember. While mum will love a day of pampering and indulgences, she’ll also appreciate a gift that has been well thought out.

We’ve taken the liberty to craft a Mother’s Day gift guide full of goodies tailored to your style of mama – whether she’s a seaside-loving coastal mum, a go-getter working mum or mum-in-the-making. They’re all equally deserving of our love. So take heed and get shopping!




Coastal mum simply loves to be by the ocean. Regardless of where she resides, she’s drawn to neutral colours and nautical inspired decor, and likes her home to feel like it’s sitting right by the sea shore. Add to her collection of nautical themed homewares by choosing goods made from natural materials, in blue, white and cream colourways, or gift her little trinkets reminiscent of her days spent by the sea. 
The Mother's Day Gift Guide | Coastal Mum

1. Cushion | Bungalow 55  2. Candle | Jam & Jerusalem 3. Towel | The GoDown 4. Earrings | Marilyn Tan Jewellery 5. Chair | In Situ 6. Rug | Scout 7. Bracelet | Carrie K.  8. Coral | Maissone  9. Lantern | The Shophouse




We picked these home office inspired gifts for the supermum who juggles all her balls in the air at once and seems to do it oh so effortlessly! Giver her an accessory to add to her work outfits, or an item to spruce up her office, that will make her think of you even more during her “9 to 5”.

The Mother's Day Gift Guide | Working Mum

1. Bag | Bagtastique Accessories House 2. Bracelet | Stones That Rock  3. Desk Organiser | Lumley Locket 4. Necklace | Après Five 5. Map | The Past Perfect Collection 6. Notebook | The Weave Co. 7. Calendar | Singapore Trading Post 8. Magazine Rack | Ethnicraft Online Singapore




No Mother’s Day gift guide would be complete without something for the new mums (or soon to be mums!) Make her first Mother’s Day celebration special with commemorative and celebratory gifts that will make her feel like the star she is. Placed in prominent locations around the house, these mementoes will remind her of the special joy that only motherhood brings.

The Mother's Day Gift Guide |New Mum

1. Milestone  Cards | Foxy Sales 2. Bangle | Lustre Jewellery 3. Bag | Kidsagogo 4. Print | Sammyeve 5. Changing Mat | Tilly Stone Boutique 6. Painting | Clare Haxby 7. Bag | Shop Beba 8. Ring | Elverd Designs 9. Fresh bouquet | Flower Girl Singapore




The Euro mum is the picture of elegance, never caught dead without a classy accessory that makes her stand out from the crowd. Finding a gift that’s up to her exacting standards may be tricky, but these will put you off to a good start.

The Mother's Day Gift Guide | Euro Mum

1. Wine Rack | Journey East 2. Ring | Unika 3. Purse | House of Sheens 4. Tee | 5. Watch | Shopdeca 6. Bag | The Pet Fashion Society 7. Jeans| Après Five 8. Bangle | The Trunk Affair at Chillax Market 9. Decanters | Patine Interiors




Don’t we all love a culinary mum? She’s always whipping up something delicious and heavenly in that magic factory of smells we like to call the kitchen. If she puts as much effort into presentation and style as she does her food, you’ll want to get her these…

The Mother's Day Gift Guide | Culinary Mum

1. Cook Book | Not In The Malls 2. Chopping Board | Shop Deca 3. Tea Towel | Hola Linda 4. Apron | Rose Citron 5. Magazine Rack | Make Room 6.  Napkins | Stylodeco 7. Trays | Shiva Designs Bespoke


Still fishing for Mother’s Day Gift Guide ideas? We’ve got more ideas for gifts for her, including jewellery and homewares!


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